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"Lancome Teint Miracle"

Lancome Teint Miracle

Lancome Teint Miracle

If you have read some of my previous reviews you may notice that I am a bit of a Clinique superfan and I would usually avoid other premium brands as I see no need to change what I am already using. The main reason I bought this foundation was for one simple reason – at the time Lancôme had their brilliant offer on where if you bought 2 products (any products at all which I think makes a nice change from the ones that always make you include a skincare item, and of course can work out cheaper too) then you would receive a free gift. The gift advertised was pretty impressive – some cleanser, toner, make up remover, mascara, lipstick, some moisturiser and some eye cream too. These were all of course smaller sample sizes but it definitely encouraged me to have a better look at Lancôme. It didn’t take very long for the Lancôme lady to notice me having a look and approached me and suggested a quick little make over so that I could get to know the products a little bit more and I of course did not object to this. I know that some people can find make up consultants to be pushy on occasion but I have yet to come across one like this in my local department store. The foundation that she used on me was the teint miracle – I am not sure if this was mainly used because it was the latest one at the time although there is now an even newer foundation – and this is the product I am reviewing today.

Price, availability and packaging

This liquid foundation comes in a glass bottle holding 30ml of product which retails at £27 which I am not sure I would usually pay as my usual Clinique foundation is more around the £20 mark, but as the gift was on I did feel happy to pay this as I got a lot of nice things for free. I personally wear the lightest shade which is 010 – beige porcelaine - but there are 18 shades in total which show a good range from being very fair like me to shades that are dark enough for women of colour (if that is the right way to say it?).

I think that the packaging is very tasteful and elegant. The glass bottle is a kind of rectangular shape with a clear lid over the pump that clicks down very securely for when not in use which I think is very important. The bottle itself is also clear so you can see exactly how much product you have got left which is great. I hate when you have to try and hold something up to the light only to get a very rough idea of how much is left. On the front of the bottle is the usual Lancôme accompanied by the logo of a rose. The other information we are given is the name of the foundation – teint miracle – and that this is a ‘natural light creator – bare skin perfection’. This foundation also contains SPF 15 which is useful for lazy people like me who never really bother about sun protection when maybe I should.

There is more useful information given on the back of the bottle – the number of your particular shade, that you need to shake well before use, that it is oil free and dermatologically tested and that the foundation should be used within 12 months of opening. Lots of this information is also given in French as Lancôme is of course a French brand. With regards to the shade being written on the back I have one minor annoyance. The number seems to rub off quickly and if I wanted to repurchase, it is a little more hassle without knowing the exact shade that I want. Of course I love this foundation so much and being the fairest shade it is fairly easy for me to remember, but may be annoying for those who are perhaps less likely to remember.

The claims

The official Lancôme website suggests that ‘Lancôme invents its 1st foundation that helps to recreate the aura of perfect looking skin. Instantly complexion appears flawless and luminous, as if lit-from-within.’ I think that this sounds a little odd but I guess what it is saying is that the foundation should be giving you a flawless and radiant complexion.


The only instruction for use on the bottle is that you should shake well before use. I am unsure whether any other instructions were given on the box as I threw it away straight after I started using this. I would usually apply foundation using a brush as I think it gives the best finish, and using something like a pad wastes too much product. Having said this my brush is looking a little sorry for itself and not performing as it used to and so I have resorted to just using my fingertips. I prepare my face first by moisturising as I find this helps the foundation go on a lot easier than it does without, and also means I don’t use quite as much making it last that little bit longer. I am not sure if there are certain parts of your face you are supposed to apply it to first but I tend to start with my nose and work my way out using gentle circular movements until it is blended in nicely. If you would rather apply with a brush I did receive a great tip which was to brush downwards as this way none of those annoying fine little hairs on your face end up looking more noticeable.

The results

When the Lancôme lady was putting this on me she mentioned that it was about 40% water which I found interesting and made me expect this to be a very lightweight foundation – which it was but with impressive coverage. I tend to use a whole pump of this which I find to be the perfect amount for my whole face but I think there is some leverage with the pump so you could apply more or less as is required. This foundation does have a little bit of a scent to it but it is very subtle and not overbearing at all. The texture is absolutely wonderful. Due to its high water percentage I was expecting a very runny consistency but actually while being lightweight it is also fairly creamy. It is very easy to blend as there is enough time between applying and it drying allowing you to get really good results. I would say that this gives a moderate coverage which is what I personally like – it gives a nice flawless and slightly dewy look without making me look like I’ve caked it on and also really evens out the skin. This really is remarkably easy to apply and literally takes me seconds without making me look awful. I tend to set this with powder as I feel this kind of sets me up for the day but I don’t think you technically need to do this. I still think that this wouldn’t budge from your face and powder would not be needed to mattify as teint miracle doesn’t leave you with a shiny look. I am not sure to what extent I would agree with this giving you a luminous look although the finish is definitely far from being dull. I find that I can wear this quite easily for 12 hours or so without it budging from my face which I find impressive. This time of course may differ on your skin type e.g. if you have oily skin.

As for removal this is very easy. I find that even just my face wash in the shower does to en extent remove this (but don't worry the rain or odd splahses wont affect it). To remove the last traces I tend to use a creamy cleanser with cotton balls and this takes it off very easily.
=== Value for money ===

At first glance I think that £27 is fairly expensive for a foundation but it is a premium brand which delivers fantastic results and there are other brands that would charge a lot more. The foundation lasts well throughout the day meaning that top ups are not required, stretching your money that little bit further. I believe I bought my foundation around August/September time and with very regular use I would say that I still have around a quarter left and I would expect for this to last me at least another month. I am not sure that I would pay this much money for an eye shadow or mascara but I find that for something like a foundation I am more happy to pay such a price. I think that foundation is possibly the most important make up item as if you are using one that suits your skin and is the right shade for you, this can set your face up almost like a blank canvas. This way the rest of your make up will look even better.

Would I recommend and buy again?

Considering I wouldn’t have really looked at Lancôme before and only half-heartedly bought this in order to get the gift I am very impressed. I think this is a product that really delivers – it evens out my skin tone and just generally makes it look a bit nicer, which in turn makes me feel a little more confident about the way that I look. I would most certainly recommend this to anybody who enjoys using a lightweight, moderate coverage foundation. I also strongly suggest that you get yourself foundation matched as £27 is a lot of money that you wouldn’t want to waste on the wrong colour, and I usually find consultants to be helpful who will even give a sample if asked so you can try before you buy.


Good points

• Contains SPF 15
• A wide range of shades
• Great packaging
• Handy pump which is also hygienic (although I am unsure how well this will work once I am right at the bottom of the bottle)
• Beautiful texture and very lightweight
• Very blendable
• Gives a very even and flawless finish
• Powder not required
• Good value for money

Bad points

• The only minor thing I can think of for this is the price and I say it is minor as although £27 is a lot of money I think that the value for money is still brilliant and has lasted me very well so far.

Overall I am just a little bit in love with this foundation and give it the full 5 stars.

Thanks for reading.

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