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published 22/11/2010 | stephbond89
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Pro funny, easy to watch!
Cons Some of the guests could well be faked!!!
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"Put something on the end of it!!!!"


The Jeremy Kyle show is a sort of chat show, counselling show, hosted by Jeremy Kyle, a self confessed ex gambling addict. It is on weekday mornings on ITV1 between 9.30am and 10.30am, and usually takes place on a stage in Manchester with a live studio audience.

Jeremy Kyle Show started in 2005 and was an instant hit with the daytime TV audience, aimed at those out of work, full time mothers and housewives, and students. I myself am part of that group, and do sometimes watch the show in a morning.

The aim of the show is to help families, friends, couples to get through problems such as adultary, drug and alcohol problems, anger problems, reunions between lost family members as well as offering DNA and lie detector tests. Sometimes, maybe once every couple of months, there will be a "special" Jeremy Kyle, maybe where he confronts homelessness, gangs, or prostitution on the streets rather than on set.

The show

The show usually has guests who are what you can only class as lower working class...or the "benefit class" as it is now known, those who are out of work and on full time benefits, sadly these are the people giving people on benefits a bad name, as they tend to be the people in society draining the benefits system, not working as they don't want to work (yet still claiming Job Seekers Allowance!), procreating with numerous women and giving up on the children, drinking themselves into a stupor on the taxes which working people have paid. This is the most part, but not all the time. You will maybe once in a blue moon, see a genuine family on the show, and I have seen many a show which have been very emotional, a daughter who wants to be married before her dying mother passes away, a father who lost touch with his children's mother and wants to be reunited with his kids. But usually it is these chavs who are in relationships which are full of adultary and abuse, and Jeremy Kyle takes pleasure in ripping these people apart on stage.

You may be sitting there thinking this girl seems to HATE the show, so why does she watch it...oh no, its hillarious!

As a person who cannot stand those who are benefit cheats (I do not at all have anything against the benefits system and think it is brilliant to have it there for those of us who may need to fall back on it when they are out of work for a legitimate reason, or are having trouble finding work!), and think that they can sit smoking weed, drinking vodka and been bad parents all day long, and take great pleasure in watching the show where Jeremy Kyle basically takes the mick out of them and tells them how it is. That they ARE bad parents, that they ARE a drain on society etc! And I find it hillarious.

The show isn't traditional counselling show material, although Kyle does have professionals who will help the people who really want help, he doesn't feel the need to sugar coat what he says, and will tell people that they are a waste of space if he believes they are!

A few examples of Jeremy Kyle episodes

Here are a few examples of some of the guests on Jeremy Kyle:

*A young woman wants to be married to her long term partner, but they have no money, certainly not enough to put together a wedding. It wasn’t a huge problem for the couple as they were saving sensibly so they could have the day of their dreams, but then tragedy hit, when the young woman’s mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she only had 3-6 months to live and she wasn’t going to get to watch her daughter walk down the aisle. That’s when they called the Jeremy Kyle show. They were not asking for anything, but just telling their story- at the end of the show, Jeremy sat down on the stage, almost in tears, and told the couple and the mother, that they would foot the bill for an extravagant wedding so that her mother could attend. This is an example of one of the “nicer” shows, with a nice normal family.

*A young couple have been in a relationship for a few years, and the woman just had a baby. But, the boyfriend has been told by his best friends cousin that his girlfriend cheated on him a few times last year, and now the boyfriend is suspecting the child may not be his. He wants a DNA test and lie detector doing on his girlfriend. Both are done, and despite swearing she had never slept with anyone else whilst with her boyfriend, it proved the child was not the boyfriends who had been supporting the baby since it was born.

These are just a couple of examples of some of the episodes which are shown, but of course there are more! And you really do have to see them to believe them!!!!!!

My own opinion

Well I have said throughout this review that the show is hilariously funny, but what is quite sad is that the people in the show are actually real, and although personally I believe that some of the guests may be fake or embellished a little, they are actually living like this in this way, and in a way it makes me sick that there are so many people sponging off benefits, having children with various partners, taking drugs and drinking too much which is very annoying! Its also sad that TV has got so shocking that this is our entertainment laughing at people who are basically scum bags! BUT, on saying that I do still watch the show, and I do recommend the show to other people! It’s a great morning show to brighten your day, and it makes me feel better about my own life…no matter how bad things are…I’m nothing like that!!!!!!!!! It’s not a show for everyone, but I think you should give it a go!!!

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  • RICHADA published 22/11/2010
    Highly addictive this show - but fot all the wrong reasons! R.
  • dahlin published 22/11/2010
    "They were not asking for anything, but just telling their story" - Sorry but I find that extremely hard to believe!!! How likely is it that they actually didn't think that Jeremy or the show would pay for the wedding!?! Nice review though. x
  • top-reviewz published 22/11/2010
    Great review : )
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