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"The cure to baldness..?"

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

When my fiancé joked that I had a bald patch on the top of my head around 4 months ago I didn't really take much notice of him.

It was only a little more recently that I noticed that I actually really was starting to lose hair and that it had started to thin as well, especially on the top of my head. As a young (I'm only twenty, so hair loss certainly isn't something I had expected to experience this soon), very self conscious woman, I was understandably horrified. Luckily I didn't literally have any bald patches, but I did have areas on the top of my head where the hair loss and thinning was quite noticeable unless I styled it right, and unless I spent time styling it there was quite a bit of scalp visible - sexy(!)

As soon as I realised that I was definitely suffering from hair loss (which I'm certain is down to a stressful period of time that I recently had), I went into panic mode and didn't hang around in researching how to make my hair grow back and how to keep it strong and healthy. I bought various oils and hair masks, and though this was a product that I discovered via google fairly early on in my quest to find a miracle product to help with the problem I had, it is the most recent one I have purchased.

The reason that I didn't buy this sooner was the marketing; it is marketed as a product that can help hair grow past a certain length, which obviously I didn't need as I was suffering with hair loss on the top of my head. When I eventually did read more about it though I realised that the manufacturers claim that as well as helping hair grow in length, it can also help reduce hair loss and improve the quality of hair, which is when I bought it.


This hair treatment is basically a hair mask which you leave on your hair for five minutes each time you wash it in-between shampooing and conditioning. It is advised to use the product every time you wash your hair, and when you begin to see an improvement you can just use it once a week. I wash my hair quite often - 4 times a week usually and at first I used it every time, but after a while I reduced this to two times per week and now I use it once a week.

At first, the reason I reduced the frequency that I used it was purely down to trying to make my tub of it last longer rather than actually seeing an improvement, though a month down the line I can honestly say that there's a noticeable improvement which I will talk about later in the 'My Opinion' section of this review.

As well as this hair treatment, there are also other products in Lee Stafford's hair growth range including a shampoo and conditioner, which he advises using alongside this product. Personally I just use my usual shampoo and conditioner with it, and I have still seen results. If I was a little richer I would definitely invest in a few bottles of the condition and shampoo, but as I'm on a budget this isn't really an option given the amount I wash my hair and the time I get through a bottle of shampo/conditioner!


In my opinion this is marketed as a bit of a miracle product and although I thought it seemed a bit gimmicky when I was researching it and deciding whether or not to spend my well earned money on it, I was desperate and decided to risk it, and I am glad I did. The manufacturers state that this hair treatment has got a 'protein-based complex' and 'soothing formulation'.

They claim that the product nourishes the scalp and hair, moisturises the hair and helps prevent hair loss, and that it also improves hair strength as it the keeps follicles healthy and strong. Another claim is that it gives hair body and texture.

Because my hair loss was down to stress, I wondered if even if the strength and health of my hair actually had anything to do with the hair loss and if it would continue falling out regardless, but I thought that the product claims were definitely very impressive and the product seemed quite reasonably priced too considering everything it is claimed to be able to do.


I was actually surprised by how reasonably this is priced, as I was expecting it to be much cheaper after reading about it on the Lee Stafford website. The price can vary depending on where you buy it from but the average price is £8 or under. I purchased my 200ml tub from Boots for £7.99, and whilst the tub isn't the largest, you get a decent amount of product for the money and my first tub lasted me for a good fortnight when I was using it four times a week.

It will last you even longer if you use less than the recommended amount each time - it's recommended that you use a dollop the size of an egg each time you use it, which seems a lot but because I was desperate for my hair to grow I literally slathered it on hence why my first tub didn't last me for any longer than a fortnight.

I'm on my second tub at the minute which I've been using once a week for the past three weeks (a decent sized dollop each time) and there's around 1/4 of the product left, so it isn't bad value for money at all and it is certainly one of the cheapest hair growth treatments that I know of. Availability wise this is hugely available, including online as well as in store, so you won't be struggling to get hold of a tub if you decide to purchase it.


