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Kia Sorento 2.5 CRDi

Kia present the Sorento 2.5 CRDi XE 4 X 4 with 5 Speed - (Man) / 5 Speed H-Matic - (Auto), Four Wheel Drive (4x4) running on Diesel

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published 13/08/2017 | catsholiday
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Pro Smart looking, 7 year warranty, lots of high end specs, comfortable , roomy, good value for money
Cons Not great re sale value
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Road Handling
Fuel consumption

"Kia Sorento - lots of car for your money"

Kia Sorento 2.5 CRDi

Kia Sorento 2.5 CRDi


This was the car we had for a week while in Alaska. We asked for a small SUV but when we got there this was the car they gave us. It is not exactly small and I was quite pleased that we didn't have to negotiate small lanes and alleys that we have in Europe. We actually own a Kia C'eed and are interested in buying a Sportage so were quite happy to have this for our week's stay in Alaska. We always choose an SUV for our US trips as they are comfortable for long drives, have plenty of storage for bags and can take us on gravel roads if needs be. They are also higher so you see more from an SUV or 4x4 than from a sedan car.

I do not own the car but we drove it around 2000 miles in the seven days and I had the chance to experience being a driver and passenger.


The Sorento is a mid size SUV and now manufactured in the USA and in Europe for those markets. The one w had was an all wheel drive but you can also get a front wheel drive vehicle if you don't need a 4x4.

It has been given a five-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for all seating positions in frontal and side-impact crashes. It was also "Good" – its highest rating – in front, side and rear impact by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in the USA. It has had a few remodels over the years the latest in 2017 and it seems to still be selling well over there judging by the number we saw while driving around both in Alaska and back in Washington state.

Cars are considerably cheaper in the States than they are here and this car sells for around $30,000 which is about £23,000 but in the USA you get an automatic as standard and all that comes with that spec whereas in the UK you pay about £28,500 for the KW-1 which is the base version.

This is a seven seater car so perfect for a larger family. The model we had was the EX which was the one, two above base level and it was automatic, and a burgundy sort of colour externally.

