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<<<<>>>> While on holiday our shampoo was quickly running out as well as my conditioner. I had thought it would last the holiday and that I would get some more of our favourite, I Love Juicy when we were back but it wasn’t too be. As some of you may know from my other Lush ... Read review

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Community Level 6nursie_nur...


Get back on your horse and don't come back!

AdvantagesLathers well, lasts well, multipurpose, not tested on animals, vegetarian.

DisadvantagesStinks, left my hair feeling and looking awful.

"...may know from my other Lush reviews, I usually send my other half off armed with a list and the money and he does the Lush run where he works not far from the shop, well not this time! We were staying in St Austell in Cornwall and luckily we came across a Lush store in Truro. So in I went thinking that I would get our usual shampoo and I would treat myself to a small bottle of one of the conditioners I am yet to try. Once ..." Read review

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Now You Can Jump On Your Horse Or Plane With Clean Fresh Hair!

AdvantagesEasy to use and works beautifully leaving hair soft.


"...seen some shampoo bars in Lush a while ago I decided to treat myself to a few of them to see if any could possibly be effective as well as convenient for travel. It's no good having handy things if they are useless. Lush shampoo bars are about 6cms in diameter and about 2cms deep and they have several to choose from. They also do chunks of solid shampoo and conditioners which are more difficult to transport as they are not compact like these, ..." Read review

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Mmmm my hair is lush ;)

AdvantagesWorks really well, my hair stays clean and sexy all day.

DisadvantagesPrice if you don't have much money, though it does last a long time

"I've loved lush ever since the store opened in Newcastle a couple of years ago, and even though I don't buy very much from there, I often go in just to smell everything. However a couple of weeks ago I was going down south with my boyfriend to stay with his grandma, and so needed to take some bath stuff with me. Of course, my first stop was lush, where I bought a stack of 3 different flavoured soaps, and this Godiva shampoo bar. *Lush Shampoo ..." Read review

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Community Level 2wildrose9104


Jasmine shampoo and conditioner in a bar

AdvantagesSqueaky clean feel, smells of Jasmine.

DisadvantagesDoesn't condition so well, conditioner doesnt melt easily, expensive.

" lasts for 80 washes. Lush advise to use the shampoo bars within a year. They come wrapped in the trademark Lush bag and are sealed with a sticker stating exactly what you bought. To use Godiva, simply wet hair and hands and rub between your palms to give a lather or rub directly onto your hair. With these bars a little goes a very long way! In my experience it works out a lot cheaper than buying bottles of shampoo, which get used up in 3-4 ..." Read review

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Locks of a Lady (Godiva!) Review with images

AdvantagesGlossy hair and exotic fragrance.


"...the Shampoo bars in the Lush Times. To be frank, they did not appeal. I remember as a child , my Father returning from work as an Haulage Contractor, covered and smelling of engine oil ,grease and diesel. Bless! I can picture him at the sink, having scrubbed the residuals off his upper body and then washing his hair with a cake of soap. It wasnt luxurious soap but either a block of green fairy soap or the ever faithful Imperial Leather. His hair ..." Read review

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Fairly Cheaply Priced, Leave Hair in Great Condition, Fantastic Variety of Products
Maybe a Little Too Pricey for some, Quite Thick (*)
Environmental friendly, good values, products not tested on animals
Results not satisfactory, not a good outcome (*)
NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS!!! Great hair that smells good and keeps it's style!
The bottle isn't very informative, you're buggered if it rains and you forget your umbrella! (*)
Sample sized bottles available
Didnt give me Big Hair (*)
very small, they work really well
none that i can find (*)
leaves hair silky and shiny
one conditioner left hair heavy and soapy (*)
Smell, it honks! (*)
all hair types catered for, very concentrated, lasts forvever
quite expensive (*)
Lots to choose from.
Spend too long in the bath enjoying the fragrances! (*)
Smells great and works really well
Pricey (*)
Nice smell, effective cleansing.
Quite pricey, does not work as well as a 2 in 1 as you might expect. (*)
Small compact tub, Easy to Use
Expensive, Not very durable (*)
Unlike other frizz aids this is cheaper and I thought more effective
I was disappointed with the hair spray but other than that it was all very good. (*)
Beautiful blonde tones, shiny, soft
None (*)
Does as it says
Bit Pricey (*)
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