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published 28/08/2017 | sellerleygirl
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I just got in trouble for sticking a piece of paper with my name on the TV while watching a film!!!!!
Pro A fun film, with dark humour and Simon Pegg
Cons A few of the cast lack conviction
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"Simon Pegg meets Pulp Fiction in the outback"

Kill me three times (DVD)

Kill me three times (DVD)

-•- I am Not a Serial Killer-•-

-• Film Only Review -•-

When looking for films to watch on Sky Cinema I saw a film starring Simon Pegg that I had never heard of before – ‘Kill Me Three Times’; classed as a ‘dark comedy’ I was expecting something like ‘Shaun of the Dead’ which I enjoyed, in fact I have generally enjoyed any film with Simon Pegg in, so I decided to give it a go.

-•- Tagline-•-

Once is never enough
-•- Genre-•-

• Action
• Comedy
• Thriller

-• Film-•-

'Kill Me Three Times' is a 2014 Australian dark comedy film that is told from three different points of view; the screenplay was Irish screenwriter James McFarland’s first screenplay.
The film received generally negative feedback.
Film Details

Directed by Kriv Senders
Produced by Tania Chambers, Laurence Malkin and Share Stallings
Written by James McFarland
Music by Johnny Klimek
Cinematography Geoffrey Simpson
Release date 10 April 2015
Classification 15
Running time 90 minutes
Country Australia and United States
Language English

-• The Trailer •-
-• -The Story -•-

“I'm Charlie Wolfe, and as I lie here waiting for death's cold embrace, I find myself asking the question, how the f**k did it come to this? I don't die, I thrive.”

“F**k me,” says Simon Pegg’s character, Charlie Wolfe in the opening voice-over, as we are treated to a bird's eye view of a beautiful Australian beach. This is the very first dialogue spoken in the film as Wolfe is complaining because he’s apparently about to die. “Kill Me Three Times” is then divided into three chapters - “Kill Me Once,” “Kill Me Twice,” and “Kill Me Three Times” we then go on to see how Wolfe has found himself in this predicament.
The setting is the sleepy coastal hamlet of Eagles Nest, Western Australia; an attractive little place with miles of beautiful beaches, as well as wild bushland, desert sands and red rock gorges - but very few inhabitants apart from the handful of actors in the cast.

Apart from Pegg, this cast comprises of Nathan Webb (played by Sullivan Stapleton), who plays a small-town dentist struggling with gambling debts. Webb is manipulated by his merciless receptionist wife Lucy (played by Teresa Palmer) Then there is the wealthy, but very nasty bar owner Jack Taylor (played by Callan Mulvey), whose violent jealousy has pushed his battered wife Alice (played by Alice Brag) into planning to escape with her handsome surfer-mechanic boyfriend Dylan (played by Luke Hemsworth) not to forget the local and corrupt police officer Bruce (played by Bryan Brown).
Charlie is driven by money, Jack by jealousy and Lucy by greed.

To tell you anything else would be a complete spoiler.
-• -The Main Cast -•-

Simon Pegg as Charlie Wolfe
Alice Braga as Alice Taylor
Sullivan Stapleton as Nathan Webb
Teresa Palmer as Lucy Webb
Luke Hemsworth as Dylan Smith
Callan Mulvey as Jack Taylor
Bryan Brown as Bruce Jones

-• - Acting -• -

I have to admit that the only actor I knew in this small cast was Simon Pegg; I am presuming the others are all Australian actors. Simon Pegg plays a delightfully revolting character throughout the film; he is creepy and slimy as the not quite professional English sniggering, moustachioed hit-man Charlie Wolfe. Wolfe briefly serves as the narrator; and it is his presence that signifies, starts, and finishes the action in the three chapters of the story. Pegg manages to bring his own brand of comedy to his character and balances his evilness with humour.
Sadly, there is no back story to his character, we are never sure how this suited Pom ended up in the middle of nowhere in Perth, and by the end of the film, we are still none the wiser.

Sullivan Palmer and Teresa Stapleton give great performances as a not so happily married couple complete with some fantastic sarcasm and bickering. Blonde beauty Palmer manages to outdo the slimy Pegg in the psychotic stakes, ("You're either the smartest or the craziest bitch I've ever met.") and is a great foil to Stapleton who plays the rather dim-witted dentist with a gambling habit wonderfully.

Luke Hemsworth (the youngest Hemsworth brother) seems to be included as eye-candy and does get his shirt off in one steamy scene, however – despite being the only real character who is capable of affection, his performance is rather wooden and you can’t really get behind him -you would much rather root for the nutters all the way!

