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Kitchencraft Chocolate Fondue Set

Kitchencraft Santa Chocolate Fondue Set Code: BW48632 Ho Ho Ho Santa' Chocolate Fondue Set, Gift Boxed.

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published 31/08/2010 | little_feets88
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Pro A great gift and a fun alternative to dessert.
Cons Absolutely none, if you ignore your rotting teeth!
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"Do You Fondue?"

Finding the perfect gift for someone can be a total chore. Finding the perfect dessert to suit all ages can also be a chore. Surely there must be an easy and fun answer out there? Well, there is! Fondue! Although the term 'fondue' can stir up long forgotten memories of your camping trips in the 60's or your family get togethers in the 70's, fondue is fast becoming popular again. Brining a chocolate fondue to an occasion with a platter of fresh fruit, sweet treats and marshmallows to dip in will make you a hero! Producing said fondue and platter at a children's party or sleepover will make you the best person in the whole wide world. You really can't go wrong with fondue, especially when it comes to pleasing those with a sweet tooth. Fondue really is the ultimate sharing dessert, conversation starter and party piece all rolled into one!

You can purchase this "Kitchen Craft Fondue Set" online from the Amazon website This is where my girlfriend bought mine from. I'm not entirely sure where you can find it high street wise, but I'm sure you could stumble across it somewhere!

The current price for this "Kitchen Craft Fondue Set" is £6.71 on In my opinion this is pretty damn good considering the fondue set can be used time and time again. It may seem a little pricey for a 'novelty' kitchen item that isn't an everyday essential; however I do think it is worth the money for the pleasure you get out of it with each use!

The packaging for this "Kitchen Craft Fondue Set" is pretty basic, nothing fancy. The Amazon website does state in its description that the set comes 'giftboxed', but this really isn't the case. It simply comes packaged in its original regular box. The box itself is made from a sturdy, thick cardboard and easily protects the contents within. It is mostly blue and white in colour, with a photograph of the fondue set within. There is the 'Kitchen Craft' logo and the product name on the box, and this is pretty much it! As I said, nothing fancy but serves its purpose.

In the box you will find the essential basics when it comes to fondue-ing. There is a ceramic white base, shaped with a hole in the bottom to house the essential tea light which will keep your fondue at a warm temperature. There is also a ceramic white matching bowl which fits snugly on top of the base. Measurements for the base/pot are as follows: 13cm x 15cm x 17cm. This may not seem very big, but it is a really good size for anywhere up to 4 people, and yet is small enough to pack away into a corner of a cupboard with ease. The bowl alone holds 425ml - which is more than enough molten chocolate to satisfy any sweet tooth. Both the base and the pot are dishwasher safe, but the set is easy enough to clean up without the use of a dishwasher. There are also four metal forks that have sturdy plastic handles, each with a different colour adoring the end to enable users to distinguish whose fork is whose. Inside the box you will also find a single tea light and a set of instructions to get you started, so you really can just open the box and get straight to it! All you need to do is add the chocolate and the items to be dipped, and away you go!

To look at, the "Kitchen Craft Fondue Set" looks rather basic and avoids being fancy. The white colour of the base and bowl means that this set is suitable for any age and any gender and also means it can sit well at any occasion or in any colour scheme within a kitchen. Although the set is rather basic to look at and can appear a little plain, it avoids being over complicated, fussy or an unattractive eyesore which would be much worse. The plain white colourway also means it can be given as a gift to anyone at all.

This "Kitchen Craft Fondue Set" is an absolute doddle to use. Firstly, set up all the components of your fondue kit so it is ready to go. Place the ceramic bowl on top of the base, and set the unlit tealight in its resting place within the base. Chop up your items for dipping as necessary and arrange on a plate beside the fondue set. Break/chop up your chocolate and melt it slowly either in a bowl over a pan of boiling water, or in the microwave being careful not to burn the chocolate. Once the chocolate is melted, transfer it into the ceramic fondue bowl and light the tealight to keep the chocolate melted. Unfortunately the tealight alone isn't enough to melt the chocolate, so you do need to pre-melt the chocolate, however this really isn't that big of an issue, and the tealight does give off enough heat below the bowl to keep the chocolate melted once in the bowl. Then, the fun can begin. Use the forks to skewer your chosen piece of fruit/fudge/marshmallow etc and dip away. Enjoy!

I will say that chocolate fondues tend to be VERY rich. Everyone out there has probably tasted melted chocolate at some point in their life, and therefore should know just how thick and delicious and rich it tastes. Adding fruit, fudge and other sweet treats to the mix makes the whole experience even more sugary and sweet. I can assure you that even the most sweet toothed of people won't be able to eat a heck of a lot of fondue without starting to feel a little sick! It's true what they say about too much of a good thing can be bad for you. But heck, who am I to tell you not to over do it? If you want to indulge yourself into a sugar coma then so be it, but don't come crying to me when you have tummy ache and tooth caveties! As delicious and rich and indulgent as chocolate fondue is, it's wide to remember everything should be enjoyed in moderation (or something like that, la la la).

In my opinion this "Kitchen Craft Fondue Set" is absolutely brilliant. I received this product as a gift, and I thought it was a fantastic idea. Following this occasion, I have since purchased two fondue sets for my younger brother and cousins and given them as gifts in a giftbox along with bars of chocolate, a bag of fudge, a large bag of marshmallows and a container of sweet waffles. These went down a storm with both kids (ages 12 and 13), as it was something fun they could do with their friends and family, and something they could use over and over. Fondue sets not only make great gifts, but they also make a fantastic alternative to dessert. Why not switch your usual everyday sponge pudding or apple crumble pudding for a chocolate fondue? Both kids and adults alike seem to revel in the idea of dipping various fruits, sweets and cakes into the melted chocolate, as it is such a terribly sinful indulgence. The possibilities for 'ingredients' to dip are pretty much endless - whether it's your favourite fruit or something exotic that you've never tried before, cubes of fudge, marshmallows, waffles, cake chunks, brownie pieces, biscuits, breadsticks or even gummy bears - there's something for everyone to enjoy. You're always in for a delicious treat and a lot of fun when using the fondue set, so I would definitely suggest everyone go out and buy one. However, on a safety note, children must be supervised at all times when using the fondue set as it does involve using a lit candle, and pronged forks which could take someone's eye out if used for such purposes with force! Hah!

Summary: Brilliant basic fondue set to get you started!

** Also posted on Dooyoo under the username little_feets88 **

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  • paulpry118 published 01/09/2010
    I've got a cast iron fondue which I use for cooking meat in and it certainly makes a change using a fondue
  • robjak published 31/08/2010
    Really great review. Given you an 'E' and its very well deserved. Fab.
  • vickymason9000 published 31/08/2010
    Great review, it would make a nice gift! x
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