König CMP-USBFAN10 USB fan

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König CMP-USBFAN10 USB fan

This flexible fan can easily be connect to each USB connection of the notebook or fixed computer. Bend the fan in a random score and create some extra...

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Review of "König CMP-USBFAN10 USB fan"

published 04/10/2015 | JRCarter
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Cons impractical
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"A Cool yet Ultimately Useless Gadget"


I received one of these awesome, simple little computer accessories as a stocking-filler gift a few Christmas's ago. Upon opening it I was surprised and impressed, I mean, who wouldn't want a USB, laptop powered fan?! Unfortunately, since then I have use this gadget a grand total of two times. It is not that this is a poor product, or that it broke, it is simply that it is not altogether useful; for reasons I will explain in the review.
Using the Product

The fan could not be simpler to use. You plug the USB into a USB port, and, as you may have guessed, the fan starts. This product can be powered by any USB port, be it on a laptop, a mains adapter or any other device. Unfortunately, this rather limits its use to, from my experience, only when I'm on my laptop. I don't know about you, but I rarely feel the desire for a small fan bowing on my face while I'm on my laptop. Equally, the fan has no stand, and must therefore be held at all times while plugged in, thus restricting your ability to use the laptop/ computer it is plugged into. Even if you're opting to plug this gadget into a USB mains adapter, like the ones iPhones plug into, you would be forced to crouch with your head 40cm from the wall to accommodate the short cable. The only situation in which I found this fan useful and generally useable, was on a long flight from England to America. With my laptop on the plastic tray table playing a movie, the fan proved very nice to hold and use for the duration of the film. It was surprisingly quiet, very light, and presented a pleasant breeze; it is not ground-breakingly powerful, but certainly more than the standard, cheap, plastic handheld travel fans we are all so used to.
Quality and Durability

It was roughly two years ago that I got this as a gift, and I do believe it still works perfectly. I have had no problems with the overall quality of this product, as it has never broken and feels a lot sturdier than the average fan. The majority of the product is made of plastic, with few metal pieces. It shows no signs of weakening to the overall structure of the product, or indicates any areas that may break in future. However, this may be because I have barely used this fan over the past two years, and it has spent 99% of the time in the bottom of a drawer. The thickness of the wire gives it a decent amount of strength and durability, and so far shows no signs of coming apart of breaking – unlike most USB cables! The fan blades themselves are, as you might expect, also plastic. They certainly aren’t as flimsy as the standard pocket fan blades, and seemingly don’t break as easily either. I remember the second time I used this gadget I plugged the USB into my laptop while the fan was resting on the table, and as you can imagine, it started spinning and moving all over the place. Fortunately, it didn’t break.

This cool gadget can be bought for price as low as £5 from websites like Amazon and eBay. This is roughly the same price as the standard travel fans , which often lack quality and durability, and require batteries. Unfortunately, as they do not require a laptop/ computer/ USB port to function, I have to admit they are probably the more practical and useful purchase!
Final Comments

All in all this fan is good quality, durable, and does its job exactly as it should, for a reasonable price. Unfortunately, it has proved less than useful over the two years I’ve owned this gadget, even if it was a very cool novelty Christmas gift. If you are someone that spends a lot of time sat at a computer/ laptop watching movies/ videos, and desires the feeling of a breeze against your face, then I would most certainly recommend this product. If, like me, you rarely have access to a USB port other than on your laptop/ computer, and always require two hands to use the laptop/ computer, then I do not recommend this product, as it simply isn’t useful enough to merit spending any amount of money.

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  • justarube published 05/10/2016
    VH x
  • SirJoseph published 16/10/2015
    Well written
  • BNibbles published 16/10/2015
    I know what you mean - the kind of thing that someone would give you as a gift, but when push comes to shove, just doesn't get used that much. I'd be worried about its effect on my laptops battery life too. I suppose it could also be plugged into one of those phone chargers that have a removable lead. Depends if you're sitting near a plug point though!
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Product Information : König CMP-USBFAN10 USB fan

Manufacturer's product description

This flexible fan can easily be connect to each USB connection of the notebook or fixed computer. Bend the fan in a random score and create some extra cooling. Because of the compact dimension it is easy take along.

Product Details

Product Description: König CMP-USBFAN10 - USB fan

Product Type: USB fan

Colour: Silver

Product Material: Plastic, metal

Features: Flexibility



Product Type: USB fan

Product Material: Plastic, metal

Colour: Silver


Features: Flexibility


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