It is a nice looking car , not boxy at all despite its size. It is not sporty in the sleep and topess styl but more sporty in the rugged living in the country way.

~~~~~ HOW BIG ??~~~~~

This is a large car and I would say you would have issues fitting it into most UK garages and indeed it would be a challenge to park in most UK car parks as the still see to think we are driving cars that were size they were back in the 60s and even 70s. People who drive these larger cars here really struggle in car parks and if they get into a spot it is hard to get out of the car. Often they take up more than their share of the car space and it is only cars lie my Fiat 500 that can park next to them. One benefit this car has over many other SUV and MPV vehicles is that the rear passenger door is a sliding door and so you don't need a big space to open the door. You still need enough space for the driver and font passenger doors to open though.

The car is 15 feet 6 inches long, (4.78m) it is 6 feet 2 inches (18.9m)with wing mirrors out and 16.3m with the mirrors folded back. It is 5 ft 5 inches (1.685 m) high with no roof rails so a pretty large beast as you can see. I was glad I didn't have to drive it through Wittier tunnel which is a rail tunnel shared with a road and there is timed entry for cars – it was long and quite narrow and I balked at that so my husband drove it through.

It didn't seem so large on the wide highways and in the States the parking spaces are made for large cars so it was not a problem parking. I didn't like reversing it much as it wasn't that easy to see the back and I wasn't used to its size.


The model we had was the EX which sells for around $34,000 US and in the UK it is similar in specs to the KX-3 which sells for £36,165 for that you get a choice of eight paint colours from white to black and including the burgundy which we had. The interior colour options offered are beige and grey or light grey and dark grey. Ours was a beige and grey option. All the options have these specs as basic : A/M-F/M stereo with CD player, iPod and USB input jacks, auxiliary audio input jack, Bluetooth with A2DP Stereo Streaming capabilities, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, keyless entry, alloy wheels, and more.

The car was automatic with “ Electronically Controlled 6-Speed Automatic Overdrive with Sportmatic® “ gearbox. It had a 3.3 litre V6 engine and despite its size it was quite powerful. The Sorento here has a 2.2 CRDi engine. We obviously didn't push its capacity with just two of us and a couple of light bags. If it had seven passengers and was towing something it might have been less powerful or slower to get going but we found it had good acceleration and once on the highway it was all too easy to gather speed. Kia say it has a towing capacity of 3,500 lbs but having never towed anything I really don't know what that means with regard to caravans etc. We did see quite a few with those large US caravans behind them and they didn't appear to be struggling at all.

Neither of us are keen on cruise control so we didn't test that aspect although it was available. The wheels were all alloy wheels and thankfully we didn't need to investigate them any closer as we didn't have a puncture. There was a spare in the section under the floor of the boot so accessed from inside the car – I saw it but didn't look any closer so not sure if it was a space saver or not.

The brakes were efficient but didn't grab at all so braking was smooth, easy and I never felt that I wasn't going to stop in time even when moose walked onto the highway.

The turning circle on our C'eed is poor and this is a larger car. Kia say this has a turning circle of 37 feet so you won't spin around in too small a space but the roads in Alaska are not narrow and a couple of times we did have to turn around on the road and the car made it in one turn.

The dials and controls were in sensible positions and could be easily seen and used by the driver, neither of us had any issues with any of these being hard to see and we had quite different seating positions when driving.

It took me a while to get used to the parking brake being on the floor as I am used to a hand brake for that but it did the job even though I did need reminding to put it on. It flashed a waning light if you tried to drive while it was still on.


The car is a seven seater and indeed we had two back rows of seats as well as a good sized boot. I believe you can remove the back row if you choose but needless to say we had no need to fiddle with them and the boot space was perfectly adequate for our two larger bags plus carry on bags. The thing I liked about this car was that once the back door was closed from the outside you couldn't see into the boot. I don't like having our bags visible when we are not in the car and we did have to do this a few times in Alaska so it was good to know that nothing could be seen from outside .

The windows were all slightly tinted too which made it harder to see into the car and also helped reduce glare for those in the car and also made it slightly less hot inside when parked in the sun. they were all electric and could all be operated from the drivers door controls and also by the individual window control.

My husband is tall and I am short and I hate driving his Kia Ceed as the seat is quite low even when adjusted and when I am close enough to reach the pedals I have the steering wheel too close to my body. In this the seat was easy to adjust and being automatic I didn't need a clutch and the brake pedal and accelerator were quite large and easy to reach without the steering wheel being in my lap and the drive's seat was comfortable for driving for us both. What was even better was that the integrated Memory System meant that these two preset positions for the driver’s seat and outside rear-view mirrors meant we didn't have to fiddle around for hours when swapping drivers. The seat adjustment on the driver's seat and the front passenger seat were both electronic , you could get more or less lumbar support , move back and forward and tilt the back to various degrees.

The car had a push button start and so long as the key was in the car it started. We were very careful to make sure one of us had this key every time we stopped and got out just in case it managed to lock itself with the key inside! The key unlocked the car with a push button on this key and you could even open and close the sliding door and boot door with the key saving little me reaching up to close the boot lid as it was quite high!

The air conditioning was climate control and it could be controlled front and back individually which would have been handy for passengers who might want a different temperature from those in the front.

To get into the front row of rear seats you just used the sliding door. If you wanted the next row then one of the side seats had to be folded forwards and pushed so that access was gained through that space. It wasn't difficult and we did use this space a couple of times for our carry on bags so that we didn't have to alert passers by to the fact we had bags in the boot by opening that when parking somewhere for a day trip. We are aware of leaving things visible ever since we had a station wagon of our broken into as the thieves could see something the kids had left on the back seat years ago.

The middle row of seats had the option to lay the middle seat flat thus giving you an armrest and cup holders for two passengers and indeed that one can be taken out completely as can all the rear seats if you want to use it as a van.

The front sets had heaters in them on the base and the back. There were two heat levels and I did test these, especially on my back as it was very comforting. I would really like this in a car over here for winter.


The car has two cup/bottle holders in the front and others in the back middle row; there were others in the back so plenty for everyone! It has a double middle storage compartment between the front seats which amply help our satnav when we had to lave it in the car as well as a bag of mints and some rubbish which I emptied at the end of the trip. Inside this compartment was an extra power outlet so if you needed an extra one or wanted to charge your phone inside there you had that option.

There was a large glove box and above that was another smaller one which had something in it but I can't remember what it was however it could be stored elsewhere if you owned the car. We were quite excited to discover that the bigger glove box could keep thing chilled which was handy for keeping our extra water bottle cool until we needed it.

As well as the two glove boxes there was a large storage space in either side door and also along the side of the central consul which a great place for maps and slim things. I also put my phone in there as I charged it in the main power outlet along with the satnav as we had a double adapter.

There is a touch screen display for various options such as connecting your phone to play music using the usb jack, using the radio ad it also had the reversing guide shown on there. The top spec also has an inbuilt sat nav but the car we had didn't have that option. I can't say we made much use of this except for the reverse assist. The controls could be operated by the main screen or on the steering wheel. There was blue tooth compatibility. There were enough 12 volt and 110 connectors to charge a number of gadgets at the same time if you had need to, I kept finding more in all kinds of places.

As well as the park assist on the screen this had Sonar sensors in the front and rear bumpers to help when maneuvering into tight spaces to make parking easier.

