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published 09/01/2005 | Louise90
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"Loyal, trustworthy, talkative & nosey!"

Ollie posing!

Ollie posing!

When it comes to dogs, I always said I preferred big dogs to little ones. My last dog, Jazz, was a Labrador. (Those of you who have been on Ciao a long time will remember me writing about her after she died). I never dreamed in a million years about getting a small dog.

After Jazz died, I went a year without having a dog around. Then, I got Ollie. I acquired him from a friend. When I got him he was just 3 months old. He was so small and fluffy. He had that puppy smell about him. And his bark was a yap. I took him to the vet to get his injections. He cried and yelped like the world was ending, bless him!

A year on, and here I am writing about my personal experiences on Jack Russells. First of all, I'll just say there are loads of wonderful websites out there about Jack Russells, but one I've been looking at is They have a bit about the history of Jack Russells, and to get started, here's just one paragraph of what they say:

"The English Jack Russell Terrier is a type of a working terrier that goes into the earth after quarry. They are described as a small, sturdy, balanced terrier that is slightly longer than the length of their legs. They have been bred for hunting anything from rats to badgers since the early 1800's. The English Jack Russell Terrier has survived because of the dedication of the people who own them. Breeders took up the challenge to create a short terrier, with the purpose to be able to go in the ground and bolt the varmints out of their dens. Sometimes you have to dig down to them, because the varmint won't bolt and the terrier will not leave the side of the quarry."

Jack Russells, I have found, are intensley loyal dogs. He'll follow me around wherever I go. Whether it's the kitchen, the bedroom, in bed at night or in the living room. If I'm in the bathroom, he'll sit outside the door and wait for me to emerge (in my case, it could be a very long time sometimes!!). He'll be sitting there with his ears pricked up!

He likes to chew and gnaw. Oh boy, you should see what he's done to my armchair and numerous other items in my flat! He's pulled bits off the mattress, gnawed through wires and cables and other bits of my furniture! When I'm sitting in my chair, he likes to grap hold of my shoe or trousers, shake his head and growl and pull like nothing on earth! He's got plenty of toys which I get from the Charity shops for him. He'll rip the stuffing out of them and play with them for hours. He likes to swing them round the living room.

Another thing I've found about him is he's very, very nosey! I have an armchair under the window (the one he's bitten through!), and he jumps up on that, get on the window sill, gets his head under the net curtains, and sits there for ages looking out of the window. He'll bark at people going past or birds landing on the grass outside.

Yes, barking is another thing of him. He's such a talkative little boy. He'll bark at me if I tell him off, he'll bark at people going past outside, and he'll bark at me if I'm going out somewhere! The funniest thing is he'll jump up and bite my flatmate's butt when he's getting his coat on! He'll nip his butt! Of course, I find this extremely funny, and always surprises me how high he can jump!

He's very good at night though. As soon as I go to bed, he'll join me. We'll have a little play, then once the lights are out, Ollie is as good as gold. He'll stay in bed with me all night untill I get up the following morning.

When I'm out with him, he loves playing with other dogs. He gets on really well with them. He loves to play with them, however big or small they are. He's never attempted to snap or bite another dog, and is always so eager to approach them and have a sniff.

With other people he's great, especially children. He loves playing with children. Whenever I take him into town, he loves people approaching him and making a fuss of him. He loves kissing them and vise versa!

When it comes to food, he's a very fussy eater. I'm certainly not saying this about all Jack Russell's, just mine! He won't eat tinned dog food, and he won't eat the doggie chocolates. I feed him on Baker's complete for puppy/junior or small adult dogs. He'll eat this alright. He'll also eat chicken/turkey and other meats, although I have to make sure these are cut up in tiny little pieces or else he won't eat it! He's a very particular dog!

In summary, he's a hardy little dog. He answers back when I tell him off, he's feisty, loving, loyal and has a lovely tempremant! I wouldn't be without him now!

Thanks for reading!

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  • rolletrog published 20/03/2008
    What a cutie - great little dogs with so much character. Currently considering a mini one. Brilliant review.
  • lindsayjayne published 18/05/2006
    Great review! I have a Jack Russell - like you I always said I preferred big dogs but someone told me about a Jack Russell puppy that was being put down because it was a runt. I couldn't let that happen, so I took him on. He's still small for his age but he's just like your dog - incredibly nosey, follows me around everywhere - he's brilliant! Also like you I wouldn't be without him - they're great little dogs aren't they.
  • lipsalve published 17/05/2006
    Ripping the stuffing out of toys, noisy, playful, a fussy eater.... sounds just like a child! I like Christmas Ollie, so cute. Jo x
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