While you really should feel sorry for Alice, the battered wife, Alice Bragg show so little emotion as her character that you end up preferring watching her getting stalked rather than being saved.

To be honest, apart from Pegg, Palmer and Stapleton none of the other cast members were that memorable. They were functional, but some of the performances were very insipid.
-• -My Opinion -•-

This film has a paltry 8% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but once again I still found it to be an enjoyable enough film. It has a stunning location, a fairly decent cast, Simon Pegg, decent story and pace and is a watchable 90 minutes long.
It starts with catchy, and short interesting credits, which used throughout the movie. Although the first word uttered is a four-lettered word, the language in it isn't too offensive – after all, I am sure that most of us would swear put in the position the characters find themselves in.

The story is funny (although dark) and is not complicated or predictive. I thought that the amount of complexity is just right when it comes to action comedy. This humour originates mostly from Charlie finding himself not the expected assassin so much as the spectator, as he witnesses a series of attempted murders, scams and ruses.

Yes there is a lot of blood, I do not like films with lots of blood and gore but somehow this is 'funny blood', it was rather like blood in a cartoon - the way it came from the bodies wasn't horrific to me - just funny.

With some beautiful scenery, some dark humour and an interesting storyline I thought that this film was quite fun, both my husband and I enjoyed it, neither of us fell asleep and neither of us contemplated switching it off - which is a good sign in our house!

I would say, give this a watch - it's no 'Hot Fuzz' or ‘Shaun of the Dead', but it's not as bad as the critics say.

-• Ratings-•-

• IMDb 5.9/10 from 154,907 reviews
• Metacritic :30% from 47 critics
• Rotten Tomatoes:14% from 49 reviews
-•- Critics -•-

• Hollywood Reporter: "Simon Pegg plays a hitman set loose on a sleepy Australian beach town rife with betrayal and murder in Kriv Stenders' comedy thriller"

• What’s on TV; "Simon Pegg is on killer form as a smirking hitman in this Aussie black comedy"

• SpeakerTV: "If Edgar Wright and Quentin Tarantino had a love child who was forever dogged by its parent’s successful shadow and moved to Australia in its turbulent teens to “find itself”, it would be Kill Me Three Times."

• New York Magazine: "How do you cast Simon Pegg in a movie and then do virtually nothing with him?"

• Reel Film Reviews: "the movie improves immeasurably as it progresses into its everything-goes-south third act"

-• - DVD Details & Extras - •-

As I watched this on Sky I cannot comment on the DVD; however, according to DVD Talk, the extras are:

• Two Audio Commentaries: one from Kriv Stenders and cinematographer Geoffrey Simpson, the other from Stenders and producers Larry Malkin, Share Stallings and Tania Chambers.
• The Making of Kill Me Three Times
• Deleted Scene
• Q&A with Pegg and the producers; some
• Storyboards
• Behind the Scenes Photo
• Poster galleries.

-• - How to View - •-

As of 28/08/17, ‘Kill Me Three Times ‘can be purchased from Amazon from £3.17 new and £1.74 used or buy from Amazon Instant Video -£7.99
Some DVDs on Amazon are available for free delivery within the UK and are if you have a Prime account, if neither of these apply add £1.26 for postage
Amazon are currently offering £1.00 credit to spend on movies or TV on Amazon Video when you purchase a DVD or Blu-ray offered by A maximum of 1 credit per customer applies.
Offer ends at 23:59 GMT on Wednesday, December 20, 2017
It is also available free to subscribers on Sky Cinema.
-•- In Conclusion - •-

Do I recommend it?

Personally, I would as both my husband and I quite enjoyed it. OK, it will not get any Oscar nominations but is was a decent, dark crime comedy. It has good pacing, SOME decent acting and a decent script, it is not too predictable – good for an easy watch and it is only 90 minutes long.

I am giving it four stars as I would describe this film as ‘good’ – but I would say take a look and make your own mind up.

The film photos are taken from Google and my download of the film from Sky Cinema

-•- Pictures - •-

1. Sky download
2. Wolfe (Pegg) in killing form
3. Sullivan Stapleton (Nathan Webb) being warned by Bruce (Bryan Brown)
4. A pensive Teresa Palmer as Lucy Webb
5. Again
6. Killer Wolfe – again
7. That’s handy!!
8. Smokin!!!
9. Luke Hemsworth as Dylan Smith
10. Alice Braga as Alice Taylor

Thanks for reading I do hope that this review has been of some help!

© Sellerleygirl August 2017

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