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J. P. Chenet Cabernet-Syrah

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... J.P. Chenet operates out of the Languedoc, in the south of France. Although they produce many different types of wine, the cabernet-syrah is probably the best. It rises majestically, like a pheonix from the ashes, to sit proudly on the top branch of the mediocre tree. It is not a great wine, ... Read review
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Such a funky bottle, deserves a better wine to fill it!

Advantagescool bottle, nice nose

Disadvantagesjust doesn't do enough.

"If red wine is my passion, then mass producing wine companies are the oversized cotton pyjamas that kill it! Chenet is an example of such a company, who seemingly relish in the destruction of everything good about wine. Gallo, Blossom hill, they all do it. You see, the creation of wine is an art. Winemakers are paid obscene amounts of money to create their masterpieces, and it has long since been my opinion that these mass producers undermine what ..." Read review

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Community Level 7grafter123


Red , Red , Wine

AdvantagesFruity , good price , easy to drink , complements many foods ,not too sweet

DisadvantagesNone for me

"As someone who rarely drinks red wine I have only recently begun drinking J.P. Chenet , Cabernet-Syrah . As of late both myself and my husband are always taking medication and as such we try to be careful ,only occasionally drinking alcohol . Still I should think we have consumed much more than our fair share in the past . Added to this Hubby suffers with migraines and steers well clear of red wine . Recently when my brother visited he bought a ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ReLkicH


J.P Chenet Cabernet-SyraH

AdvantagesGood price, delicious taste

DisadvantagesNot the easiest drink to find

"Is a delicious, musty alcohol drink. It's not expensive, and you will surely get a lot of taste for a little money. It's a perfect vine for a dinner, celebration of any kind and it works good with most of foods especially with meat. I like the fact that it's not too much alcohol in it, but its still enough to give it a delicious taste. The dark red color is perfect and the high level of fruit taste makes it very enjoyable. It smells fruity and fresh. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1goextremen...


Good for everyday consumption

Advantageseasy to drink, no bite, fruity, god price


"Since I drink red wine everyday in the evenings in the company of my wife, I would recommend it to everyone, who does not want to get drunk but drink something good enough to give fuller satisfaction to the dinner. Our wine in Hungary seem to be stronger in alcohol and taste, heavier. First I met this brand in France later in my hometown, and I got fancy of the botle first. I tried the Blanc de Blanc, later I tried the other prodcts, and the Cabernet ..." Read review

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Wine Label J. P. Chenet
Red Wine Type Cabernet Sauvignon; Shiraz; Vin de Pays
Region France
EAN 3263286324216; 3263286350611


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