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Lacrosse - General

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... two teams compete against each other with the aim of having scored more goals than the opposition at the end of a certain time period… don’t worry I’ll tell you a little more about the rules etc a little bit further on! Lacrosse prides itself on being, “the fastest ... Read review

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Community Level 2wease


Britains Best Kept Secret

AdvantagesFast, fluent game, Fab to watch, Fab to play, England got the Bronze at the last World Cup

DisadvantagesNowhere near enough support in the UK

"...a pretty good op on lacrosse in this category, but it’s my sport so I simply cannot leave this ciao stone unturned! However, I am going to talk specifically about ladies lacrosse. So, erm unfortunately, I think some of you will at this precise point in time be saying, “Um lacrosse? That’s the one with the… er the, oh you know that ball thing…” Sadly I have to say you are not alone and I do spend a fair amount ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Natalie


Visit Women's Lacrosse World Cup 2001

AdvantagesEntertaining to watch, fun, fast, furious, skilful game!

DisadvantagesNot given enough coverage on TV/Radio/Sports programmes

"Lacrosse is one of the most under-rated sports in England, whilst it has become the fastest growing sport in the US. This year sees England host the Women's Lacrosse World Cup 2001 at High Wycombe. Incase you are unfamiliar with Lacrosse, here is a brief overview. If you just want information surrounding the World Cup, please scroll down... THE (UNOFFICIAL) HISTORY Created in the 1400's by Native American Indians, Lacrosse was originally called ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Deef11


Lacrosse for beginners

AdvantagesFast, fun, easy to learn

DisadvantagesSome fitness required!

"Lacrosse is a lot of fun. It is easy to pick up the basics, but it takes time and practice to get very good. Men's lacrosse is not as well partcipated in, however there are some clubs around the country and that number is growing. I am a member of the University of Birmingham Lacrosse Club. Great people, very socialable. For complete beginners:- Lacrosse originated in America and was invented by the native americans. It was playd over large ..." Read review

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