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Pro Work well, versatile, easy to store, clean up quickly and easily
Cons We're all going to get fat through too many toasties!
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"Tasty Toasties"

I'm a relatively recent convert to Toastabags, in fact I'm a relatively recent covert to toasters completely as I've only owned one for eight months! I bought a pack of Toastabags after reading a couple of positive reviews about them, and since the first time I used them they've become a much-loved item in my kitchen.

A Toastabag is basically a small 'bag' designed for you to make up a cold sandwich then heat it in your toaster. The bags themselves are made from a paper/rubber hybrid (I think, I'm no engineer!) which looks and feels like a thicker version of greaseproof paper. They have a small handle incorporated into the top of the bag which allows for easy handling both when putting the bag into the toaster and also when removing it when the sandwich is done.

They work brilliantly, everyone in my house loves them - even Mark who accused me of only buying them to waste money! It's just so easy to make a toastie with these bags, the only thing I'd say is that you need to make sure the slots in your toaster are big enough to hold two slices of bread. My mum didn't check and after preparing a cheese and onion toastie ended up doing it under the grill when she realised her ancient toaster wasn't wide enough for the filled bags. I'd imagine most modern toasters would be fine for the bags, although my experience in these appliances is slightly limited so you'll just have to check for yourself!

The Toastabags can also be used for heating/cooking other items. Fish fingers seems to be the thing that everyone raves about, but I personally don't think they come out very well. This could be partly because I buy fish fingers with 'bubbly' batter and the toaster doesn't seem to crisp them as well as I like, my mum (again, sorry but she's used these for longer than me so it makes sense to use her experience!) cooks her fish fingers in the bags though but she buys Birds Eye ones that are coated in normal breadcrumbs and she says they come out nice and soft. I successfully reheated McDonalds chicken nuggets in a Toastabag a couple of weeks ago and that worked well, I had to do them in batches of three though as they all dropped to the bottom of the bag and overlapped too much to heat through properly if I put more in at a time that that.

Any toastie filling you can think of can be created using these bags. I'm quite dull and only really have bacon and cheese, but the kids have developed some amazingly wacky concoctions - Alice did one last week using Nutella and chopped hazelnuts and that was so yummy I ended up asking her to make me one! About a zillion calories but so, so tasty. Mark likes tuna in his, but as I despise hot tuna (shudder, gag) it sounds and smells like the devils food to me. Charlotte tends to go for the Subway-style sandwich and fills her bread with salami, onions, cheese, ham and all sorts - her sandwiches are always a bit 'busy' for me but she eats a couple every single day so they must taste nice!

Cleaning the Toastabags after use is very easy, a quick wash in hot soapy water will get rid of any grease or food debris and even the corners don't hang onto crumbs as badly as you think they're going to. I'm unsure whether they can be washed in the dishwasher but suspect they probably can, although to be honest why you'd want to is a mystery as a bag takes under a minute to clean up in the sink! After they've drained dry (which doesn't take long) you can then hang up the bags for storage, I've put an adhesive hook inside one of my kitchen cupboards and hang them on this which keeps them away from any dust that might be flying around. Mind you these are used so often that dust wouldn't have time to attach itself!

Each Toastabag can be used hundreds of time before it stops being effective, but they're pretty cheap so replacing them a couple or three times a year isn't a problem. I bought mine from, erm, I've forgotten but I know places like Boots sell them and I'm sure I spotted the little JML boxes in Morrisons a few days ago.

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  • beautybabiex published 31/08/2011
    i love toasties, very tempted to make one now x
  • rosebud2001 published 31/08/2011
    I used to wash mine in the dishwasher back in the days when I had one - LOL!
  • hollywoodmum published 31/08/2011
    You can't beat a good toastie x
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