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... Would I drink it again? Of course I would, but only if I couldn't get the far tastier Leffe Brune.....but that's another story. As the title says...Gentlemen prefer blondes so I'm obviously no gentleman! Thanks for reading, Sláinte ... Read review

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Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

AdvantagesWidely available

DisadvantagesNot bottle conditioned

"Notre-Dame de leffe is a Norbertine abbey near the Belgian town of Dinant, on the River Meuse. Beer was first brewed here in 1152 but they ceased the practice around the time of the French Revolution. In the 1950's, to raise funds for maintenance, the abbot allowed a local brewer to make their beer. They now licence the Stella Artois and Hoegaarden breweries (part of the giant Interbrew group) to make a range of beers. Perhaps the most widely known ..." Read review

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Yellow? A case of Dutch Courage by the sound of it

AdvantagesBelgian beer - strong, tasty, over here

DisadvantagesBeware the alcohol

"...Interbrew Corporation. Most of the Leffe beers are now brewed in Leuven. As I hinted above the company also produces a dark ale (Leffe Bruin) amongst its other labels. THE BOTTLE I bought one of the larger bottles of Leffe Blonde. This comes in a champagne type bottle made of brown glass complete with a dimple in the base. It is close with a champagne cork wired in place with the usual fixative which is then covered with a thin gold foil capsule ..." Read review

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I don't speak flemish

AdvantagesMakes you feel well off (maybe)

DisadvantagesTaste, Price, Texture

"...a somewhat offish taste (the Leffe Brune for example has an almost treacle like feel to it). Sadly this drink falls into this trap, and doesn't have the smoothness of it's rivals (lagers in general not just light beers). The drink is from Belgium (and apart from the Brune version of the drink is the only drink I've had from Belgium apart from Stella Artois) so I'm not sure if the taste is somewhat one made for the Belgium palette (much like British ..." Read review

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Blond Ambition

AdvantagesGreat tasting & packs a punch!

DisadvantagesNot widely available & more expensive than traditional beers.

"Leffe Blond beer is a great drink. Not only is it full bodied and very tasty, but it also packs a punch and can guarantee insobriety after a couple of pints or less! Also worth mentioning is that Leffe isn't available everywhere, but the places that you can find it are usually more lively and entertaining and friendly than those without. I first tasted Leffe Blond many years ago and thought I had finally found a beer worth drinking. A friend ..." Read review

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Community Level 2brettoi99


This blondes no joke


Disadvantagesa bit pricey

"The first thing you notice about this lovely belgian blond is that it's strong. damn strong! 6.6 ABV. So not to many then... Well , I can't afford to many , this is a bit on the pricey side. It's usually served as a half pint , I don't know if thats because of the ABV or the price. I have seen this sold at over £5 a pint! Is it worth it? I think so , it has a strong , bold taste with a kind of lager taste , but better. Hints of honey ..." Read review

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