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Jersey Live Music Festival, The Channel Isles

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Great for the alternaive crowd
not so good for popular music fans (*)
Incredible atmosphere, clean and inspired
Dodgy ticket system (*)
Variable weather (*)
Great music, brillant organistion
Poor sound in Drum and Bass tent (*)
Most fun ever, so much to do and see
Difficult to get tickets, toilets!! (*)
The sound of heaven
Watered down beer (*)
Good music mostly, cheap drinks, nice atmosphere.
Can get very crowded and hot, lack of seating, rude bouncers. (*)
brillaint comedy
quite busy (*)
Excellent atmosphere at the campsite and festival site, excellent musical line-up and diversity
It's in France! (although could be an advantage, as its a festival and a holiday in one!) (*)
Fantastic Line-up
Limited tickets available (*)
The festival is growing and the price and place are perfect !
sometimes 2 good bands play at the same time... so you must choose.... and .... my wife adds: No hotel option ! (*)
More laid back and friendly festival than contemporary ones
Still a reletively unheard of festival so quality varies (*)
Easy to get to, and great for all metal fans of all ages.
Timings of bands often coincide with each other on the two stages. (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members