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published 01/09/2017 | sellerleygirl
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Pro Promising storyline - some good acting
Cons Terrible sound quality and Elvis??????
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"Elvis is in the building - well I think it's Elvis!"

Kill the King (DVD)

Kill the King (DVD)

-•- Kill the King-•-

-• Film Only Review -•-

-•- Genre-•-

• Crime
• Drama
• Romance
• Comedy

-• Film-•-

‘Kill the King’ is also know in the US as ‘Shangri-La Suite’; it is a 2016 crime drama, with a touch of dark comedy, co-written and directed by Eddie O'Keefe.

Film Details

Directed by Eddie O'Keefe
Writing by Eddie O'Keefe and Chris Hutton
Produced by Tariq Merhab, Matthew Perniciaro, Michael Sherman
Music by Mondo Boys
Cinematography by Delaney Teichler
Release date 14 November 2016
Run Time: 90 minutes
Classification: 15
-• The Trailer •-

Meet Jack Blueblood and Karen Bird. Lovers. Dreamers. Serial killers.

-• Tagline •-
-• -The Story -•-

The story is set in 1974, and we first taken back a decade or so to be introduced to the two main characters as children. The film is narrated throughout by Burt Reynolds, and in a series of quick-cut flashbacks to their troubled childhoods; he tells us that18 year old red head, Karen Bird, had grown up in the suburbs to well-off parents, she started off life as a good girl, went to nice schools, was pretty and likable. But as the story starts she has gone off the rails and has been put in rehab by her parents. 25 year old Jack Blueblood grew up on a Lakota Sioux reservation, with a Sioux father and Irish mother, Jack had had a brutal upbringing at the hands of a father who blamed him for his wife's death since she died giving birth to him. Elvis was everything to Jack in his childhood, his music a way to escape the violence on the Indian reservation he lived on as a mixed-race child.

This unlikely couple meet at a Michigan clinic/rehab/mental hospital, where his dead mother tells him to kill Elvis (Elvis of 1974 isn't the same as he used to be, so, he must die) When Jack finds out that Elvis is playing a concert in Los Angeles on May 11th 1974 it becomes his D-Day, the day he plans to fulfil his destiny. He decides to break out of the institution, while at the same time violently avenging Karen who has been assaulted by the staff there.
The couple are soon driving a stolen Cadillac towards Los Angeles, where Elvis is about to open his 1974 summer tour, and where the charismatically unhinged young man plans to follow the instructions of his dead mother and kill his idol.
-• -The Main Cast -•-

Emily Browning as Karen
Luke Grimes as Jack
Avan Jogia as Teijo Littlefoot
Ashley Greene as Priscilla Presley
Burt Reynolds Narrator (voice)
Ron Livingston as Elvis Presley
Trevante Rhodes as Mike
Alyvia Alyn Lind as Lisa Marie Presley
Jade Pettyjohn as Young Karen
Joseph Wise as Young Jack
Echo Kellum as Hepcat
Reiley McClendon as 1950's Elvis
Tatanka Means as Officer Gingrass
Paul Rae as Memphis Mafioso
Amanda Aday as Gladys Presley (Elvis' Mother)
Carroll Lynch as Colonel Tom Parker

-• -My Opinion -•-

"When I was young, Colonel, I felt things. I had long hair. Thick, long hair and good looks."

Burt Reynolds delivers a wonderful narration in a faux documentary styled film that tells the tale of the lyrically named lovers, Jack Blueblood and Karen Bird, and their 1974 killing spree.
The introduction is deliberately coarse-grained making it seem like a 1970s B-movie and is all very wistful and surreal.
To me this film was rather like a mixture of ‘Bonnie and Clyde’, ‘Natural Born Killers’ and ‘Badlands’.

