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EAN 9781841651309
Publisher Jarrold Publishing
Type Non-fiction
Genre History
Subgenre British and Irish history
Title Kings and Queens
All Authors Brenda Williams, Brian Williams, Angela Royston, Rachel Minay
Author Brenda Williams
ISBN 1841651303


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Lively yet often sombre, concise account of the war
None (*)
Excellent perspective
Sometimes hard to read (*)
A fantastic read! Very interesting and engaging.
The language is difficult to understand at times. (*)
Fascinating sources, eye opening accounts
See review (*)
a wealth of information, a real eye-opener
a long read and a lot of information. (*)
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Everyone with any sense of humanity should read this book.
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Well writen, reconstructions made and tested
Not in great depth without the TV programmes to supportit. (*)
Very readable account of the episodes it covers
No illustrations, timeline or index, etc. - so limited as work of reference (*)
Insightful study of events that led up to the Charge of the Light Brigade
Some battle scenes would not be appreciated by sensitve readers (*)
Lots of information if you are a fan of Royal History or genealogy
Not easy to read in conventional form (*)
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