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'Don't put your life on standby' That's the advice on the card that came with this device manufactured and distributed by the Grass Roots Group originally under a UK Government scheme. While I can't claim to be completely 'green' in lifestyle, I do at least make some effort to save the planet ... Read review

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Energy saving - up to a point!

AdvantagesLimited energy savings; remote access; potentially wide appeal

DisadvantagesLimited energy savings; not compatible with all appliances; delay before switching off

"...published last year.] ==What is it?== The LIME energy saving plug remotely cuts off the electricity supply to connected equipment. It can be used with an individual device or multiple devices connected by standard extension and is controlled by any infra-red remote control. The idea is to reduce the amount of power consumed by TVs and other equipment frequently left in standby mode instead of being fully switched off at the mains, thereby ..." Read review

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A decent enough choice, simple to use and install.

AdvantagesSaves energy and turns a device completely off

DisadvantagesTurns something completely off - turn on time might be longer than standby.

"...I've grabbed one of the Lime Green saver plugs. You plug it in, press the button on the unit, which puts it into 'program mode'. This means you point your devices remote control at the little receiver connected by a cable to the plug and choose a button you'd like to turn the power on and off with. I just used the power button, but the choice is yours! Once you have done that, you can turn the power completely off or on via that button on your ..." Read review

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Manufacturer Lime
Type Energy Saving
Sub Type Energy Saver Plug


Listed on Ciao since 18/10/2010

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