Leeds Festival (England)

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--------------------- A Yearly Thing --------------------- Leeds Festival is something that my friends and I have been going to for the past four years, and it has always been greatly enjoyed by all of us. It is our festival of choice not only because it is so close to our hometown of ... Read review

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A Musical Treat Review with images



"...and other acts. --------------------------------- What is Leeds Festival? --------------------------------- Leeds Festival is a music festival that is paired with the Reading Festival which takes place during the same weekend. Reading Festival is the more senior and has been going since 1971 whereas its Northern counterpart was only introduced in 1999. The two festivals take part on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the August bank holiday ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Lemonhead563


Rock 'n Roll 'n Welly Chafing

AdvantagesThe Music

DisadvantagesThe mud and the smell

"...returning home from this year's Leeds Festival I had never found my own bathtub more welcoming. However, once scrubbed and sweet smelling I did have an urge to return to the unforgettable filth that was the "Carling Weekend 2006". The Festival The Leeds Festival sponsored by Carling (sister to the longer running Reading Festival) took place this year in Bramham Park, Leeds, and ran over the Bank Holiday weekend 25,26 & 27 August. The festival ..." Read review

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Community Level 3black_dog


Leeds 2005, one weekend of madness

AdvantagesSuperb music, great fun, an experience

DisadvantagesExpensive, smelly, not for the faint hearted

"Leeds Festival is the Northern counterpart to Reading Festival, and together they make up the Carling Weekend. Over three days, bands alternate between the two sites, covering stages of various sizes, from the massive Main Stage to the (relatively) tiny unsigned bands tent. Music festivals are about a lot more than just the bands. There's the crowded campsites, the ridiculously priced food, the genuinely mad people that you meet, the inevitable ..." Read review

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Community Level 3PipJim


A rocking good time

AdvantagesBrilliant music, Great atmosphere. One of this countries premier music events

DisadvantagesThe toilets, the queues and maybe the mud!

"...well as the Carling Weekend: Leeds Festival. For those that don't already know Leeds is a three day alternative music festival that takes place in Bramham Park (Which rather irritatingly is quite a distance from Leeds). It's the much younger sibling of the rather more well known Reading Festival which has been about in some form or another since 1961 (compared to Leeds' 1999). The two festivals take place each year over the August bank holiday ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Yeahmate


this is the way to live

Advantagesmany good bands

Disadvantagestoilets, some of the organisation,

"...back from the Carling Festival Leeds yesterday. It was pretty good. Bye. WARNING: this opinion contains colourful language and reference to illegal behaviour This is an opinion about the Carling Weekend Leeds 2003…there is no pretence to know anything about previous festivals except there was a riot last year. Right anyway I booked my tickets a couple of months ago and its fair to say I’ve been pretty excited by the prospect ..." Read review

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Good music mostly, cheap drinks, nice atmosphere.
Can get very crowded and hot, lack of seating, rude bouncers. (*)
Great Bands, Amazing Atmosphere, Day to Remember
Quite Expensive, You Cant Watch E-v-e-r-yone (*)
The Toilets (*)
Excellent Line-Up
None (*)
Lots of Bands in one place, Campsite Close to arena
Porta-Loo's...(need I say more!), Food expensive (*)
well organised
poor sound systems (*)
good acts, great variety, LOTS to keep you entertained
cost of the ticket (£240 euros +) (*)
Countless Dj's playing banging tunes.
You could get wasted! (*)
The music, the bands, the freaks, the displays, the people you run into
The weather. (*)
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