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Laundry Service - Shakira

1 CD(s) - Latin, Rock En Espanol - Label: Epic - Distributor: Sony Music/Arvato Services - Released: 11/11/2002, 11/03/2002 - 5099749872059, 509974987...

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Review of "Laundry Service - Shakira"

published 06/07/2003 | littlepenguin
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"Washing Her Dirty Laundry In Public"

For Christmas this year I got the special edition of Shakira’s album ‘Laundry Service.’ It came in plush box case and underneath was the usual case you would see in the shop. I am not going to give you information on Shakira (like I did with Liberty X) as it is not really to do with the product. I would still buy her music, as long as I liked it, no matter what. So here are the details on each song from this album and my opinion of each of them.

*Objection (Tango)
This song is absolutely wicked. The music throughout is brilliant and the lyrics are interesting and amusing. Her Colombian voice and this music go together perfectly. There is humour in some of the words, such as: Next to her cheap silicon I look minimal, that’s why in front of your eyes I’m invisible!
This is a very dancy tune, but not in the way that Love Inc and Lasgo are – this is good and makes you want to dance like a Spanish person doing the Flamenco. I love the way that the song is upbeat but you can still understand the words and they makes sense.

*Underneath your clothes
This song is so beautiful and not saucy as it sound! It shows Shakira’s talents to the best of her abilities and is lovely to listen to, no matter what mood you are in. You could say this was the sort of song you could play as the slow dance at the disco, but in some parts the tempo and dynamics change very quickly. This was her second single in the UK and did very well in the charts. In the video a reporter interviews her in English and she gives a long answer in what must be Colombian so he can’t understand what she is saying!

*Whenever, Wherever
This is the one that nearly everyone has heard. On the way to by Gran and Grandad's house I was playing this in his car and this was the only one he recognised, so that goes to show something! I am not sure what kind of instruments they use but they sound brilliant, especially the one that finishes the song, right at the end. This was her debut single in England. I think this got to number one but I don’t always watch top of the pops so I am not dead certain. I do however remember seeing her perform it, when I was at the Youth club I used to attend, and everyone, including the boys (which rarely happened) were singing along and some even dancing to the song!

I reckon that the verses in ‘Rules’ are quite boring as they continue at the same rhythm and pace. The chorus on the other hand is really good. It is things that most females would like to say to their partners, especially if they were a bit uncertain about their relationship lasting. I like the way that the music starts off and the instrumental after the chorus. This song is O.K but I wouldn’t say I loved it.

*The One
It stars out talking about how there must be an incentive for her doing things such as shaving her legs and all the verses continue in a similar pattern. You find out in the chorus that it must be ‘The One’ that gives her a reason to do this type of thing. I do think this song is good and after hearing the album a couple of times it stuck in my head. I like the line where she says ‘ So I learned to cook and fight my kitchen phobia.’ The singing is quite slow but the song has a fairly fast beat, I feel this produces a really cool effect and improves the overall song.

*Ready For The Good Times
The lyrics are sung so fast that it is hard to keep up! Though when Shakira sings it like this it sounds really good. I find the words are meaningful and sometimes thought provoking. They just seem to make absolute sense unlike in some of the other songs. This would be good as her next single as it would continue the way that each song she releases is quite different.

This song is one that although I have only heard it a couple of times it is easy to recall especially the chorus. The words to the song are pretty bizarre but sort of make sense in a weird kind of way. It’s like you don’t get what on earth she is on about until the second or third line of each verse. It is about somebody - a man – who she fancies and he turned her down. She sings about always having her heart set on him and chasing the soles of his shoes.

*Te dejo Madrid
This is not in English so I do not understand it - if only I could. I think that it might be to do with Madrid (In Spain), hence the title, but I could be very wrong! I do like the tune though and some of the instruments that are played are fab. I like the ‘Ohhhhhs’ and ‘Ahhhhhs’ though; they bring life to the song. The lyrics are not memorable for me (although you wouldn’t expect them to be) but the melody is.

*Poem to a horse
I know that Shakira has a love for horses and enjoys going riding, so she would have more of an idea about them. I am not however sure that this is entirely about a horse as the lyrics could also apply to humans. The main source of evidence for this is that there is a line that goes as the following:

‘ So what’s the point of wasting all my words
If it’s just the same or even worse
Then reading poems to a horse’

This song is good to relax to. I love the lyrics ‘If I say my heart is sore, sounds like a cheap metaphor. It has that tingle down your spine effect on me.

*Que Me Quedes Tu
Another one in a language that I cannot understand although it is actually in my top six (it would be top five but I just couldn’t make my mind up!) for this album. When you look at the words for this song in the songbook it doesn’t take up much room, but it still lasts for the same sort of time, if not longer. I guess the verses ARE a bit boring but I love the Chorus, it is so different to the rest of the song!

*Eyes Like Yours
A very fast song and you can only just understand it. I love the beat and the extra vocals in it are really cool. Have you seen the Scooby Doo movie? If you have some of the song is like the bit where everyone that is hypnotised is doing that dance while chanting in unison!

This is Whenever, Wherever, just in Spanish. I have tried my hardest to learn these proper words, I have even played it back to back for half an hour odd, but I just can’t seem to learn them! Even using the songbook I can’t sing it properly!

*Te Aviso, Te Anuncio (Tango)
Objection but not in English. A tiny little bit easier to read the Suerte!

*Whenever, Wherever (Sahara mix)
The first part is just music and nothing else so it is probably longer than the normal one.Quite different to the original and in a language I can understand. This song contains a lot of different instruments, including the Bongos.

*Underneath Your Clothes (acoustic version)
Just the same, the only noticable differences being that there is no electrical instruments and the song is very slightly different.

*Objection (Afro-Punk version)
There is a very long instrumental at the start then it starts to get more like the tune that it usually is like. The next part is brill, it is very Rock music. This is so much longer than the usual version of the song though.

Que Me Quedes Tu, Whenever Wherever, objection (tango), Underneath Your Clothes, Ready for The good times and Eyes like Yours complete my favourite six! There are songs that are not quite as good as some of the others but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that they were weak links.

Hope this is of use folks!
Leigh-Ann x

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  • xdonzx published 28/08/2007
    good review! i love the album especially the song objection!
  • evina25 published 03/02/2007
    I love Shakira with all my heart! And this album too!!! E.x
  • aznchick published 30/10/2004
    I haven't heard of Shakira in ages! Good review of the whole album. x x
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