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EAN 9780263727777
Publisher Mills & Boon
Type Fiction
Genre Romance
Title Lake of the Kingfisher
Author Essie Summers
Number of Pages 187
ISBN 0263727777


Listed on Ciao since 18/12/2009

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(+) great characters, well written, easy to read
(-) A little predictable at times.

User reviews (1)

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similar by Title (First Letter) (L)
The secondary storyline was great and I enjoyed the romance
I didn't really like the main characters. (*)
still readable
weak characters and plot (*)
Great storyline - a gripping read
Not one for the cynics. (*)
Mesmerizing action, detailed sexual scenes, great storylines,
Confusing if not read the first 2 books (*)
Easy reading.
Cant put it down. (*)
similar by Author Surname (First Letter) (S)
Best selling book, but I think you need to like Steel's writing style.
Confusing sub-plots (*)
Easy to read, easy to pick up and put down
Some of the stories overlap with another novel by the same author (*)
A readable, short yet satisfying book
None (*)
Great start to a novel
Ends up being predictable and sickly sweet (*)
Intelligent and thought- provoking.
Not the usual romance story. (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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