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Last Tram to Lime Street - Joan Jonker

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Last Tram to Lime Street - Joan Jonker

Last Tram to Lime Street - Joan Jonker

Paperback. Pub the Date: 1996 Jun Pages: 480 in Publisher: in Headline Book Publishing. ... more

Molly Bennett and Nellie McDonough. were newlyweds
the when they became neighbors. Over the years
their friendship helped them through lean times.
Then Nellie's son proposes to Molly's daughter and
they are overjoyed. But a cloud hangs over their
plans when certain events come to their notice.

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Product Information for "Last Tram to Lime Street - Joan Jonker" »

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Molly Bennett and Nellie McDonough were newlyweds when they became neighbours. Over the years their friendship helped them through lean times. Then Nellie's son proposes to Molly's daughter and they are overjoyed. But a cloud hangs over their plans when certain events come to their notice.

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EAN 9780747251316
Type Fiction
Genre Romance
Publisher Headline Book Publishing Ltd
Title Last Tram to Lime Street
Author Joan Jonker
ISBN 0747251312


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