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Pro A different style of gameplay, Some groovy well placed music, An awesome look with amazing graphic
Cons There is something missing! Gameplay does eventually get a little repetative.
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"Paint It Black in LA"

L.A. Noire is a stark detective game set on the crime filled streets and back rooms of 1940's Los Angeles.

It is all styled in a classic film noire movie genre and has the feel of a Scorssese classic.

L.A. Noire mixes its crystal clear graphics, developed with the help of new "MotionScan" technology, with an unparalleled soundtrack to bring the iconic era to life.

Shut yourself in a dark room, brew a hot pot of coffee, prepare to be deceived as you immerse yourself in the cinematic brilliance of this game.

The year is 1947, the city is Los Angeles, crime, vice, and corruptions are rife.

Take the role of detective Cole Phelps a returning war hero turned police officer. You starting as a humble patrolman but are soon promoted to traffic detective. From there the only way is up as you become the golden boy of the LAPD.

Attempt to right the wrongs of your past by plunging satisfyingly into your working life.

Solve some complex cases based on actual real life cases. Bring to justice a serial killer responsible for a horrendous chain of murdered ladies all based around the notorious Black Dahlia case.

If solving murder cases is not enough then help bring down a highly organised drugs ring as you are promoted into the vice squad.

The story is brilliantly paced and flows along with the narration perfectly.

This game gives an interesting snapshot of America re-adjusting to life after the Second World War.

L.A. Noire blends investigative gameplay with action packed sequences.

The investigative element is essentially what you would expect the working life of a Los Angeles Police Officer to be. You drive to the scene of the crime, search for clues and examine bodies and then you follow any leads you have.

This detective work is fun and punctuated by the action. This action includes car chases, pursuing suspects on foot and shoot-outs.

Although these elements are good fun the games stamp of individuality comes when you arrive at the questioning of suspects. You have to analyse facial responses and body language to help you choose one of three answers to each question.

The answers are marked Truth, Doubt and Lying.

For every accusation of lying you make you have to back it up with evidence. This evidence is gathered during the process of your investigations. Choosing the incorrect answer may lead you to miss out on crucial information required to solve the case.

Mess up an interrogation and you risk a stern ticking off from your boss for slap dash police work.

LA Noire is a satisfyingly long game with 21 primary case missions to solve. Depending on the way you play should take between 12 to 20 hours to beat. There are also 40 side missions and countless collectables.

Overall L.A. Noire exceeded my expectations on the graphics side.

The characters faces, created using the new 'Motionscan' technology, are awesome. The facial animations are spot on and far better than in any other game we at have seen before. I suppose this is what you should expect given the actors faces had been filmed with a high shutter speed and inputted directly into the game.

The city also looks amazing with high definition background all adding to the look of L.A. in the '40s.

There were a few occasions during the chase sequences and investigations when the frame rate stuttered and I have noticed a few annoying graphical glitches. These glitches did not spoil the feel of the game.

The sound work on this game is phenomenal and again adds to the feel of L.A. in the '40s.

Everything from the music on the radio to the chatter of the general public as you pass by them in the middle of another pursuit has been taken care of.

All the sounds have a feel of quality and there is some exceptional voice work to admire.

Main Characters
Cole Phelps - Aaron Staton
Ralph Dunn - Rodney Scott
Stefan Bekowsky - Sean McGowan
Gordon Leary - Ned Vaughn
Finbarr "Rusty" Galloway - Michael McGrady
James Donnelly - Andrew Connolly
Roy Earle - Adam John Harrington
Archibald Colmyer - Steven Rankin
Herschel Biggs - Keith Szarabajka
Lachlan McKelty - Randy Oglesby
Coroner Malcolm Carruthers - Andy Umberger
Ray Pinker - JD Cullum
Jack Kelso - Gil McKinney
Courtney Sheldon - Chad Todhunter
Harlan Fontaine - Peter Blomquist

The overall effect of LA Noire is powerful and immersive.

It provides an exceptionally diverse primary storyline, which gives the game a long lifespan despite its fast tempo.

It is the first game with cinematic boasts to lack elements reminding you that you're playing a video game. Therefore it can be seen as a huge breakthrough in the way games are made.

I cant wait to see where this technology takes the industry and I would expect to see the Motionscan used extensively in the future.

There were a few notable flaws, however, the cases draw you in and the characters amaze but there is something missing and you never quite reach that emotional height.

L.A. Noire is something completely different. No previous games have ever been made this way. It looks and feels amazing and almost succeeds as a brilliant new type of video game narrative

A brave new game which offers gamers something just a little bit different.

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