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published 06/10/2017 | BlurredLines
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Orange at last, but a large jump in points needed to get any further!
Pro The lighting effects and good and there are lots of colours to choose from, the app is good too
Cons It was hard to connect to Alexa and for us it is not a necessary purchase
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LIFX Smart Light Bulb

LIFX Smart Light Bulb

My husband is very keen on technology and over the past two years has built a small collection of home technology products, his aim eventually is to have as much of our home "smart" and connected to other devices but the products are so expensive that this is going slower than he hoped. We have Alexa, I don't use it very often because I don't feel comfortable talking to objects in the house when I'm in on my own but my husband and our teenage son have taken to this new technology well and it does help them in their day to day lives.

We have had our LIFX Smart Light Bulb for about six months, it cost £55.99 when my husband bought it and the price is now £49.99 so it's still very expensive for a single light bulb. It's a good thing to have at home, ours is in the living room and I like the relaxing effect but our son has said he'd like one and we also have a much younger daughter who will also want one of these bulbs if she see one in her brother's bedroom. So before my husband has had the chance to look at the other high tech smart home products he could easily spend £200 - £300 just replacing the light bulbs around the house!

The light bulb works through wifi and part of the set up instructions includes downloading an app for your phone or tablet and also connecting the bulb to Alexa, or whatever control system you are using. It works with Hive and other brands but you should check before buying a LIFX light bulb that it definitely works with the system you have installed, I have read there have been compatibility problems for some users so it's always worth checking. The light bulb has always worked well with Alexa but I remember my husband found it difficult to connect them when he first bought the bulb, I was there through the whole process of him setting up the light bulb originally and it was definitely tedious because the instructions aren't always clear and there were steps he had to take that weren't mentioned in the instructions so he had to keep going over the same step by step process over and over again until something jumped out at him that he had to do.

I downloaded the app to each of our phones and set those up while he tried to get Alexa and the light bulb to speak to one another, this app picked the light bulb up quickly and we were able to control the lighting and use the phones to learn how to best use it. Having it connected to Alexa doesn't concern me at all because like I've said I don't use the gadget except to play music occasionally, I've never asked Alexa to do anything to do with controlling the house but I can understand why my husband could not settle until he'd managed to sync them because smart home technology needs to be able to work together seamlessly to make it worthwhile having.

The Smart Light Bulb lets you change the colour and ambiance of your lighting from the app and also eventually Alexa. I use my phone but since we've had the light bulb we have realised we both prefer a soft white light instead of having the living room lit up in a colour, there's a beautiful green shade that I like but it's only very rarely that I'll think to change the colour and my husband prefers to sit in a darker room than the green shade allows. The light bulb can be dimmed whatever colour it is on but some have more of a luminous shade than others and even though they're dimmed they always have quite a bright shine.

On the app you use a colour wheel to choose the exact shade you want and there are hundreds available, the app is updated and sometimes this includes tweaks to the shades so the options are always expanding. There's even a whole wheel dedicated to white light so you can get the softness or brightness to suit you, this is more useful than it sounds because my husband works late hours sometimes and often I'll wait up and read in the living room instead of watching TV. I've found the perfect reading white light on the light bulb and that is one of the very few I have set as a favourite as I'd hate to lose it again when I change the lighting.

While I've been writing this review I've been worrying about how many stars I was going to give to the light bulb because I can see that for some people it would be an incredibly good purchase and used well, but for us I feel that it is unnecessary and doesn't enhance our home at all. Our son would probably be better to have the light bulb in his bedroom instead of buying another but his father doesn't want to give it up, we are not a couple who use candles and atmospheric lighting in our everyday lives so I doubt this will ever be more than a very expensive light bulb for us.

The light bulb in itself is smaller than I had expected from seeing it in pictures as my husband ordered it, it is a screw in type and does not look conspicuous in our light fitting. The light available from the bulb is 75 watts, this can be dimmed almost to nothing though using either the app or the voice control function with Alexa. Since it was first installed and my husband set the light bulb up it has never malfunctioned, once we had a power cut and the bulb would not connect to Alexa again but we were able to retrace what we had done to originally sync them and reset their connection that way. It was like setting the whole thing up again because my husband had to go through the whole connection process again but luckily that time he had the knowledge of what he had done the time before.

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  • Angela150 published 04/11/2017
    Excellent review. I will be back with an E.
  • chrisandmark_is_here published 24/10/2017
    Nicely done x
  • euphie published 11/10/2017
    vh :o)
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