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published 14/11/2015 | danielclark691
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"Kingston HyperX SSD 120GB"

Kingston HyperX SSD 120GB

Kingston HyperX SSD 120GB

First impressions

The Kingston brand is one that I am rather familiar with. In recent times I have spent a number of hours replacing sluggish HDD’s with much livelier SSD’s. The Kingston HyperX SSD we have here has a 120GB capacity. You may say that this is a rather small capacity considering the average size of a HDD that comes with bog standard new laptops these days. You would be right, but have you seen the price of a large capacity SSD?!

As with all SSD’s the Kingston HyperX 120GB is very lightweight. I am not sure whether this would be a consideration when buying something like this, but it certainly helps and it is lighter than a lot of the standard HHD’s that I have taken out of a number of laptops. A standard HHD is not all that bulky, but the SSD I replaced it with was a bit smaller and much lighter.

Overall I think that Kingston have created a range that will appeal to those looking for a super fast upgrade to SSD from the HHD format. The name ‘HyperX’ suggests that this is a particularly fast SSD, though they do have other fierce names in their range, which also make them a little more attractive than their competition.

My experience

The reason why SSD is so much more efficient and faster than HHD is because there are no rotating discs or heads that move inside like you would find on a HHD. What this essentially means is that much less heat is created from the SSD, and in addition to speed you will also find that the SSD uses less energy because it isn’t wasting power on creating heat.

If you have a slow laptop and replace the HHD with an SSD then you will find that your operating system and programs will load much quicker, and reading and writing speeds should also improve. The Kingston HyperX SSD will completely transform a once sluggish laptop or PC, though this does come at a price.

As the SSD format is a relatively new concept compared to the HHD it is fairly costly. HHD’s are going to continue to be ‘the norm’ as far as manufacturers are concerned, though in the future it is possible that costs will fall and the consumer will demand an SSD as standard kit in their new computers. For the time being I am having to replace HHD with SSD myself, though an increasing number of used laptops that I purchase are having SSD’s already fitted – people really do see the SSD as essential specification for a good quality laptop.

In terms of installing the SSD I have had no problems with any of the units I have used. I remember the very first one I fitted and it took a lot of time to get my head around it. I watched a number of online guides and these did give me a good idea of the basics, but when you are tackling the job it can be a struggle, especially if you have never removed a cover on the back of your laptop before! The SSD can come with a fitting kit, though this is not always the case and I found one reasonably cheaply online when I fitted this 120GB version. Replacing the HHD with the SSD is relatively simple because you should know what you are doing once you remove the HHD, though you may need a special adaptor to fit the SSD because it is often smaller than the HHD it is replacing. This is worth taking into consideration and researching before purchasing your SSD. Once you have done this you can connect your old HHD via USB using the fitting kit. You will obviously need to transfer the operating system and your data across, though you could just start from new and install a fresh version of Windows onto the new SSD.

Price and availability

As this is a fairly small capacity SSD with a 120GB capacity this is one of the most affordable SSD’s available today. Prices start at just £40 for the 120GB capacity SSD, and this compares to the £70 you should expect to pay for a 240GB capacity SSD. This is comparable to other brands of SSD with this capacity, and I would say it is not worth buying a second hand SSD due to the fairly low cost.

Final thoughts

Performance is by far enhanced with the HyperX SSD 120GB. The fitting kit for fitting the SSD is an essential piece of kit and I would definitely recommend buying this with the SSD unlike what I did which was purchase this separately. An adaptor plate for fitting the SSD is included in the price of this SSD, though I am confident that this is the case with all or at least most SSD’s available today.

It is becoming more and more common for consumers to fit their own SSD’s to their laptops and consumer demand will eventually be met in the form of manufacturers fitting SSD’s as standard. I think that prices must fall a fair way yet before it is commonplace, especially when a 480GB SSD will set you back a fair bit more than £100.

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