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Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara

In my never-ending hunt for the perfect mascara, I decided to splash out and try a slightly more expensive brand to see if you really do get what you pay for. As I was living in Paris at the time, it seemed only fitting that I should choose a French brand. Of course, that only narrows the choice down slightly, and I spent hours looking at (and lusting after) most of the products – Chanel, Dior, Estée Lauder, Yves Saint Laurent...and Lancôme.

Why Lancôme?

I can't really say what made me choose Lancôme over some of the other French brands. I guess that packaging had a lot to do with it, as well as looking at the wands and what the different mascaras had to offer.

A friend had already tried a Chanel mascara, and I didn't feel too excited about trying any of their products, I didn't like the look of the Dior mascaras, nor Estée Lauder, and the YSL mascaras, although they look pretty good, had pretty out-there packaging, which eventually made me go for the very professional, chic looking Lancôme. Hypnôse seemed to be its main mascara, and so this is the one I plumped for, in black.
The Promise

This mascara promises to give up to 6 times more volume, as well as 'intensifying the lashes from root to tip'. It also claims not to smudge, smear or clump, thanks to its SoftSculp™ formula enriched with vitamin B5 and the patented Powerfull™ brush. We shall see...

The mascara comes in a silver box carrying all the product information.

The mascara itself is in a very curvaceous mascara bottle, which is black and glossy all over. It has a gold rim around the lid fixture, and gold writing showing the brand and product name. There's even a little rose – the Lancôme symbol on the lid.

As packaging goes, it's fairly functional – the lid clicks off with ease and you hear it click when you replace it. This gives good piece of mind that it's not drying out because you have unwittingly replaced the lid incorrectly. However, this mascara will roll if you put it down, and though the end is flat, it won't stand up. Even with the smallest handbag, if you want to make room for this mascara, you will be able to.

Overall, the packaging still looks pretty chic and has dealt well with the wear and tear I've inevitably inflicted on it. The rim is starting to chip a little bit, but the gold writing hasn't faded at all.

The Wand

It's been a while since I invested in a mascara with an old-school wand. Most of the mascaras on the market today tend to come with a comb or some flashy, new applicator. Lancôme Hypnôse is part of the old school mascaras. However, the wand is curved in a similar fashion to the bottle itself. The bristles are not too long, which means they don't get over-gunked with mascara, and so it doesn't need to be actively wiped on the side of the opening. Inevitably, this happens automatically when you pull the wand out anyway, so the opening does get a little overloaded. Having said that, it's not as bad as I've experienced with other mascaras, and it doesn't make a mess all around the lid, which is good.

Applying the mascara is fairly straightforward. The wand doesn't separate the lashes but doesn't clump them together either, although the ergonomics of the wand are not necessarily conducive to easy application in the corners of the eyes. Still, with a bit of manoeuvring you can get in there, and it's worth it.

Taking the mascara off is not too tricky either, a few wipes of an ordinary face wipe gets mine off without too much trouble, so I'd imagine a purpose-made eye make-up remover would make this even easier.

The real question with removal is, does the mascara come off before it's supposed to? Unfortunately, it can do. If you rub your eyes, then inevitably your eye make-up is going to suffer. However, I've found that I don't do too much damage when I rub my eyes wearing this mascara. I've just rubbed my eyes with this mascara on as a test, and a couple of flakes appear on the palm of my hand...and yet, when I look in the mirror, the mascara is still there. Normally I'd expect to see it smudged all around my eyes, but it's still on my lashes. Unfortunately, the overall effect is no longer the same, and the lashes have lost some of their curl, but I'm just so impressed that the colour is still there and not all down my face!

If, by some miracle, you do manage to avoid any contact with your eyes, you'll find that this mascara will last well. You may need a touch up if you're going from day to night, but it'll last through either the day or the night very well.

This mascara is not waterproof, and nor does it claim to be, but it won't be too much of a disaster if it does come into contact with water. Once again, you might need to touch up a little bit, but it won't be a catastrophe.

***UPDATE*** I wore this mascara on an evening out for an anniversary meal with my boyfriend, when I just so happened to have the sniffles. My eyes tend to water quite a lot when I get a cold, so I was really able to put this mascara to the test. I was incredibily impressed, to say the least, despite my left eye watering for most of the night my mascara stayed perfectly intact. I paid extra care to wipe my eyes carefully though. Once I got home I was less careful, but still, the result is impressive. Yes, the effect has worn off a bit, but I don't have mascara all down my face, in fact, I don't have any mascara around my eye at all - it hasn't even come off on my fingers. It's reassuring to know that this mascara does its utmost to make sure I look a hell of a lot better than I feel! BIG thumbs up!

