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A Capital Crime - Laura Wilson

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... There are some references to events in Diana’s past and about her prior involvement with Stratton, which seem to relate back to earlier books in the series, but this did not get in the way of my enjoyment of ‘A Capital Crime.’ Laura Wilson is quite good at bringing the reader up to date ... Read review
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A Capital Crime - Laura Wilson

A Capital Crime - Laura Wilson

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From Rillington Place to Paradise Street

AdvantagesGripping, well researched

DisadvantagesSlightly unsatisfying ending

"In 1950 a man called John Davies confesses to the murder of his wife and baby daughter, but is this case as cut-and-dry as it first appears to the investigating officers? DI Ted Stratton’s enquiries bring an outwardly respectable but frankly creepy character called Norman Backhouse into the picture. Could Backhouse, the chief witness for the prosecution, be hiding some sinister secrets of his own? This novel is based on the famous 1950s murder trials ..." Read review

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The Rillington Murders Retold

AdvantagesClever use of a true story; captures the period well

DisadvantagesAn unnecessary sub plot

"...Ted Stratton sets off with a colleague to look for the bodies of a young mother and her baby daughter. Hours earlier in Wales, John Evans, the woman’s husband and the baby’s father, had walked into a police station in Wales and confessed to the killings. It looks like a straightforward case for Stratton but by the time Evans has been brought back to London he has changed his story, blaming Norman Backhouse, another man living in the same building. ..." Read review

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EAN 9781849163095
ISBN 184916309X
Author Laura Wilson


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