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Workers without jobs for jobs without workers...

30.11.2009 (26.09.2013)

All - in - one

Horrible enviroment

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1-in-5 people don't work
1-in-5 people are too old to work
1-in-5 people study
1-in-5 people are kids
1-in-5 people work in the public service.

One of the great ironies of recession is the job centre has to start laying people off just as they get busy, the governments loss of income tax revue through high unemployment meaning they have to cut its public spend across the board. In fact over 250 Job centres have closed in the last three years alone. Once the public service job cuts begin in full in 2010 the unemployment rate will seriously rise, the Job Centres stretched even more. The public service under Blair and Brown had just become a job creation scheme for labour voters and now the fat must be trimmed. Nearly 100% of boroughs with high unemployment vote labour. It was less than subtle that as long as you voted Labour if you were unemployed the state won't be coming after you under New Labour, claming benefits actually encouraged under this lot if you ask me. History shows us any serge of immigrant settlers would also an increase in the labour vote. One-in-five of us rely on benefits, benefits the Tory's are threatening to take away. This election is not over guys. Labours crushing by-election win in Scotland last week in one of their poorest boroughs is the first signs of how it will go in May for Brown.

I've noticed a lot of stick on dooyoo for the Job Centre now we are in a serious recession and in some ways I can understand that. It's not the most hospitable place and since the government combined the dole with the employment part the clientele has rapidly gone down hill fast. But what we are really seeing on here is middle-class type having to contemplate something they never thought they would have to- sign on and then go for jobs 'beneath them'. Only 9% of all people employed get their jobs through the Job Centre and clearly they are not the bankers and lawyers of the world. In times of high employment and prosperity the middle-class are very quick to slag people off who are on the dole and who don't want to work in those factories and on those production lines and yet when times are tough they don't fancy it either. They almost expect a career in their chosen field they qualified for yet most would admit the degree they did was just to go to university, a middle-class right-of-passage if

Pictures of Job Centre
Job Centre chavs - Job Centre
Job Centre
you like. You don't have that luxury as a working man or woman of univiversity and a career choice. Its warehouse and building for guys and retail and admin for girls. There's nothing more irritating to see whinging posh kids moaning to the Prime Minister on TV that there's no jobs for them and so university was a waste of time. Trust me, getting through university is all about wasting time. Guys, you're going to have to do the crap jobs like everyone else now and the Job Centre is where they are.

Having signed on and found work through the Job Centre over the years when times were hard it is a grim and often intimidating place, especially if its your first experience of the system. Their motto during the good times is if you're not employed and you want our money then its workers without jobs for jobs without workers. You are not here to get worthwhile employment or a career. Watching middle-class professionals having to negotiate these places is like watching Andy Defrasne having his first day in Shawshank. They really stand out and look pensive. The Middle-Class are snobs at heart and would rather die than sign on. Many never sign on and empty their savings.

During New Labours reign its pretty clear there's been an agenda to move the long term unemployed off the statistics and onto Incapacity Benefit, these numbers for some reason not classed as unemployed, probably because that would take the official figure near 5 million, 20% of the work force. In fact in the demographic where there are the fewest incapacity claimants, ages 18-22, the unemployed tally in recession is officially 20%. That would suggest 20% across all ranges. Most claims for incapacity usually come from mental illness picked up whilst unemployed; the bad back myth general nonsense. If you can work the system by getting the same money back as doing a boring minimal wage job then you will, but ultimately it will lead to problems with your health, the sole reason we took in all those immigrants from Eastern Europe. People don't want to do the crap jobs if there's away not to do them. Even the Poles don't really want to do them for very long and only get them done as there are ten people for every job, the turn-over just as high with foreign labour as it is local. Cheap labour also helped to stem the cost of the minimum wage to big business here. At no point were one million Poles allowed into all have a better life. They are here because the previous mass immigration block to come to the UK in the 50s also has high uneconomically inactive rates like the white underclass. Again, no one wants to do the s**t jobs, what the Job Centre specialize in.

The Job Centre as place to find work is pretty pointless. You can access all the vacancies from the comfort of your home on your computer and all the contact details are there. Job Centres in times of high employment are full of people who don't want to work for whatever reason, very negative experience. It may be because they have health problems or because they have to care for relatives or kids. It maybe because they don't want to work or cant, a criminal or drug habit not conducive to employment.

With 17,000 people officially unemployed in Northampton the Job Centre not full of immigrants like Mr Griffin would like to believe but the so called underclass, baseball capped chavs and single moms, armed with pushchairs and attitude. Social Security is their real heroine and it shard to get them off it. These guys don't wan to do menial jobs they were bought into the world to do and so just keep having baby after baby to stay out of those jobs. If you were them you would do the same thing.

Like I say if you're looking for work then there's absolutely no reason to go in to the Job Centre if you have an online connection. What will happen if you go there just to look for work and your not signing on they will first ask you to be registered before you can follow up a job search at the desk. It's all to do with stats and league tables. They then help you with other job searches if you don't fancy using the automatic job point search machines. But you must bare in mind they have been dealing with underclass chavs all day so may be short with you if you do get 'upy' because your a little bit more educated than them and their clientele. Just be nice to them and they will be nice back. They long for decent conversation and politeness. Most of their day is spent with signing people on who have to present a written list of jobs they have been for on their fortnightly job search sheet which they and the client know were made up and they haven't been for and both just want to get home and out of this horrible place.

As I say the standard jobseeker can do it all through the phone and email so don't bother going in. But for some their only experience of this place will be to sign on, many for the first time, again a humiliating experience for all. In fact most of the training the staff gets is to intimidate you to sign off as you are all classed as scroungers eventually.

My big brother is currently signing on and since the new procedures I understand you have a phone interview first and then the sit down interview at the job centre by appointment. When you go into the job centre to see about signing on they will give you a piece of paper with the numbers on to set your first phone interview time. SO the first lesson is if you have to begin the sign on process just go online and get the numbers to avoid a trip into town for this piece of paper.

You phone them up and they will send you some forms to fill in. They then give you a set time for your first phone interview, which takes about 20-30 minutes, they letting you know what you are eligible for. You can give them your cell number. You then organize an interview to go into the actually Job Centre for your interview, again perfunctory to them but tension for you. You will require two pieces of serious I.D, a passport one of them. You then complete some more forms and they send them off to ok your jobseekers claim. If you have over 13 grand in the bank you won't be entitled to any money for 6 months. Best not tell them about it if you are on or about that total because you will soon be under it. The money takes four or five weeks to come through and the claim starts WHEN you make the claim. If you sign off after six months you get a £100 back to work bonus! Also, after the six months you get access to another £100 to buy work stuff like a bike or safety shoes. The last time I signed on I actually got them to pay for my new passport. As I say be nice to them and they will be nice to you. My mum taught me to respect anyone who can do a job you can't do - from street sweeper to Wayne Rooney. Never judge person by the job they do as it maybe you on the other side of the desk or broom one day.

Once your claim is accepted you sign open every two week, where you will be asked to show evidence that you looked for work. They won't push you on it too much. You will geta very early time though for your first 6 months. My brothers time is 9 am.

Summary: Not suitable for educated people...

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lorriellah 30.11.2009 14:36

e from me great review

jenny967 30.11.2009 14:30

An interesting read as always. E. xx

jedimastergray73 30.11.2009 14:27

Interesting and as something I experienced myself for the first time in my life earlier this year i think you have captured the essence of something that clearly isn't working. Thankfully I am not needing to step through the doors anymore !

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