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Japrocksampler: How the Post-war Japanese Blew Their Minds on Rock 'n' Roll - Julian Cope

Japrocksampler: How the Post-war Japanese Blew Their Minds on Rock 'n' Roll - Julian Cope

Japrocksampler Reveals what really happened when East met West after World War Two and the ... more

mayhem that ensued and is a must for anybody
interested in modern music and Japanese culture.
This title explores the clash between traditional,
conservative Japanese values and the wild rock 'n'
roll renegades of the 1960s and 70s. Full

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EAN 9787475894532
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Type Non-Fiction
Genre Arts & Music
Subgenre Popular Music
Title Japrocksampler
All Authors Julian Cope
Author Julian Cope
ISBN 747589453


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