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Jersey Live Music Festival, The Channel Isles

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More laid back and friendly festival than contemporary ones
Still a reletively unheard of festival so quality varies (*)
different from the norm
seems to have lost its original appeal a bit for me (*)
good music
english weather, dodgy sound system (*)
Great for all the family
Having to wait for a wristband even if you bought your ticket prior (*)
In Op
In Op (*)
So many varied top acts to see
too much choice sometimes, weather dependant (*)
The music, the bands, the freaks, the displays, the people you run into
The weather. (*)
Amazing atmosphere, good variety of music
Presence of drugs, long toilet queues, expensive beer! (*)
The sound of heaven
Watered down beer (*)
Just beautiful with happy people
no such thing, I am offended you suggest there might be (*)
Variable weather (*)
Top DJ's,music, easy-going clubbers
Expensive food and alcohol, cold and windy outside tents (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members