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Review of "Learndirect"

published 10/09/2003 | Mickie26
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I have decided to come back and start writing again.
Pro Learn at your own pace, loads of courses.
Cons Need to ask for help, not very personal.
very helpful

"Is Learndirect For You?"

Learndirect is a very good learning centre. You can learn online and off. Learndirect can now offer more courses linking to recognised qualifications that go right the way up to degree level.

One of the great things about Learndirect is that you can go at your own pace and leisure. I actually find this much more enjoyable than being tied down to a course that you have to do set hours for each week. Of course, there are down falls as there is with anything. You have to be very motivated because if not you will fall behind and not complete the course and one thing that I found with Learndirect is that the tutors are not terribly pushy to get you motivated. You do have to be self motivated. Especially if your doing a Learndirect course at one of the many centres on the UK cause you have to push yourself to get out and go down to the centre. On the positive side you'll have no distractions at the centre and there's always staff on hand to help if you need any help. The seating is comfortable, there are refreshments available and the atmosphere is peaceful and quiet.

Learndirect have more than 500 courses on offer, over 2000 centres and more than 720,000 learners registered. This means that you can nearly always find a course suitable to you. On the downside to doing a Learndirect course over the computer your not having the practical experience of hands on. So for instance, you couldn't possibly do a plastering course at Learndirect or learn hairdressing cause it's just not practical. A good course to study would be office skills because your in that kind of environment at a Learndirect centre. There are usually lines of computers in the room and in my experience that wasn't all that many learners there. Though that may vary on a daily basis.

You can usually find a sense of achievement and enjoyment from learning something new from Learndirect. This is a good morale booster and makes you feel good about yourself. Learndirect provides a gateway between learning and employment. Studying something new is not going to be easy perhaps it will even be challenging at times, but with Learndirect there are staff there to help and at most they are just a phone call away. You can also go on the website and get online help although a down side to this is that it's not personal 1 2 1 tuition. Sometimes you'll find that you do crave 1 2 1 tuition which is a good reason to go down to one of the centre's and learn there. Always taking it at your own pace and leisure. Thus means if you want to speed through the course you can also though you will have tests and sit exams via the computer. I feel sad at times though that a computer has come between a tutor and her/his pupil because you can learn a lot from interacting with other people and it tends to go in more. Well, it does in my case.

There is now a free National Learning advice line that offers information on over 500,000 courses from a wide range of providers (not just learndirect courses) and advice on careers. Of course, this does not replace the need to sit down 1 2 1 with a careers adviser and discuss your careers options further. When you are face to face with someone you can work out much more than just talking on the phone with someone or at least these are my feelings. On the positive side an otherwise shy person can feel free to relax and hide on the other side of the phone which isn't always good because as I mentioned interaction with people is good.

I feel this is a disadvantage of Learndirect the lack of interaction with people. Making friends with other students, studying together though this being possible it is much less likely than a college class. You also miss the chance of lecture's although they can be boring at times. You might feel tired of studying and pack it in with a Learndirect course on the other hand you may want to cram it all in so quickly that you over do it and reach burn out.

When you enrol on a Learndirect course you can expect a tutor, mentor or an advisor. Whatever their title they are on hand to support and encourage you, answer your questions, provide feedback on your work and advise on future learning. This is what you can expect on the other hand in my own experience I have found that my mentor did not help me only if I made the effort to ask for help. So, ask and ask and ask for help. Because they are there to help you should you need it and you will. If you don't ask with Learndirect I have found that you don't get far. I have been disappointed with Learndirect though it's good it has it's bad points and I didn't feel that I got as much help as I needed and if your anything like me afraid of asking for help then it isn't really fair if you have to ask to receive the help.

If you choose to work online, using a computer at home or at work, you will have access to an online tutor - someone who will keep in touch with you by e-mail and by using message boards and chat rooms. They can also put you in touch with other learners. Though as I have already mention this can bee very impersonal especially if you don't have a face to look at. Body language and especially eye contact is so important in learning. It can be hard enough without the barrier of a computer. On the other hand as I've already mentioned it has it's benefits.

If your new to a computer working on a computer can be frightening and many people are nervous of breaking it which is a good reason to go into a centre so you will have someone working with you when you first begin. Another blockage in your learning skills can be learning the skills of the computer although it can be an advantage because you can learn two new skills at once. That will really make you feel as though you have achieved something.

There are basic skills courses at Learndirect and more advanced courses depending on which one you opt for. Learndirect can be a whole new learning experience or it can prove to be an experience that you don't really like because everyone is different and it would be unfair of me to say to you, you are going to love Learndirect when you may just hate it or you might be like me and sit on the fence. Weighing up the pro's and con's of starting on a course can be a starting point and a good way of making your mind up.

Be certain that you do definitely want to do a course and for the right reasons then you will stick to it. Make an assertive decision to stick to it and once on it never give it up unless it proves just far too much for you. Even then you have the help that you need if you just ask for it. That's a great thing about Learndirect if you ever find it's getting too much you can just have a little break for a while or your finding it too slow then you can speed up the pace whereas with a college course if it gets too much you really only have the option of quitting.

So it's up to you! Is Learndirect for you?

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  • danielclark691 published 29/09/2017
    very well covered
  • fg4f published 13/09/2008
    interesting read, ill have a look at their site. id rather do a course without going to a centre because that suits me, but i know id probably get better results by going to proper classes.
  • r3tude published 08/06/2004
    This maybe a bit biased, but I work for a learndirect centre. Prices for course very upon need fir skills in each region. In the midlands all the IT skills course at introductory level and level 1 are free, then level 2 and 3 start at £10 per course. We can tech you from switching a computer on to C++ programming, also basic english and maths and also business and management courses to. I know this was meant to be a comment, but people seem genuinely interested here.
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