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published 09/02/2017 | thedevilinme
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"Bourne Again?"

Jason Bourne (DVD)

Jason Bourne (DVD)

Star – Matt Damon
Genre – Action
Run Time – 123 minutes
Certificate – PG 13
Country – USA
Awards – 10 nominations
Amazon – £10.00 DVD £15.00 Blue Ray
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So, after Pierce Brosnan and his naff CGI pretty much wrecked Bond in the new millennium other studios grabbed their chance to fill the spy blockbuster void. Tom Cruise has doing great business on the comedy and big spectacular stunt thing with the Mission Impossible franchise but we still needed a cool spy smart thriller franchise to fill that gap. And so along came kickass Jason Bourne, a cerebral, articulate thrilling killing machine, those wobbly cameras and incredible punch ups and car chases sending the Cubby Broccoli Estate into roar panic. And they reacted, stealing the Bourne look and feel and employing the brilliant Daniel Craig, Matt Damon and some, Bond back on top of the pile by 2014 with Skyfall. Both franchises had a blip, of course, Quantum of Solace a bit too generic and the confusing arrival of Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross in the Bourne franchise confusing. But there can only be one winner. With Bond in rude health and the Bourne people crossing Jeremy Renner off the list they had to decide whether to reactivate their asset after a 9 - year break. Both actor and director had said they would, only if each other would, and after watching shortass Jeremy Renner in the Bourne Legacy they decided they should before there was no way back. And so they did…

Who did the money

Jason Bourne (2016) $120m (budget) $415m gross
Bourne Legacy (2014) $127m (budget) $276m gross
Bourne Ultimatum (2007) $110m (budget) $442m gross
Bourne Supremacy (2004) $75m (budget) $285m gross
Bourne Identity (2002) $60m (budget) $214m gross


Matt Damon ... Jason Bourne
Tommy Lee Jones ... CIA Director Robert Dewey
Alicia Vikander ... Heather Lee
Vincent Cassel ... Asset
Julia Stiles ... Nicky Parsons
Riz Ahmed ... Aaron Kalloor
Ato Essandoh ... Craig Jeffers
Scott Shepherd ... Director NI Edwin Russell
Bill Camp ... Malcolm Smith
Vinzenz Kiefer ... Christian Dassault
Stephen Kunken ... Baumen


10-years after ‘Operation Blackbriar’ came crashing down, Bourne (Matt Damon) is still off the grid and currently prize fighting with gypsies in Eastern Europe to pay his way. When he is contacted by fellow runner Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles), the ex CIA analyst who helped him 10-years ago, both are drawn back into the cross-hairs of the CIA. Within hours they met in Athens as ant capitalism riots rage. Parsons computer hacking exploits connects the two and a CIA black team on the way.
She tells Bourne that a new Treadstone Operation is up and running and she has an encrypted memory stick with damming evidence, and more detail to his backstory that he needs to know.

An ‘Asset’ (Vincent Cassells) is authorized by new CIA Director Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones) to neutralize Bourne in Athens, still seen as a danger to America for some reason. But after the take-down is bungled, ambitious CIA Operations Chief Heather Lee (Alicia Vikander) suggests a more subtle approach and believes they should try to bring Bourne in and get him back in the new program and exploit their best asset, proposing the plan to her immediate boss Director NI Edwin Russell (Scott Shepherd), Dewey begrudgingly agreeing in a high level meeting as she plots her plan.

Bourne is now in Berlin, where he locates Christian Dassault (Vinzenz Kiefer), a superhacker who can encrypt the memory stick. If he can download the contents to the web then the world will know all about it. But there is a twist, information on another set of files changing everything. It seems when Jason Bourne was David Webb his family were far more involved in his inception than he ever knew.


The biggest problem Greengrass was always going to have with this was however good this movie was, it would always be unfairly compared to his trilogy. If this one had been released at the time as part of the franchise it would have got higher than the 55% tomato splat it got. It’s a better movie than that. The Imdb rating of 6.7 is more realistic. It’s great to see the pair back and the magic just about there on screen although they missed a trick or two in making this film as if it was still 2008 and not 2016. The world has changed a lot since the trilogy and a missed opportunity. This franchisee power was always its contemporary smartness.

Although the familiar set piece car and motorbike chases and banks evil white CIA people looking into monitors in the dark are comforting and still there it does lacks a certain something and that maybe because screenwriter Tony Gilroy is not on board for the first time, and expert at bringing the true essence of Robert Ludlum’s books to the big screen. There are irritating moments too, like where the actors explain the plot to the audience through their lines just in case you didn’t get it, something that never happened before in the Bourne movies but a sign of the dumbed down times. Greengrass is clearly self conscious when making this film and wants to please his fans with more of the same instead of being fresh and vibrant like he was with Bourne way back in 2002, why we loved it so much. Some would say there is even superfluous stuff in the film at times to draw in a wider audience.

On the whole its good fun but don’t expect things how they were. As we saw with the disastrous David Brent movie it’s very hard to hold on to the magic when the time gap is so big. It’s not to say this film is bad or anything and Damon does the best he can to welcome us back. But it feels forced at times just to reboot the franchise and that weakness shows in the plot. The car chase down the Vegas strip is good fun and something not seen before and so one up on Mission Impossible there bit the Athens chase sequence feels like the Mexico one in Spectre,. All big action movies now seem to have that over-the-top busy road chase sequence. The negative would be that bits of the movie appear pulled from the first three Bourne movies in style and duplication. And how can he walk around in plain sight and not get picked up on CCTV or satellites when they are all looking for him, not even shades and a pulled down baseball cap this time around. To be fair the start of Skyfall is borrowed from the Bourne movies. All action spy thrillers borrow from each other in the end and let’s hope Bourne doesn’t end up a generic mush three more films from now. The Alicia Vikander feline minx character suggests more films to come.


Imdb.com – 6.7/10.0 (135.429votes)
Rottentomatos.com – 56% critic’s approval
Metacritic.com – 58% critic’s approval



Special Features



New Yorker –‘Greengrass is as dexterous as ever, yet the result, though abounding in thrills, seems oddly stifled by self-consciousness and, dare one say, superfluous’

Film Ireland –‘Although it's not quite up to the standard of the original trilogy, it's nice to see Damon back on patrol’.

The Mail –‘We hear a CIA agent claiming "We're still trying to put together a narrative to explain what happened." Good luck with that’.

The National –‘Jason Bourne is a superior summer blockbuster -- bursting with brawn and brains’

Chicago Reader –‘Much of Jason Bourne consists of grim action set pieces interspersed with long sequences of people sitting in front of computer screens. Somehow the movie is simultaneously frenetic and static, going nowhere really, really fast.’.

Sunday Times –‘The broken super-assassin returns after nearly a decade -- and he's moodier than ever’.

BBC –‘It's just like old times. Once again, Bourne hurtles from one grey and gritty European metropolis to another at breathtaking speed... And once again, Greengrass stages the action with bone-jarring immediacy’.

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