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published 10/08/2016 | danielclark691
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"JVC SP-A130"



First impressions

I remember the JVC brand from a young age. They were the manufacturers of a lot of car stereos, let me tell you. They were also probably responsible for a lot of anti-social behavior among teenagers in the nineties, too. These days I am not sure that I value the JVC brand so highly, and in what it is a competitive market trends change rather quickly.

Here we have such an outdated ‘portable speaker’ that you will probably wonder how on earth JVC got away with producing and selling this product. Surely it cannot have done their reputation any good? Well, this kind of thing was the norm back then, and the only possible reason for wanting to explore this technology once more is to reminisce about your youth. The JVC SP-A130 is available in black and a rather bright pink, so girls and boys could get equal enjoyment and fashion points from this portable speaker.

My experience

The technology behind this portable speaker was probably quite cutting edge at the time. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) technology is moving at a rather brisk pace. When you understand how this portable speaker attaches to your devices you will probably laugh!

There is one long cable which runs from the portable speaker. This is around half a metre in length, and it is designed to fit into a headphone socket. If you have a personal CD player or just a Home PC that you want to improve the sound of…..then I wouldn’t advise using this speaker!

The method of connection may seem comical, but back then this was the norm. It is easy to just look at this portable speaker as a pair of giant headphones. This speaker is rather small, though you get the idea. Instead of wearing the headphones they are just loud speakers, and they connect to a headphone jack, can you believe it?!

With a simple 3.5mm jack attachment and the requirement of batteries and not a charger in sight, this is back to basics. 2 AAA batteries will power this little baby, but this will not surprise you when you hear the tiny kitten screaming.

Sound quality is unsurprisingly not a strong point of the SP-A130’s. Not only is the quality not great, the sound level would be at home in a library – in the off position! This is a woeful piece of technology, but this is where portable speakers began. If you can imagine a pair of PC speakers back in the 90s, this portable speaker is rather similar. These days the technology of those has moved on, but this JVC product stands still and collects dust.

There is absolutely nothing worth getting excited about with this product, but you may be wondering why I would review something that is so clearly outdated? Well, there is a reason for this. Portable CD players? Vinyl? They are all coming back in fashion. People want to be reminded of those years – their youth. We want to be able to hear the dog farting in the background when The Beatles recorded Yellow Submarine, and not some studio edited piece that was manipulated using software.

Price and availability

Looking online you should expect to pay around £10 for this product, though it is most definitely not worth it. This is very old technology, and with the cost of technology falling you can easily pick up cheaper and better alternatives.

Final thoughts

Although there were plenty of insults to this product and then some praise for the need for items like this to remind us of years gone by, can I recommend the JVC SP-A130? Well, unfortunately not. Not only will you find it hard to beat the value of modern technology, it is also difficult to get away from just how bad this portable speaker is. This kind of product is refined these days. The sound clarity is almost comparable to in-ear headphones these days, and the sound quality can compare to listening to a band ‘live’. Why would we want to make all of those sacrifices?

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