Another important to factor to consider is how pleasant a mascara is to wear. Once you first apply it, you can feel it very slightly. Within a second or two, it's as though you're not even wearing mascara. It takes a minute or so to dry, as I've just found out from touching my lashes around 10 seconds after applying. However, I can deal with a bit of mascara on my finger, what I'm looking to avoid is ending up with mascara on my eyelids from looking up, and this has never been a problem I've suffered from with this mascara.

It doesn't irritate my eyes at all, it's just unfortunate that I'm someone who rubs my eyes when I'm tired. However, I don't wear contact lenses and I don't suffer from particularly sensitive eyes – two things which could affect how irritable this mascara is.

The mascara itself lasts really well – I still have the first bottle I ever bought of this and it does not appear gloopy at all. I don't use it any more, because it's been well over a year since I bought this and that would be rather ill-advised. It is recommended that you dispose of your mascara after six months, to avoid build-up of nasty bacteria which, if applied to your eyelashes, could get into your eyes. However, I used the mascara over the six month period on an almost daily basis and it lasted very well. I've never actually known a mascara to run out (has anyone?) but rest assured that you can get some heavy usage out of this before you need to dispose of it. If anything, it's a little bit heartbreaking to throw something away which isn't completely used up (probably one of the reasons mine has been relegated to a drawer at home – other reasons including sentimentally, sad I know!)

So, how do I actually feel about this mascara? I'm really really pleased with it. I'm still holding out the hope that there is better to come, but I will happily wear this as part of both a day-time look and an evening ensemble. The colour is really dramatic, and when teamed with eye liner and eye shadow can really draw attention to the eyes.

The mascara adds a little bit of everything – length, curl and volume, although nothing like as much volume as it promises. The colour is the main thing that makes this mascara so great though – it really does make for a very dramatic look, especially if you add several coats.

When you're wearing just mascara, it makes a subtle enough day-time look, which I regularly go for.

The one negative thing about this mascara is that when I have one of those annoying eyelashes that hangs down over my eye, it gets a good coating of mascara, but it doesn't budge and so becomes even more obvious. It's a bit of annoyance, but is true of every mascara I own, have ever owned, and probably will ever own.

Price and Availability

Although definitely not cheap, I think it is worth paying a little bit more for a decent mascara. I can't vouch for all expensive mascaras, but I do rate this one.

If you're not entirely convinced about forking out so much money on a mascara, it's reassuring to know that Lancôme often do packs containing several products, and normally they're a very good deal. Boots has one such pack selling for £19.50, which is actually the RRP of the mascara itself. Although I can't find the individual mascara on the Boots website, I know that it can be bought in store. The packs are much harder to find in store, only selling at certain times of the year, so if you have to find them in stock online or in store, I'd advise you to snap one up. I've also seen them in Debenhams and other department stores – Selfridges, John Lewis as well as others.

There's also plenty of websites selling this mascara, for a range of prices. The cheapest I've seen is £11, I think I paid around £14 for mine.

The mascara is available in black and brown and there is a waterproof version available.

Overall Opinion

I have heard negative things about Lancôme mascaras in general since purchasing, but I think it really depends on what you look for in a mascara, and what condition your lashes are already in.

I don't have the longest or naturally curliest lashes, but I'm really pleased with the results of this mascara and it's something I would buy again (In fact, I already have). I'd definitely recommend this mascara as I think it makes a great base for eye make-up. It can be worn alone for a great day time look, or built up with eye liner and eye shadow for a dramatic evening look that will last.

I'm also very impressed by its durability, particularly under certain conditions. It doesn't claim to be waterproof, and yet it doesn't just automatically stream down my face whenever it comes into contact with water. It doesn't like it when I rub my eyes, but it doesn't punish me by flaking all down my face.

I feel like all of the good points far outweigh the negatives of this mascara and it doesn't necessarily deliver 100% on its promises, I certainly don't feel like I'm getting 6 times the volume, but I'm nevertheless very happy with my purchase.

4 and a half out of 5, which I've generously rounded up for the sake of the star rating

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tink-er-bell 10.12.2009 02:43

E from me

sarima 08.10.2009 19:05

v. thorough review! Although this mascara just didn't scream enough drama (and i like that) for me :-) i really like lancome virtuose to curl my lashes though!

danielleg1989 06.10.2009 23:07

Great review x

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