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Kings & Queens (Pitkin History of Britain) - Brenda Williams

Kings & Queens (Pitkin History of Britain) - Brenda Williams

Kings and Queens Kings & Queens Full description

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EAN 9781841651309
Publisher Jarrold Publishing
Type Non-fiction
Genre History
Subgenre British and Irish history
Title Kings and Queens
All Authors Brenda Williams, Brian Williams, Angela Royston, Rachel Minay
Author Brenda Williams
ISBN 1841651303


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Excellent account of unprecidented war trial
Can be hard reading at times (*)
An interesting look at how we see ourselves
if you are looking for a light read this may not be for you (*)
Very comprehensive, lively and readable history
None, really (*)
Provides basic information, may inspire further reading
Lightweight in style, lacking depth (*)
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Lively, solidly researched and an excellent historical read
The author's occasional prejudices (*)
Well-written, extremely interesting, and the author comes across as genuinely likeable
None (*)
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