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Kelcol ottoman divan bed

Kelcol ottoman divan bed




The number of occupants in my house varies lately. My eldest daughter has live with her boyfriend for years. My eldest son left for about six months but found living in a flat so much more expensive than paying keep to his parents. Number three was away for three years at university but has now returned to the family home with his fiancée, for a while, and my youngest is living away at university. His leaves me with one room spare during term time. Perhaps I should have a lodger? No thanks!

I recently decided to start buying new beds for my home. We have had a change around with bedrooms. As my youngest is living away at university and her room is of a good size, rather than waste this space her room has been given, as a temporary measure, to her brother and his fiancée (with her full agreement!). I decided that this bedroom might have enough space for a double bed.

We measured and although it would fit, taking into account the two double wardrobes and other furniture in the room, a standard sized double bed (4'6") would take up a lot of space. Wardrobe doors would still open but space would be limited. I had a look around on the internet and discovered that many bed stores did supply some ranges in small double beds. These beds measure four foot rather than the 4 foot six inches which is standard for a double. So, not much difference, but enough to provide adequate sleeping space yet still leave a room with enough space to keep it pleasant. This, to me, seemed like the best idea for that bedroom. Whilst the affianced couple are living here it would be comfortable for them and if they don't stay for too long I'm then left with a nice size bed to keep as a guest bed.

I felt that as well as needing a small double bed it would also be a good idea to purchase one with storage and thought an ottoman bed would give lots of room which would also be easy to access. As my daughter has been 'moved out' of a decent sized room into a smaller one there is a big storage issue. I have made good use of vacuum storage bags and with these have managed to condense lots of items but, where to put the bags themselves?

As I don't think this bed will be used for as long as a bed normally is because in a year or two the young couple will be setting up their own home as they did whilst at university; hopefully they will have secure teaching posts enabling them to purchase their own home. Because of this I thought I shouldn't pay too much, but then again, wanted something that seemed solid enough and was comfortable.

We looked at many beds and found most ottoman beds were of the slatted type and they varied greatly in quality. Anything less than £300 really didn't look as if I would last, in my opinion. Lots of these beds didn't come supplied with a mattress and so, if a decent mattress was chosen, this would put up the price of the bed considerably. Good mattresses don't come cheap. Also I think if buying an ottoman storage bed, it's worth having a good look at the base of the bed which is where the items stored will be placed. We looked at several that were covered with a thick cloth type of base and some we saw displayed showed with tears and rips that this type of base is far too flimsy to store hardly anything, even bed linen.

On our travels we saw in one shop a divan ottoman made by manufacturers Kelcol. It was of a side lift in operation which would suit the room the most as the bed would have to fit tightly into a space and its length would touch part of the protruding chimney stack; there is much more room to the side of the bed. We considered it also looked better than most we had seen. The mattress felt as if it had some substance and was quite deep, the wooden base looked strong and was in two sections which would make it stronger and also ideal to store things in. The bed was priced at just under £400. We decided to continue looking before finally deciding and in the meantime concentrate on finishing the bedroom change around.

We didn't find anything that we considered better for the price so eventually purchased the bed from Bridge Bedding Centre.


We were told the bed would take about a week to be delivered to the store and then delivery would be arranged. This was free and Saturday delivery was available. I paid £40 as a deposit and the rest was paid upon delivery.

I feel, after having a good look around this store that the beds are reasonable priced but please note that they have to be fitted by the purchaser, unless otherwise agreed in the case of the elderly or infirm.


Instructions came with the bed and these were fairly easy to follow although we did feel that one of the diagrams was a little unclear. However, it was handy that the assembly process was numbered on the instructions and written in an easy to follow way.

My husband and I first checked that all parts that were supposed to be in the accessory pack against the picture and list on the instruction sheet. Fortunately everything was there in the plastic bag.


This bed was delivered to our home in three pieces; two sections for the base and a mattress. I also ordered a headboard which was delivered with the bed.

This bed is solid and so this meant that the base is heavy.

I took on the role of assistant to my husband for the process of fitting the bed together. I would say that mostly assembly was a one man job but help was needed only once or twice when the lid/divan had to be held while springs were fitted into place.

My job was mainly to locate the screwdriver and other components of the bed that he had misplaced.
He started by turning one of the two base sections on its side and fitting the four large castors to it. The instructions stated:

"This may take some force; use your hand or a rubber mallet which may help. The castor will click into place and will not be easily removed."

I think this was the trickiest part as we didn't have a rubber mallet and so my husband used a hammer encased in an old towel. He was worried the castors would break but fortunately all went well.
I won't take you through all the steps to assemble the bed but will just say that basically it's a case of fitting two halves of the box base together and then fitting the springs which operate the lifting of the top of the base and mattress to access the storage space. But, although my husband found the assembly of the bed fairly straightforward I know that I wouldn't have been able to assemble this myself; the heavy springs had to be stretched and it wasn't an easy task to fit them in place.

There is also a small board which has to be fitted onto the side of the bed (in matching fabric to the base and mattress) which is to keep the mattress from sliding off when the storage is to be used.

As we chose to have a headboard this also had to be fitted and instructions and parts (such as wooden headboard spacers, washers and bolts) were supplied. In the case of a bed with this type of storage the mattress has to be spaced a little away from the bed as otherwise it couldn't be used for storage.


Both mattress and base are made from a matching cream coloured damask material.

The bed has two large thick and strong loops/handholds for lifting to access the storage area.

The bed looks nice. I feel it was finished off well for a bed of this price.


One thing which I didn't realise until the bed was assembled is that because it has a board to keep the mattress in place then a sheet with a fitted valance attached would not work with this bed unless you are talented and could make an opening for the board.

I have purchased two fitted sheets for a four foot bed. These are not sold as standard but can be purchased from on-line retailers. I managed to buy mine from a local store (Bodger's of Ilford) and they are manufactured by company called Belledorm. I chose cream but found there wasn't a great choice of colours, although white, cream and another couple of colours were on sale in this shop for £12.

Fitted sheets for a small double bed are also available from Linens Direct as are mattress protectors.
The bed looks nice when made up as a double duvet will appear a little more generous on this bed than a standard double and so hangs nicely over the sides covering much of the base.


The bed feels solid and the size is good; it doesn't actually look smaller than a standard double bed but of course measures six inches less in its width.

The mattress on this bed is labelled firm and it is. I think it is better to purchase a firmer mattress for the sake of support and comfort. The mattress is tufted and sprung and covered and, in my opinion, is made from an attractive pattern in a Damask fabric.

We all sat down on the bed before purchasing and even had a lay down on it (although individually, of course!) to give it as good a testing as possible in a shop! I thought that the bed had a good bounce to it but with still enough resistance to make it feel as if it will last long enough to be a worthwhile purchase.

Now that this bed has been slept in for many nights it has been found to be very comfortable indeed. I really feel that for the price this is a very good bed in terms of comfort.


This bed is manufacture by Kelcol Bedding Co Ltd but I could not find a website for these.

My bed was purchased from Bridge Bedding Centre in Hornchurch, Essex and is also available from their sister company, Ilford Bedding Centre in Ilford, Essex.

I paid just less than four hundred pounds.


I am very pleased with the purchase of this bed as it looks nice and it is comfortable and the size is perfect for the room it is in. As for storage-well it's just great with lots of space and this is easy to get to.

The only thing I would say that is only very slightly negative is that the lifting is quite heavy but expect that this will get easier with use.

**Kelcol side lift ottoman divans come in 3', 4', 4' 6", 5' and 6' sized beds.

In my opinion I got a little more than I paid for.

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    Well reviewed, the bed looks really good quality.
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