~~~~~ IS IT A GREEDY CAR? ~~~~~~

Needless too say that despite the Active Eco System which proactively controls parts of the engine, transmission, and air conditioning to realize optimal fuel economy it was not that economical and we wee grateful for American petrol prices.

We set the trip computer as we picked up the car and at the end we checked the mileage which was around 2000 miles more. We reckoned it did about 45 miles to the gallon which is more than I would want from a car here at the price we pay for petrol. According to Kia the car should do an average of 49mpg but we didn't find that and we drove mostly on highways as there are not many cities in the part of Alaska where we were. The petrol tank held abut 20 gallons when full and it took regular unleaded petrol.

~~~~~~ WHAT ABOUT SAFETY ? ~~~~~

The Sorento was given five stars when tested by the NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) in 2017 for all aspects except rollover which it got four stars for. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rated the Soreto as Good for all aspects and good is their highest rating.

It has power steering, stability and traction control as well as Driver Air Bag, Passenger Air Bag with On/Off Switch, Rear Air Bag, Side Head Air Bag, Rear Head Air Bag, Side Air Bag, Rear Body Air Bag, 4-Wheel ABS. 4-Wheel Disc Brakes, 4-Wheel Drum Brakes, Front Disc/Rear Drum Brakes, Brake Assist,Auto-On Headlights, Daytime Running Lights, Child Safety Locks, Integrated Turn Signal Mirrors, Night Vision, Adjustable Pedals, Rollover Protection System, Front Tow Hooks, Rear Tow Hooks, Emergency Boot Release, Blind Spot Monitor, Auto-Leveling Headlights
and Lane Departure Warning .


I think it depends on your attitude to cars. Kia offers a great seven year bumper to bumper warranty and there are not many other brands that offer that. We have owned two Kia cars, a Cerato which we had for six years and the C'eed which we have now owned since 2009 and neither caused us any problems at all . We look after our cars and service them regularly and all we have had to send is the servicing costs and new tyres when we needed to.

Strangely despite this excellent warranty which is at no extra cost, 2,555 days or 100,000 miles of trouble-free motoring and a lower cost of maintenance. This warranty is transferable to future owners so you would think it would keep its resale value better. Also both parts and labour costs are covered and if you travel within Europe your warranty is still valid.

“Exclusion to the warranty are The battery – this is covered for 24 months
The air conditioning refrigerant charge - this is also covered for 24 months
Wheel balance and steering alignment - are covered for the first 1000 miles or one month
Cracks in the exterior glass - are covered for the first 1000 miles or three months”
Obviously it doesn't deliberate damage or things such as driving over kerbs etc. Common sense really.

They are not flashy cars that will have heads turning with envy but they make good economic sense if you want to buy a car new and hold on to it for some years. They don't seem to have good resale value and if you want to change your car annually you will always lose the most money as they drop their value as soon as you leave the showroom and Kia seems to be even worse than many other higher end brands.

Although Kia is a Korean brand but most of those we have here are made in Europe I believe.

~~~~~~ WOULD I BUY THIS CAR ? ~~~~~~

We wouldn't choose a car this big or with this poor mileage consumption as our petrol prices are so high here.

If we lived in the States we would still find it hard to justify anything this big and I think we would go for something smaller in the SUV category.

It was very comfortable for our driving tour and we were very happy with the performance it gave us for the week we had it.

Obviously we have been happy with Kia cars in the past fifteen years or so and have found their customer service to be excellent and not as expensive as some other dealerships. either.

Thanks for reading
13th August 2017

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