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published 22/11/2002 | andymcf
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This hat doesn't make me look that trustworthy, I know! I am - trust me! Still smoking! Still telling it as it is! That's just how I am! Andrew
Pro Some very great deals indeed; we have used them.
Cons Not altogether embracing the power of the web. So near - yet so far.
very helpful

"Get the technology right before it's too late"

Excuse me a minute. Let me put my hat on. There! That's better. Why, you might well ask, am I putting on a hat to write this review? Is it sexy? No - not really. Is it a back-to-front baseball cap? Please! No! I'm 37! Am I going bald and need to keep my head warm? No - you're wrong there - just greying a bit - well, a lot. NO - you're all totally wrong. I've put my hat on so that I can doff it (I rather like that expression) to the rather entrepreneurial types at They have very, very nearly got it very, very right.

With the advent of the internet, we have all become very much more penny-pinching than ever before; it's our prerogative. We tend to eschew high street travel agents, probably quite rightly, and seek out our own bargain deals without wishing to line the pockets of the middle-man. We revel in minor triumphs, whereby we save money (often, heaps of it) by getting a decent deal off our own backs. really helps you to get that feeling of "YES! I've got a bargain". And it's a remarkably simple concept that I should have thought of myself. D'oh! No use crying over unopened milk, eh?

I have a good friend who's an hotelier, so I know a little bit about the hotel industry. It's not exactly rocket science to work out that an empty hotel room has associated costs, yet earns nothing. Why has it taken so long for somebody to come up with the notion that "A cheap, but occupied, hotel room makes more money than an expensive un-occupied one"?

They have a pretty extensive database of hotels, mainly based in the UK. These hotels despair at holding unsold rooms with rack-rates that nobody's actually going to pay. Answer - sell them at a knock-down price through this web site. and it's quite a professional web site, I have to say!

Everybody's happy!

The hotelier sells the room and makes more than (s)he would for keeping the room empty. And you, the customer, get a room (and often, a very good one) for a very reasonable price indeed.

It's laterooms.....

So, quite simply, the later you book, the better deal you are likely to get. It stands to reason. However, you can book about 2-3 weeks in advance and still get a decent deal. How late you dare leave it is up to you - it depends on how important your booking is. If you NEED to be somewhere, book early. If you just fancy a dirty weekend away, leave it later. You'll probably get an even cheaper thrill! Did I REALLY say that?

Sounds great!

It is, to be honest. You get a full link-up to the hotel and, where it exists, its web site. You know what you're getting (unlike if you try to book with, say, priceline). You get a genuine quote for the room and you can decide whether to take it or leave it. Unlike priceline. They just work in very different ways.

Must be a catch, surely!

Well, only just. At present, having selected your great deal, you might be disappointed to find that there's only very rarely a "Click here to book your fantastic rate" button. Usually, it's just a 'phone number for the hotel. What? Yep! You have to shut down your internet connection (OK - so I'm not on ISDN), 'phone the hotel and claim the "laterooms rate" and pray that you aren't ridiculed as a sad cheapskate. That's what you expect, first time. You won't actually get treated that way! Personally, I love the impersonality of on-line booking and loathe having to 'phone them up. But then, I've got Amanda - and she's happy to do the talking.

So - have you tried it out for real, Andrew? Tell us!

Yes, I have indeed. We needed to visit Oxford for a bit of a re-union. We secured a deluxe room at the Four Pillars Oxford Spires hotel for £80, against an advertised rack rate of, I think, £140. And it lived up to all our expectations. Well - most of them (see my other review on this establishment).

Did it work?

Yes, in a way. I got Amanda to call them. She's very good like that. She got through to reservations and quoted the laterooms code and cited the quoted rate...Pregnant pause....Slight embarrassment all round. (Glad it was her on the 'phone, and not me). It started to become clear that their receptionist hadn't heard of laterooms. Amanda - again, you have to understand that she's like this - insisted that they DID actually exist. She was asked to hang on. She did. She's pretty obliging when chasing a bargain (a true Scot, you inderstand). After a few minutes of manager-consultation, the rate was confirmed and the booking was made. As ever, my credit card was billed. I have SOME uses! Tickety-boo - a good evening's work! And we had a fantastic stay.

Do they have a good variety of participating hotels?

Oh yes. Definitely!

Would you use them again?

Oh yes - if I were not so totaly committed to Hilton and their absolutely fantastic Hhonors (sic) loyalty scheme.

This web site is, in my very humble opinion well worth investigating if you're looking for very good accommodation at a really decent price.

At the end of the day, everybody is happy. Who can say fairer than that? Nobody is being cheated - it's a fair deal done between two consenting adults - each of whom knows what they are offering. Highly recommended.

I await, with great eagerness, the day that they fully incorporate on-line booking. It's starting to be available......

I hope you enjoyed this and hope that you're successful in finding at least a half-decent bargain.

All the best!


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  • KatherineA published 17/08/2004
    Pretty much agree with your assessment.. apart from when I was double-booked via laterooms with Thistle. (see my laterooms review)
  • ForEngland published 15/02/2003
    I use Laterooms regularly. Had a fantastic apartment in London for 70 pounds a night.Yes I did say in London and that was per apartment which could've slept four! Amazing value. Always a good deal to be had. I think this is a great opinion of Laterooms but I do agree with previous comment, in that I think it is good to deal with the hotel direct after getting the laterooms reference.I too have had online bookings messed up because they don't get confirmed or they get overbooked before the system updates. Try it you guys. What've you got to lose except a great bargain break. Enjoy!
  • moose published 23/11/2002
    Was very interesting in reading your opinion on this site as this is the only site I use when booking a hotel and I think they are superb - I've had some mega deals off them! I do understand where you are coming from about being able to book online but then the hotel's booking system would have to be linked to the website and thus linked to your pc. There are others that allow you to book online but even these sites have a delay and I have found that even if you do see a vacant room online and book it, sometimes I have had a phone call later in the day to inform me that they were fully booked. I much prefer the reliability of dealing with the hotel direct once I have found the deal. A good recommendation (sorry to rant on!)
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