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published 04/10/2012 | hanmillie
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Pro Conditions, leaves hair soft and shiny, improves scalp condition, promotes hair growth
Cons Slightly pricey and a tub does not last for long with regular use
Value for Money
Form of Treatment

"Lending a helping hand to your scalp!"

When I first heard of the Lee Stafford Hair Growth treatment it was a wet day in February and I was despairing over my shoulder length hair which had not grown a jot since dying it before Christmas. Whilst I had started taking my sea kelp tablets by this time, I was still at a loss as to why my hair seemed to stall at a certain point of growth and therefore decided to put some of the hair growth treatment on my shopping list for an upcoming shopping trip at the weekend.

Regular users of this product may find that it can be hard to come by and this was certainly my problem when I went out to buy some. My local Boots had completely sold out of the treatment having decided at the exact point that I wanted some to put it on a 3 for 2 offer (grrrr) so I trekked down to my not so local Boots a few miles away. Again, same problem, they had completely bare shelves, so at this point I made the decision to buy a tub online from Amazon.
The Product and Packaging
Upon receiving my tub of hair growth treatment I was pleased with the appearance of the packaging, although with the colour of the tub I am amazed that I have never noticed it in Boots before. This hair growth treatment is packaged in a rather girly and shiny bright pink tub which is the same size you would expect to find a tub of body butter. The lid of the tub is printed with the sentence 'for hair that never grows past a certain length' whilst the side of the tub states that the formula does a number of functions which are as follows:-
  • Vital hair and scalp complex helps to reduce hair loss.
  • Improves follicle health which in turn increases the ability of the hair to anchor to the scalp.
  • Soothing formulation reduces irritation and moisturises the scalp.
  • Addresses hair and scalp aging at a cellular level.
  • Improvement in tensile strength to give body and texture by penetrating the hair reaching the inner cortex.
  • Improves volume and feel of the hair.

The tub is rather sturdy in construction and unlikely to fall from the side of your bath tub and it houses 200ml of treatment. Upon screwing off the lid of the tub the contents look and feel rather like an intensive conditioner. The treatment is a light pearlescent creamy pink in colour and smells heavenly. The smell is highly perfumed and musky with a trace of what I can only guess to be beeswax, as this is noted as one of the ingredients inside. The beauty of this smell is that it lingers in your hair for a day after washing and also leaves a feminine scent in the bathroom after washing.

Being a sceptic of all beauty treatment claims I was eager to read the back of the tub to see what the 'miracle' ingredients consisted of. Amongst a huge list of ingredients, the majority of which not only baffled me but I have not a hope of spelling, the main ones that stood out to me were as follows:

Aqua (water), Cetearyl Alcohol, Dimethicone beeswax, citrus fruit extract, hydrogenised wheat protein, hydrogenised wheat starch, parfum and magnesium.
Price and Availability

In all my hunting I have only been able to find this treatment for sale on the high street in Boots and as previously mentioned I have found this product to be incredibly hard to come by when it forms part of an offer in store. However it can be purchased more reasonably online from Amazon. A tub of this treatment will set you back £7.99 in Boots and around £6.99 - £7.99 online, plus packaging.

This treatment is often in a deal at Boots and therefore is you are lucky you may be able to pick up three tubs for the price of two which would give you a grand old saving of nearly £8. The price of this treatment means that it is pricey in my opinion and if you do use it every time you wash your hair (as the tub advises you to do) then you will find you get through it quickly.

The tub advises you to wash your hair as normal and then to add an egg sized amount of treatment to your hands and massage it into your scalp and down the ends of the hair. This should then be left on your head to works its magic for five minutes before rinsing and following with your usual conditioner.

I found that I had a few issues with these instructions, the first of which being what is an egg sized amount? One can presume that Lee Stafford is referring to a chicken sized egg by which point you have to question whether you really need this much when you have shorter hair or whether this just refers to those blessed with longer locks. I assumed this to be the latter and have therefore been using a smaller egg sized amount, lets just say two thirds of a chicken egg.

The second of my issues was physically applying the treatment to my scalp. This is actually harder said than done as it can be quite hard to get the treatment through the mass of wet hair and actually onto the surface of the scalp, a process which I found took a great deal of kneading and massaging.

My Experience

Now being someone that does not get a huge amount of 'me' time in the day I generally wash my hair every other day as opposed to doing it every day. However, upon putting this onto my hair I loved the excuse of needing to wait for five minutes before rinsing as I find that this gives me an excuse to relax in the bath for a little while longer. This being said, I would question how effective this could be if you shower rather than bath. Being that I don't do things by halves I often tend to leave the treatment on for far longer than five minutes, particularly when I'm in the middle of a good book, and therefore will often rinse it out a good 15 minutes after applying.

I have found that once applied the treatment rinses easily out of the hair and in my case I have not followed it up with my usual conditioner but have instead used this as both a treatment and a conditioner, saving the cost of using two products at once. The smell of this treatment plus how soft and shiny it makes my hair look and feel means that it is in my opinion a good investment particularly at times when your hair is looking a little damaged and frazzled.


Now as I have already mentioned, I was not expecting a miracle product here but nevertheless was expecting to see some improvement in my hair growth and condition. When I started this treatment at the end of February my hair grew around an inch in five weeks. Now to some of you who have faster growing hair this may not seem a lot but for me seeing my roots begin to show has been a real result. In addition, my hair condition was vastly improved with it now being very glossy and soft to the touch and noticeably healthier and fuller looking.

Not only has the condition of my hair improved but my scalp also feels less itchy. I had for some time before using this treatment an itchy and sometimes irritable scalp (the reasons of which are unknown to me and also to my doctor) and this treatment seems to have calmed the skin and made my head feel normal again.

Whilst the results have been impressive I still think that the product is a little costly especially as I have already got through two tubs of the treatment in the time I have been using it. An egg sized scoop of treatment will reduce the tub to half full in around two weeks if using it every couple of days and it is therefore best bought as part of a three for two deal if you are fortunate enough to be able to come by it before the frenzy has left the shop shelf empty.

Overall the results have spoken for themselves and I would therefore recommend this hair treatment to anyone in a similar boat to myself or to someone who simply wants to have healthier and glossier looking hair. I am therefore scoring it four stars out of five, the price and the fact that you can't buy larger sized tubs being the only components that has been a slight disappointment to me.

Thanks for reading! x

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