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29.03.2004 (30.03.2004)


Just another macro - brew

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Some time ago, I wrote a less than favourable review about Molson Canadian and I took a bit of stick from someone who I assume was Canadian, and thought I was being somewhat disrespectful to this beer. At least I think that's what was going on, it's kinda hard to...wait, just read his comments, it'll be easier that way:

"You pinche joto Brits wouldn know beer if it banged you in you arse !!!!...the swill you call brew is pure shite....brew something half decent then complain about a real beer..Pinche Mormones !!!!!..Viva Molson Canadian !!!"....then, "YAY!!! proxam is gay!!!"©JJJ1

Well, I have to say, when it's hard to argue with a viewpoint put as succinctly and coherently as that. Perhaps if I understood it, I might care...perhaps not.

Anyhoo, I thought I better try and make amends and review another Canadian beer, but this time favourably, so I went out and grabbed some LABATT BLUE.

LABATT have been around for over 150 years and are now part of the massive Interbrew corporation.


Two guys in a jungle come around a corner and meet a lion head-on pawing the ground.

One guy ever so carefully reaches into his knapsack and slowly takes out a set of Nike running shoes, never once breaking eye contact with the lion.

The second guy hisses: "What are you doing, you can't outrun the lion" And the first guy says: "No, but all I have to do is outrun you"!


Back to the beer....

"German aromatic hops lend a spicy flavour to a beer that is well balanced - crisp and delicate yet with a fruity character and slightly sweet aftertaste."

LABATT pours a crystal-clear, extremely pale, yellow colour with lots of fizz, and a stream of bubbles forming a brilliant-white, fluffy head that settles after a while to a thin lace.
The aroma has a faint grain note and pinch of grassy hops, but I've really got to put a lot of effort in to sense any of it. Not a lot else to report from the old olfactometer.

It's light-bodied but the mouthfeel is surprisingly creamy. The taste follows right on from the aroma - in that there's not a lot to speak of. There's not much of a malt profile, but I can taste the cheap adjuncts - probably rice. There's some hop bitterness, a little tea-like leafiness and a herbal note, but there's also a hint of skunkiness about it too. It finishes slightly dry with a metallic aftertaste.


At 5% ABV, this beer is great for oiling the vocal chords so you can roar on your favourite ice hockey team. Fortunately, ice hockey isn't a big sport in the UK, so I don't have to slide down that road. It's a macro-brew - plain and simple. Produced in huge numbers and perfected to be least inoffensive to the greatest number of people. Actually, you have to admire the craft of the brewers in being able to achieve this feat.....nah, maybe not.
I'm being a little unkind, but it's my review and surely I can josh around a little, can't I?
It's on a par with most other comparable beers: Bud, Millers, Coors, etc - no worse, no better. In fact it's hard to tell the difference.

Serve it cold, and it's fine for quenching your thirst, washing down some spicy food at a BBQ, or watching some sort of sporting event. It's reasonably easy-to-drink, so you could knock back a six-pack without noticing...quite literally.

I bought a six-pack of 330ml bottles in the local supermarket for under a fiver so it's not overly expensive.

Would I drink it again? - You bet. Next time there's not a fight at an ice-hockey match.

* DISCLAIMER: I wasn't impressed with this beer, NOT because it's Canadian. Plenty of dross is brewed in Scotland too - as in many countries...even Belgium. Unibroue, A Canadian brewery whose beers are widely available in Europe, especially France, make some of the best examples of quality brewing around.
Don't take it personal guys. I like Canada, I like Canadians, I don't like poor beer.

Thanks for reading,

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n13roy 16.01.2005 10:23

Hello There....... Now here is a lager I had forgotten about........As a licensee I struck up a deal with Labbats many years ago and they supplied us with two lagers, this one ( their Premium ) and a poorer and weaker version....It went down well at first, but after a while I did get a lot of people saying it left an after taste....So out it went and in came Kronenbourg......Some interesting points in your review......Roy

jesi 03.04.2004 22:57

was the heckler a french canadian? I don't recognise his lingo and a have a few Canadian friends living in UK at the moment... ~~(:-)-{{<<<<<|<

lulu2004 02.04.2004 11:44

Terrific Op. x lou

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