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A new concept in perfect tweezing! A built in light illuminates your face enabling you to see clearly and ensuring the perfect tweeze everytime. Lipst...

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published 14/05/2008 | littlexen
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"You little plucker!"

This is a mono-brow as shown by Ernie from Sesame Street

This is a mono-brow as shown by Ernie from Sesame Street

Every girl wants to look her best and the one thing that irritates me with women is the over grown bushy eyebrows, the Liam Gallagher mono brow specials which are where it looks like you have only one eyebrow. Ladies there is never a need to look like that. The number of times I have wanted to stop someone in a street and pluck their eyebrows is quite scary and on this issue I do border neurotic. For me eyebrows are one of the most important features upon the face because they frame and enhance your eyes, whatever their shape or colour and as a girl who likes to flutter her eyelashes to get attention, having a mono-brow is not an option.

Now for the task of eyebrow plucking, you can just use an ordinary 99p pair of tweezers which will do the job you want them to do. However, I am not one to settle for the ordinary and always want something a little different, that stands out and catches my attentions whilst promising to do the job I want it to do.

Let me introduce you to La-Tweez. La Tweez are Stainless steel tweezers with a built-in LED spotlight and the spotlight illuminates upon your brow when in use so that when you look in the mirror you can see every little hair. I initially bought La-Tweez because they came in a cute pink lipstick shaped case which I can carry around in my handbag at all times and as part of the packaging is a little mirror which magnifies your eyebrow area x2 and I like this little added extra because you can open up and use whenever you feel it is necessary to do. However, if pink really isn't your colour of choice there is an option to have one in black.

I bought my La-Tweez from Fragrance Direct which is an online website for the bargain price of £6.50 when I was in need of some new perfume and if you shop around online you can find them priced between £5 and £19, so it is definitely best to shop around before making a purchase.

Looks wise La-Tweez are odd looking, what you have is a pair of tweezers and in the middle of these tweezers is a bullet-shaped LED Light which when switched on creates the light which is directed to the area in which you point it. Much like one of those banned laser-pen items which I think are now banned. The light from the LED itself is very strong and really does show up any stray hairs around your eyebrows which could have escaped the tweezers and the batteries within these tweezers give you at least 6 hours worth of light at a time which is a very long time if you pluck regularly and should the batteries run out you can always replace them.

Having the bullet-shaped LED light in the middle of these tweezers does make them much easier to hold because tweezers can be quite difficult to balance between your fingers properly, whereas with La-Tweez I can rest my forefinger and middle finger upon the bullet-shaped LED.

When it comes to using these tweezers they are very simple to use and if you have never thought of plucking your eyebrows before I have a few handy tips to make it a much easier process. Before you begin plucking away at your overgrown brows you need to check where your eyebrow shape should begin and the simplest way to do this is to hold a pencil alongside your nose as you look into a mirror and there you will see where your brow line should start. Whilst that pencil is horizontal move it to an angle diagonally to the corner of your eye and this is your starting point. I use my eye-liner pencil to mark a spot on my face to remind me of all these start and finishing points so that I get an equal shaped eyebrow on either side of my face. When it comes to shaping the middle part of your brow, that bit directly above your iris this is where the highest part of the arch should be and if you are not sure what shape that is, and then you can always seek a consultation at your nearest beauty salon.

Once you have got the correct shape in mind, use the light from La-Tweez and point the light at one eyebrow, within that area you will probably see a few very lightly colour stray hairs which you would not normally have noticed, the beauty of this product is that nothing gets away. But, in order to ensure they don't escape you can highlight them with a white nail pencil, my own personal choice or your eyeliner pencil to remind you they need to be removed. Once you have done that with both eyes you are almost ready to use your new tweezers but first you will need to grab that eyebrow brush and brush your eyebrows following the way the hair has grown to remove any dead skin cells, make-up or whatever else might be found there. Firstly there are a few do's and don'ts when it comes to plucking:

  • Tweeze your brows very carefully and constantly check the shape as you. This is to avoid over tweezing. If you are unsure re-check your eyebrow shape using the pencil technique followed by the drawing of the dots and then using the LED light have another look at the hairs you wish to remove.
  • Only ever pluck hairs in the direction that they grow otherwise you will find it is quite painful and you will get very red patches around your newly plucked eyebrows.
  • If you find tweezing is quite painful then you can use some Bonjela if you have any in your bathroom cabinet/kitchen cupboard to numb that area around your brow. If you have thick hair on your eyebrows (like me) then I can suggest numbing the area first and Bonjela or you can use hot water on a cotton wool pad to open up the pores to make hair removal much easier. Either of these methods works very well.
  • After you have plucked your eyebrows, if the newly plucked area is quite red and sore use some calamine lotion to soothe the area you have just plucked, especially if it is your first time or some ice. Finally, re-brush your eyebrows using your eyebrow brush to check the shape.

The one thing you should do is constantly check your shape; once you become comfortable with what you are doing then plucking your eyebrows should only take a few minutes at the most. However, if it something you haven't done for a long time or have never plucked, it is worth spending a little extra time to get it right thus making future plucking an easier task.So, after Littlexen's simple guide to plucking there are some Don'ts to follow and these are just my own little bits of advice especially when using La-Tweez.

  • Over tweeze your brows once they are finished. By all means double check for stray hairs using the bullet-shaped LED light, but don't begin re-shaping them.
  • Never tweeze away too much hair, I know this is obvious but one of my friends for quite carried away with her tweezing and had bald eyebrows. So if you are unsure, constantly re-check what you are doing and using the light within these tweezers can save you from embarrassing eyebrows.

Once you have completed your tweezing session then you should tweeze at least once a week to maintain the shape you have created to keep it neat and tidy and far from looking like Liam Gallagher again.

So for me La-Tweez is a lifesaver in the eyebrow department and something I find really use to have and to use. I have had my La-Tweez tweezers for 4 months now and the one thing I have found is that they haven't bent out of shape, they are still shiny and look very new and they haven't become blunt at the end. I know some tweezers are used for a majority of things from scrapping dirt out from under nails to medical uses and in my own opinion these tweezers should only be used for hair plucking on the face and in particular the eyebrow as they are designed to do.

In my own view these are the best tweezers that I have ever owned, they are easy to use, they help you with the task in hand and they are brilliantly priced if you shop around for a bargain. I cannot recommend these tweezers highly enough.

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  • lora44 published 14/01/2010
    Sounds like you got a real bargain here! Great review x
  • jesi published 05/10/2009
    I expect my brows might meet, although being blonde I never have worried too much about them . . . I really need to pay more attention to my facial appearance . . .&#9829 jes &#9829
  • nohits4days published 23/10/2008
    I am amazed at how many guys would be so interested in eyebrow tweezing, I have my suspicions that they are big fans of your "work", and I am sure that's what leads them to follow you and give you such kudos. You do write very nice reviews so I will throw another "exceptional" your way for good measure. Maybe I should tweeze my eyebrows, do you think it will get me more points here at Ciao?
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