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Kenwood KVT-526DVD 1-DIN 7 inch Motorised Monitor DVD-Receiver with USB / iPod-iPhone Conn ...
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AtFoliX FX-Mirror screen-protector for Kenwood KVT-526DVD - Fully mirrored screen protection!

AtFoliX FX-Mirror screen-protector for Kenwood KVT-526DVD - Fully mirrored screen protection!

Kenwood KVT-526DVD mirrored filmFX-Mirror mirror-effect screen-protection film, ... more

specifically designed for Kenwood
KVT-526DVDGenuine mirror effect for the screen -
reflective and hard-coated!Transparent when the
screen is switched on, mirror effect when it is
switched off.Fully mirrored screen protection: The
highly reflective FX-Mirror mirror-effect film
gives your screen a particularly elegant metallic
appearance and offers an excellent alternative to
a mirror. As soon as the screen is switched off,
it is transformed into an ultra-stylish and
extremely handy mirror.Optimal protection and an
incredible effect: when the screen is switched on,
it lights up and the mirror turns into a
transparent protective surface!This film is
dirt-repellant and extremely scratch-proof (can
withstand a 4H pencil hardness at 500 g writing
pressure). It is also very easy to attach and can
be completely removed if required without leaving
any residue.The film does not impair the operation
of screens and touch screens, which remain fully
functional!Dirt-repellant surface!Reduces
fingerprints and repels dirt and
grease.Anti-static film material!Does not attract
dust as it is applied and can even be rinsed with
clear water and reattached if necessary.Scope of
delivery:1 x FX-Mirror mirror-effect
screen-protection film1 x illustrated installation
instructions in several languages1 x cleaning
cloth1 x installation tool (squeegee)Packages for
devices with several screens (e.g. internal and
external screens) contain a protective film for
each screen.

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Long Name KVT-526DVD
Manufacturer Kenwood


Listed on Ciao since 23/05/2010

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