There's no denying that the packaging is very eye-catching and girly as it is bright pink, and I was easily able to find it whilst looking for it in Boots as it stands out on the shelf. The tub is simple and neatly designed and it is compact, so it takes up hardly any space at all on the area which I keep my hair and bath products. The tub has a screw-top lid which is easy to open - no effort is needed at all so for someone like me who sometimes struggles to open jars and tubs this is great.

The lid, as well as the tub is plastic though which can make it slippery and hard to grip with wet hands, but still possible and I have only had to dry my hands off a few times before opening it. I like that the tub has directions for use as well as all the product claims written on the side, and there is also a full list of ingredients on the bottom of the tub. Although the writing is quite small I am still able to read it. I have already used up one tub of this and I washed it out and recycled it along with all the other plastic rubbish I had, although because it is a nice colour it could easily be re-used as storage for jewellery or money.


When I first began using this hair growth treatment I was skeptical, mainly because of the price being quite low compared to a majority of other hair growth treatments around. I also didn't like the smell at first, as it is quite heavily perfumed and I was kind of worried that I was loading my hair up with chemicals.

I was, however, impressed with the texture and consistency. It is very easy to scoop a dollop of the product out without it dripping everywhere as the consistency is thick and not runny, so no product ever spills out of my hands and goes to waste. The hair treatment is a light pink colour and when in the pot it smells very strongly of perfume, although once I have used it on my hair the smell becomes sweeter and it fills the entire bathroom. The smell lingers on my hair for a good 2-3 days which is a bonus, and although I think that the smell is a bit too much when in the tub, once it is on my hair I like the smell.

When using the hair mask I use a large dollop after I've shampoo'd my hair and as directed on the tub I massage it over my hair from root to tip. I then keep it on for the advised five minutes, but instead of them washing it off I massage my scalp to make sure that my scalp is also nicely covered in the product, leave it on for another minute then rinse it out. I tend to use this whilst in the bath as I prefer baths to showers and it washes out pretty easily, though it does take longer to rinse out than shampoo or conditioner does.

Once I have rinsed it out my hair is always left feeling noticeably weighed down, and even after using conditioner and rinsing it again this feeling remains. Once my hair is dry however the weighed down feeling is no longer noticeable. You're probably thinking 'well duh your hair felt weighed down because it was wet' but the feeling is different to how my hair feels when it's just wet, it just feels heavy and a bit limp in all honesty but once dry this isn't an issue. After using this, once my hair is dry, my hair always looks frizzy and it has that strange straw like texture to it but with a slight soft fluffiness, and it always needs straightening afterwards.

It does look more volumised, but it looks a little dull. I found this surprising considering that one of the products that the manufacturers make about the product is it is moisturising, and I will certainly be knocking one star off because of this. I was concerned that after using it regularly my hair would become dried out and brittle, but it hasn't, and after around 5 weeks of regular use my hair looks and feels noticeable stronger, and it is easier to style as it has more volume.


The question you all want answering - am I still a baldy?! I'm very happy to say that I no longer have such visible areas of scalp on the top of my head, even before I style it my parting isn't as wide as it once was and it has thickened up quite a bit on top as well as grown a little (a barely noticeable amount) in length.

My hair still isn't as thick and luxurious as I would like, but it looks ten times better than it did before I began using this product and I no longer feel as self conscious. I think it is important to mention that I have also been using castor oil on my hair, however I am certain that the majority of the hair growth & improvement is down to this hair growth treatment as I use castor oil very sparingly and not often as I don't want to make my hair greasy, whereas I am able to use this product as much as I wish without worrying about greasiness.


Although this product isn't perfect, it has helped improve the quality of my hair noticeably after a relatively short period of use (five weeks). My hair no longer feels as thin and brittle and the areas of scalp which were visible are now no longer as noticeable and the overall quality of my hair is so much better, which I think is amazing and I have been shocked at how effective this is considering the amount of money it cost me - it is very affordable.

The product has done almost all of what it claims to do - I am no longer losing big clumps of hair despite sill being under quite a bit of stress, and my hair is stronger, feels thicker and looks better. However, the product doesn't moisturise my hair and it does leave it feeling pretty dry, so I am unfortunately going to knock one star off to give this product an overall rating of four out of five stars. I very highly recommend this product and I am so happy with the results I have gotten from it!

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