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published 12/06/2006 | mshah786uk
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"Kohi Apna Sa"

Kohi Apna Sa is an Indian Serial about three best friends who cannot ever, with even the biggest forces, be separated. The saga is based on a true story which the producer had read, and turned it into a programme. The serial is produced by Ekta Kapoor, for Balaji Telefilms.

The three best friends: Shruti, Sanjana and Khushi. These three women have been best friends since they attended pre-school. All are from a different working class and society, but this does not make them bicker or fight.


Khushi: Khushi is the only daughter of Late business Tycoon. She lives with Bimla Ji, (her mother) in a huge mansion. They are very rich and have plenty of money, property and wealth.

Sanjana: Sanjana is a modern middle-class business woman. She lives with her father. Her mother is dead. Sanjana has very high ambitions and wants to become a really successful business woman.

Shruti: Shruti is from a lower-working class background. She is an orphan and lives with her bua (dads sister) and family. She is very simple and unique.

Now I am going to give a brief explanation on each of the characters:

Bimla Ji: Khushi's mum. She is a wealthy widow; who has a lot of property and money.

Sanjana's Dad: He is always very concerned about Sanjana, and wants her to get married very quickly. But she is adamant that she will wait for the right time.

Bua: This is Shruti's aunt. She loves Shruti a lot; and has fulfilled her duty perfectly by giving Shruti the best upbringing.

Bauji: (Grandfather): Bauji is a rich business tycoon who has three sons. Raman, Vikram and Rajan. He is very old and mostly ill. When Bauji became ill he equally divided up his business and gave each of his sons an equal share.

Raman: He is Bauji's eldest son. And the richest too. With the money Bauji gave to him, he has successfully set up his own company.

Neelam: She is Raman's wife and the Gill House's eldest daughter in law. She is very posh and has her own Gym.

Neharika: She is Neelam's and Raman's eldest daughter. She is almost a background character. She is married to Yogesh.

Vishal: He is the son of Neelam and Raman. He gets married to Khushi. He enjoys partying and always going clubbing; and this leaves Khushi feeling unwanted and sad.

Khushi: Khushi is a very sensitive person. She is a good housewife but has no clue how business are run so cannot help her mother-in-law with the gym. She loves Vishal dearly.

Rachana: Another background character. Just living as a daughter in the house. Nothing interesting

Vikram: He is the second eldest brother in the house. With the money Babuji gave him he also set up a successful business. However he is not as rich as his elder brother Raman.

Sheetal: Sheetal is Vikram's wife. She acts very posh and is a typical gossip queen. Anything you need to know: Ask her, shell know what the neighbours are doing, who is where etc.

Kabir: Kabir is Sheetal and Vikrams's eldest son. He is also very ambitious and has set up his own company. Like Sanjana he does not have time to get married; and eventually he meets Sanjana. They are both now married.

Natasha: Natasha is Kabir's sister. She is currently in the USA doing a degree of some sort. She is not a very important character.

Rajan: Rajan is the youngest brother. With the money Babujii gave him; he spent it on gambling, drink and drugs. Now he is a 'nothing.' He just sits at home thinking about how his family is going to survive.

Raksha: She is Rajan's wife. She is very sweet and understanding. She believes everything happens for a reason and is very dependable on her god. She is a good mother in law and a good mother.

Deepika: Deepika is their eldest daughter. She is almost 30 and has not got married; (this is a bad thing in Asian families, as girls tend to get married at really young ages such as16-20). Finally she does get married after 100 proposals.

Tushar: Tushar is also their on. He is a clerk and brings in the family income. Their whole family depends on his income. He is very caring and understanding.

Shruti: Shruti, is married to Tushar, but not through love but through destiny. Bua persuaded Shruti to get married to him or she will now forgive her. Shruti therefore agrees to the marriage but has nothing to look forward to.

Rahul; He is completely like his father. He always gambles and spends money as if it grows on trees. He has 2 wives: Priyanka aka Priya and Roshni.

Priyanka: Priyanaka is the daughter of a really famous whore; however the whore has plenty of money and a large business charity organisation. Priyanka is the first wife of Rahul. With whom she has a son; Swayam.

Roshni: Roshni is Rahul's second wife. She is very sensitive and very cute. She looks as though she can never do anything wrong!

Gayatri: Gayatri Didi, is the woman Shruti meets whilst she in Jail over Tushar's death. Gayatri helps Shruti ruin the Gill House.

Mallika: Mallika is also Shruti. When Shruti goes jail she has and accident which results her in having plastic surgery. This is when she also decides to change her name and then get back at the Gill House.

Sonny: He is the son of Sanjana and Kabir
Shweta and Sakshi: The twins of Khushi and Vishal
Komal: She is Shruti and Tushar's adopted daughter. After 4-5 miscarriages Shruti decides to adopt her.

*The Story*

The three bests friends get married into the same household, one in each family. Through this fate plays a cruel game. After many small and big ups and downs; a pivot takes place. Tushar is poisoned. The police arrive and arrest Shruti over the death of her husband Tushar Gill.

Shruti is determined to prove her innocence, but she cannot as she is taken to prison without any evidence!! Whist she is in jail, Khushi and Sanjana forget about her and do not go to meet her because of their families stopping them. Babujii dies.

In Jail Shruti meets an old woman called Gayatri. Gayatri had also been sent to prison for the death of her husband. Her family had blamed the death on her and she was locked up. The rest of her family members have now died and all the property and businesses are in her name. She cannot get revenge on anyone as her culprits are dead.

She then persuades Shruti, that she must get revenge for the injustice that has been done against her. Shruti then has an accident whilst she is being transferred from on prison to another. Gayatri's jail sentence is over. Shruti's face is badly burned in the accident and so she has to have plastic surgery.

With the help of Gayatri, Shruti leaves jail and cannot be recognised with her new face. Shruti then determines to get revenge on the Gill House and get her Komal back. After leaving Jail, Gayatri gives her a large successful business. Mallika (Shruti) then works as the head of this business. She is then famously known and meets Sanjana.

Sanjana and Mallika become friends. For Sanjana, Mallika is a true friend but for Mallika; Sanjana is now just a thread which she will use to get revenge at the Gill Family.

* Synopsis*

I think that this programme is a very interesting soap. Being similar to the British Eastenders this is the Indian version. However there is little or no violence on the screen and there are no signs of drugs and sex. This programme is very entertaining for the whole family as it contains no scenes which may be unsuitable for children. I really enjoyed watching the first episode of this programme and that's what attracted me and made we watch the whole 800 and something episodes through. The start was very exciting and gripping, unlike the end. The end of the soap which was screened in 2002, was unfortunately very stupid and boring. The ending didn't make any sense to what had gone on in the rest of the soap. That is a bit strange as the producer and actors made the show very entertaining until the final episode - may be they were glad it was over - who knows?

*Other Info*
This show was broadcasted on Zee TV. It was produced by Ekta Kapoor for Balaji Telefilms. This soap was such a huge success that it was repeated two years later as an omnibus on the weekends.

Aparna Tilak
Manasi Salvi
Barayani Shastri
Smita Bansal (formerly Mohla)
Akhir Ghail
Neelam Mehra

Hope you enjoyed reading this review!! : )

x M

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