We have a mentally and physically battered, young man falling in love with a psychiatric patient, a joint escape with only one goal: the assassination of Elvis Presley, at the order of a dead mother and an Elvis song played backwards! Admittedly, this is a rather oblique but quite interesting idea for a storyline that could have some potential.
There are certain events in life, depending on your age, that you can say with confidence what you were doing when they happened – events like when Kennedy was shot, when John Lennon was shot, when Diana was killed, when the drama of the twin towers unfolded – or when Elvis died! With my great age, I can answer all of those – as regards Elvis’s death – I heard it on a transistor radio in a field in Criccieth, North Wales whilst on a family camping holiday. My youngest daughter was two, so I know that it was 1978, so I knew – as most other people watching would know - this assignation attempt in 1974 was doomed to failure. However, it was still an intriguing plot as to what happened and how they got there.
However, from the start there was a big problem for me; although Burt Reynold’s narration was clear, there was so much background noise that I had difficulty hearing a lot of the dialogue – I was continually turning the volume up and then down, again and again – it was very annoying.

The three main young actors - Emily Browning as Karen, Luke Grimes as Jack and Avan Jogia as Jack’s gay – maybe transgender – friend,Teijo Littlefoot, were all very good and believable;but when it came to the Elvis subplot, which might give the film a bit more weight under other circumstances, it seemed completely somehow detached from the rest of the film.
And as regards for Ron Livingston as Elvis, I didn’t even realise he was supposed to be Elvis – I’ve seen better lookalike Elvis’s at karaoke nights!!
But then it is the semi-fictitious insight into the life of Elvis that is interesting, it tells of when Elvis was not only sinking, but virtually finished. With Ashley Greene playing a good role as Priscilla Presley, this could have been a lot better – in fact – I would like to have seen a whole film about this story.

This was a film that, as I watched, I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not! There were elements of it I really enjoyed. There was a little dark humour, some good music, a vintage feel a half decent storyline and then there was that dreadful sound quality and the unrealistic ‘real’ characters.
However, we watched the whole film and did quite enjoy it as a whole – with a smirk at the final comments from Burt Reynold - “three years later he faked his death”!!
Would I watch it again? No
Am I glad that I did watch it? Yes
Did I enjoy it? I think I did
Would I suggest other people watch it? Why not – I think that aspects of it will appear to older people (due to the Elvis connection) but I think that this is really more a young person’s film – there is just something about it – despite the 70’s setting and music, that gives that impression.

-• Ratings-•-

• 4.8/10 from 355 reviews
-•- Critics -•-

• Los Angeles Times: "a debut feature that emulates ’70s indie cinema with style and affection— to a fault"

• Hollywood Reporter: "Two hot young lovers on the run take up arms against an uncomprehending grown-up world in Shangri-La Suite, and if that sounds familiar, well, that's probably the idea"

• Whereverilook: "It’s Not Funny, It’s Not Heart wrenching, It Is Just Violence and Elvis Music"

-• - How to View - •-

As of 1/09/17, ‘Kill the King ‘can be purchased from Amazon from £2.69 new and £2.68 used or buy from Amazon Instant Video -£13.99
Some DVDs on Amazon are available for free delivery within the UK and are if you have a Prime account, if neither of these apply add £1.26 for postage
Amazon are currently offering £1.00 credit to spend on movies or TV on Amazon Video when you purchase a DVD or Blu-ray offered by A maximum of 1 credit per customer applies.
Offer ends at 23:59 GMT on Wednesday, December 20, 2017
It is also available free to subscribers on Sky Cinema

-•- In Conclusion - •-

‘Kill the King’ is not going to be for everyone, I didn’t expect to watch it all when I started viewing but the remarkable thing about it is how well this film does eventually grab you and has you hooked.
I thought that this little indie film was kept afloat by its outstanding musical score, Burt Reynold’s great narration and some good performances from the young actors,
It does have a somewhat belligerent creative style that some will not like; but, if you’re looking for something well off the beaten path, something just a little different, I think that you may find ‘Kill the King’ to be an inspired, novel little film.

3/5 from me because the sound was very off putting, it was a difficult film to listen to and I thought that the Elvis Presley and Colonel Tom Parker were just not enough like the real people to make it credible.

-•- Pictures - •-

The film photos are taken from Google also a photo of my download from Sky Cinema

1. My download from Sky
2. Jack and Karen
3. Jack with the Cadillac
4. Karen gets tough
5. Emily Browning as Karen
6. Avan Jogia as Teijo Littlefoot
7. Ashley Greene as Priscilla Presley
8. Ron Livingston as Elvis Presley
9. The lovers

Thanks for reading I do hope that this review has been of some help!
© Sellerleygirl September 2017

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