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published 21/10/2001 | Angelus
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"hyuh, ooooooh momma and other phrases"

Oh dear, you all know that I´m a big kid at heart, but now you´re all going to know that I´m an even bigger kid than you all thought I was, see I´m 22 and I still watch cartoons, especially Johnny Bravo.

So then who, what, where and why? are 4 words that are probably on your lips right now and I´ll get the embarrassing task of answering them out of the way right now.


Johnny is a mommas boy, pure and simple - he lives at home with his beloved Momma and knows very little about anything in life.

Now Johnny has one main interest in his life - chicks (sorry to all female readers but this is his phrase, not mine), and this is the main basis of the cartoon, his inabiity to attract members of the opposite sex, well err he can attract them but for all the wrong reasons.

He does try to attract them, believe me he tries mainly through flexing his muscles at anything in a skirt, and to much hilarity, but then these aren´t the only features of the Cartoon, he also has an inept ability to get involved in any stupid wrong-doings, all of this accompanied with the mandatory muscle-flexing moron that is Johnny Bravo.


Its a cartoon, know that little screen sat in the corner that shows you the news , some movies and heaven forbid - your dose of the soaps, well it can also show you Cartoons, yes, yes, yes, I know they´re for kids, but the TV doesn´t know that you´re an Adult.

I found out the above paragraph one wintery night in the year 2000, coming down the stairs at 2am because I couldn´t sleep I decided to switch on the satellite telly and see if I could find anything worth watching at that time in the morning, then before my eyes Johnny Bravo was on my screen.

What!? I asked, this isn´t TV, wheres the gritty realism, wheres the Actors, why is it just drawings with Actors voices dubbed in? thats when I regained my touch with Childhood, life isn´t too serious and this Cartoon is just an added part of that.


Why Cartoon Network of course, have a quick flick through thier listings and you should find an episode or two.

Not enough Bravo for ya? Then have a looksie at Channel 4 in the early hours of the morning, he can usually be spotted there as well.


Dunno, sorry, but nows where I introduce you to some of the rest of the cast -

Karl: Geek, Nerd, Idiot, the malaise of Johnny, hes into sci-fi (aren´t all nerds? myself included), and is always there or there-abouts ready to take even more abuse from Johnny.

Pops: The owner of the local cafe and confident of Johnny, always has a story of his own to assosciate with Johnnys situation, and of course always willing to help with anything that comes across.

Little Suzy: The girl next door, annoying brat who always gets on Johnnys nerves, but has her uses when it comes to showing the chicks Johnny´s sensitive side, by being a `Big Brother´ to her.

Momma: The name says it all, if nothing else Johnnys loyal to his Momma, no matter what happens he´ll always go home to his Momma, shes your stereotypical American housewife, different loves that all bring on a new storyline for Johnny to tackle.

On top of these four there have been `Cameo´ appearances from Donny Osmond, Adam West, Farrah Fawcett and the Devil himself, why the commas around Cameo? well the credits roll way too fast for anyone to check if they were involved or not and to be honest would they have assosciated themselves with this show?

Finally if you need any credentials as to whos behind it all, its a Hanna-Barbera cartoon, remember Tom & Jerry, that was a Hanna-Barbera cartoon and watching some of the scenes in Johnny Bravo give you the same feel as the world-famous Cat and Mouse cartoon.

I am 22 years old really, honest!

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  • superpricee published 22/10/2001
    Never mind dude - I'm 26 and I love it too! Hey there baby.......
  • Daysleeper published 21/10/2001
    ya BIG KID! Then again i can't really talk ... lurve this cartoon, tho the blondeness annoys me, fab op. great show. really got to start thinking up something more interesting to write...hmmm...broomsticks and chocolate covered cucumbers...nah...and sleep (CLICK!) D X
  • AliceCarroll published 21/10/2001
    but he never gets the chicks, which is saddening!!I would give him a go, were he real!:)
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