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Since bananas are really the only fruit, or at least the main fruit eaten in our house, I decided it would be a good idea to try and keep them as fresh and bruised free as I could, so I bought one of these Lakeland Chrome Banana Trees. ~Looking after my bananas~ The Lakeland Chrome Banana ... Read review

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Bananas can 'hang out' and look cool!

AdvantagesDoes just what it should


"...Banana Trees.''' ===~Looking after my bananas~=== The Lakeland Chrome Banana Tree is quite a nice novelty item for my kitchen, it matches the bowl I use for other fruit, although I very rarely buy other fruit, when I do I like to keep the bananas separate as I learned that banana's give off gasses that can effect other fruits, so by placing my bananas on this banana tree, my other fruit, when I have it, will stay fresher longer and at the same time ..." Read review

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A bananas (but brilliant) idea! Review with images

AdvantagesKeeps my bananas fresh and away from the rest of the fruit, looks fab

DisadvantagesThe hook seems to be at a very strange angle

"...spotted this Banana Tree in Lakeland last year and thought it would be a great idea, it's a stand-alone tree made just for your bananas with no incorporated fruit bowl underneath - the appeal for me being that I could pop this one anywhere as I don't have much room in the area where my actual fruit bowl is. This chrome tree is excellent; when I first brought it home I was a bit worried as I unwrapped it as it doesn't feel particularly sturdy, I remember ..." Read review

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Bananas were always made to hang on trees

AdvantagesKeeps bananas fresh, means they don't affect other fruit


"== Lakeland Chrome Banana Tree == Sharing a flat with two other people means not having much space for your food. We each only have one cupboard each and 1 shelf each in the fridge and freezer. In an attempt to free up a bit of space and use up some of the counters which were normally free, I scoured the Lakeland website trying to figure out what would help me the most and then I came across a banana tree. This chrome banana tree from Lakeland ..." Read review

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Lakeland Banana Tree

AdvantagesKeeps bananas fresh, looks good

DisadvantagesNone for me

"...pleased to hear of the Lakeland Banana Tree. I am not a huge Lakeland shopper as there isn’t one that near us but I know a couple of friends who love the place and so when I told her of my fruit issues, she said that she’d had a similar problem and had purchased the banana tree and it has solved the issues so I looked it up for myself. The idea is very simple. It is basically a chrome metal stand with a circular base, long curved steam and a curved ..." Read review

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Community Level 7sorehead


Fresh Bananas

Advantagesworks well and looks great


"...buy a Banana Tree from Lakeland for about £6. This is very stylish and good looking and sits very well on our kitchen worktop as it looks great against the black shiny surface. The tree measures about twenty seven centimeteres, but this is just an educated guess as I have not taken a tape measure to it. It is made of silver shiny, sleek and stylish looking chrome. We can hang a bunch of about half a dozen bananas on it at any one time and this ..." Read review

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