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Battery charging shell (5101) for JVC BN-VF707, BN-VF714 / BN-VF733

Battery charging shell (5101) for JVC BN-VF707, BN-VF714 / BN-VF733

Battery charging shell (5101) for JVC BN-VF707, BN-VF714 / BN-VF733

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JVC BN-V 312  Battery

JVC BN-V 312 Battery

JVC BN-V 312 Battery

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JVC BN-VG121 Battery

JVC BN-VG121 Battery

JVC High Capacity Battery Compatible with GZ-HD500, GZ-HD620, GZ-HM300, GZ-HM330, ... more

GZ-HM550, GZ-MG750, GZ-MS110, GZ-MS210, GZ-MS230,

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Manufacturer's product description

JVC is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of sophisticated audio, video and related software products. Building upon a wealth of technologies the company is moving decisively to offer appropriate solutions for the multimedia age. To remain at the forefront of the audiovisual industry in the 21st century, JVC is marshalling its resources to create the ultimate in appealing, cost-competitive products.


Product Type Camcorder battery
Enclosure Colour Black

Compatibility information

Designed For JVC GR-D239, GR-D239E, GR-D239EX, GR-D240, GR-D240E, GR-D240EX, GR-D244US, GR-D246, GR-D247, GR-D248, GR-D248EX, GR-D250, GR-D250AA, GR-D250AC, GR-D250AS, GR-D250E, GR-D250U, GR-D250US, GR-D260, GR-D270, GR-D270AC, GR-D270E, GR-D270EX, GR-D270U, GR-D270US, GR-D271, GR-D271U, GR-D275, GR-D275US, GR-D280, GR-D290, GR-D290AA, GR-D290AC, GR-D290E, GR-D290US, GR-D295, GR-D295US, GR-D320, GR-D320E, GR-D320EK, GR-D320EX, GR-D325, GR-D325E, GR-D325EG, GR-D325EX, GR-D326, GR-D326E, GR-D326EY, GR-D328E, GR-D328EF, GR-D340, GR-D340E, GR-D340EK, GR-D340EX, GR-D345, GR-D345E, GR-D345EG, GR-D345EX, GR-D346, GR-D346E, GR-D350, GR-D350AA, GR-D350AG, GR-D350U, GR-D350US, GR-D360, GR-D360E, GR-D360EX, GR-D360EY, GR-D370, GR-D370E, GR-D370EX, GR-D370US, GR-D375US, GR-D390, GR-D390EK, GR-D390US, GR-D395U, GR-D395US, GR-D396, GR-D396US, GR-D640, GR-D640E, GR-D640EX, GR-D650, GR-D650E, GR-D650EX, GR-D650EY, GR-D650US, GR-DF420, GR-DF420EX, GR-DF425, GR-DF425E, GR-DF430, GR-DF430AA, GR-DF430U, GR-DF430us, GR-DF450, GR-DF450US, GR-DF470, GR-DF470AA, GR-DF470E, GR-DF470US, GR-DF540, GR-DF540E, GR-DF540EX, GR-DF550, GR-DF550US, GR-DF565, GR-DF570, GR-DF570E, GR-DF570US, GR-DF590-A, GR-DF590-P, GR-DF590-S, GR-DF590-W, GR-X5, GR-X5AA, GR-X5AC, GR-X5AG, GR-X5AH, GR-X5E, GR-X5EX, GR-X5U, GR-X5US ¦ JVC Everio GZ-MG20, GZ-MG20AA, GZ-MG20E, GZ-MG20EK, GZ-MG20EX, GZ-MG20US, GZ-MG21, GZ-MG21EK, GZ-MG21EX, GZ-MG21US, GZ-MG22, GZ-MG26, GZ-MG26EX, GZ-MG26EY, GZ-MG27, GZ-MG27EX, GZ-MG27U, GZ-MG27US, GZ-MG30, GZ-MG30AA, GZ-MG30EK, GZ-MG30EX, GZ-MG30U, GZ-MG30US, GZ-MG35, GZ-MG35US, GZ-MG37, GZ-MG37E, GZ-MG37EX, GZ-MG37EY, GZ-MG37US, GZ-MG40, GZ-MG40EX, GZ-MG40US, GZ-MG47, GZ-MG50, GZ-MG505, GZ-MG505E, GZ-MG505EK, GZ-MG505EX, GZ-MG50AA, GZ-MG50EK, GZ-MG50EX, GZ-MG50US, GZ-MG57, GZ-MG57EK, GZ-MG57EX, GZ-MG60, GZ-MG60EX, GZ-MG67, GZ-MG67EX, GZ-MG67EY, GZ-MG70, GZ-MG70EK, GZ-MG70EX, GZ-MG70U, GZ-MG70US, GZ-MG77, GZ-MG77EK, GZ-MG77EX, GZ-MG77EY, GZ-MG77U


Technology Lithium Ion
Capacity 700 mAh
Run Time (Up To) 1.5 hour(s)
Voltage Provided 7.2 V


Listed on Ciao since 02/08/2006

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