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Left 4 dead the cooperative madness

21.10.2009 (24.10.2009)

A really good coop game,easy to learn how to play,more fun with friends or clan .

A lot of my friends didnt meet some of the minimum requirements and werent able to play

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Difficulty & ComplexityAverage - suitable for most

MultiplayerExcellent multiplayer functions

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Left 4 dead is a first person shooter much like counter-strike and half-life.It is also created by Valve.The game is about four people that were immune to a virus and didn't become zombies like the rest of the city are trying to make their way to a safe place.And from the first campaign (there are 4) you will be killing loads and loads of zombies.Think you can make it out alive?


The four survivors are: Louis (the black guy) Francis (the tough guy) Bill (the old man veteran) and Zoey (the girl). All of the survivors start with 100 hp if u get incapacitated meaning you lost your 100hp you don't die you just lie on the ground bleeding and you cant move but you can use your pistol for small defense.You can still be helped to get up by any other survivor that isin't incapacitated.If you get helped up your hp becomes 30 and is only temporary meaning that you need to find pills or use your first aid kit.You also move slower based on your hp (if you have 1hp you will move about a meter every 5seconds) Note it doesn't matter which character you will play everything is based on your reflexes,accuracy and your way to move the mouse (I mean if you will be the old man that doesn't mean you will be slow moving cause your old or something like that). The survivors also see each other through walls like with wall hack and they can see when someone is attacked or needs help. Note Friendly fire is always on so watch what you shoot.

From the beginning of the game you get a pistol that has 15 bullets in a clip but has unlimited ammo and a first aid kit that can heal you or anyone you want(restores about ~60 hp max is 100). And you get to choose from a shotgun or a mini uzi.The shotgun is better for shooting short range and the uzi is better from long range.As you advance threw the game you can find all sorts of items or even better weapons.Such as molotvs,pipe bombs, pain pills(that give a temporary health boost) ,first aid kits,second pistol (then you duel wield 2 pistols), bullets (to refill your ammo) , M4A1(better then the uzi),Auto shotgun (better then the shotgun: shoots faster does the most damage from close range in the fastest amount of time), and a Sniper rifle ( good for taking out special infected from a far range, bad against masses of common infected).The molotov works best against the special infected boss the Tank because it slows him and does damage per second.When the pipe bomb is thrown it makes a beeping noise that attracts all of the common infected and explodes in about 8-10seconds after being thrown, doesn't work on special infected.Every survivor can only have 1 pain pill 1 molotov or pipe bomb and only 1 first aid kit.The survivors shoot with the first mouse button and can shove zombies and special infected away with the second mouse button which is really useful like when you are reloading(you can shove and reload at the same time).Shove doesn't do damage to survivors.

Special infected

Special infected don't feel fall damage.And you can only play special infected in the versus mode.
Special infected have wall hack and can always see other special infected and they see the survivors threw the walls also.
Hunter is the most hardest special infected for me to use for good damage.Its special ability is to pounce from walls,rooftops,edges,trees well anything that is high.In order to pounce the hunter first must crouch with ctrl.He does damage by pouncing off and if u steer him good and hit a survivor you do damage based on the time you were falling in other words the higher you are the more damage you do.You can do max of 25 damage per pounce and when you pounce a survivor you crush him to the ground and start ripping his guts out with your claws(doing 5 damage every 2-3seconds)the survivor starts screaming for help and cant do anything in the moment.Someone else must come and kill the hunter or the survivor will die and if you will be playing with normal people someone will help you cause the survivors usually move very close to each other that they wouldn't get scattered.The hunter has 250hp.

Smoker is a special infected that smoked a lot when he was a human.His specialty is his tongue which he uses to entangle survivors and drag them to him.If used correctly one survivor can be find missing.He usually attacks from rooftops or hidden behind a car or any object.In order to help someone entangled you need to shoot the smoker or shoot his tongue or just shove the survivor that is entangled or you can shove smoker.Smoker wont die if you shoot his tongue but he will have to wait about 10-20seconds before he can use his tongue again.His tongue shoots really far.Smoker has 250hp.

Boomer is the fatty special infected.His special ability is to puke on survivors or get shot by survivors by standing near them (then he explodes the puke on them).His puke doesn't do damage but makes the survivors hard to see and hear because a laud music starts to play if you get puked on.The vomit also makes you hard to see survivors threw walls as long as you are puked (for about 10seconds).The vomit also spawns a new wave of zombies that attack the survivor/s who have been puked on.Boomer has 50hp.

All of the special infected have a secondary attack with the second mouse button.They attack with a claw for 5damage.

Tank is the boss special infected.He is the hardest to take out and his specialty is that he can incapacitate all of the survivor team if well played.When the tank spawns a music starts to play and the ground trembles as the tank moves.The closer it gets the more the ground shakes.He can simply attack with his huge hand and if he gets a hit the survivor is knocked back about 10meters. He can incapacitate a survivor in about 4 to 5 hits.He can also hit cars which can hit the survivors (if aimed correctly) and get them instantly incapacitated.The tank can throw rubble which he rips out from the ground with the second mouse button.Tank has 5000-8000hp based on the map.

Witch is a mini boss that wasn't fully infected and got mad.She is a girl that sits and cries all the time but when you come close to and look at her,use your flashlight into her,shoot near her she will look at you,slowly stand up and start running at you really fast and screaming all the time if she catches you and gets a hit you will get incapacitated if it is expert coop you will die instantly.'''Note''' the witch cant be played by a normal person in versus mod.Witch has about 1000hp and can be 1hitted if shot with a shotgun from really close to the face.

Game mods

Coop is the most simple game mod you play the four survivors and try to pass the campaign.There are also easy,normal,advanced and expert difficulties that change the damage of the infected for instance on normal a hunter does 5 damage when he is on a survivor every couple of seconds and on expert the hunter does 20 damage every couple of seconds.

Versus is the most exciting for me especially when you got a clan or good friends that are willing to play with you.In versus mod you play 4survivors against 4 special infected.'''Note''' there can only be 1 boomer spawned and 1 smoker only at a time.There can be 2 or 3 hunters.If a special infected dies you will be able to respawn in about 20seconds anywhere you want but you cant spawn near the survivors or in the survivors sight.If the survivor dies he cant respawn and must wait until the survivors get to the safe room or be killed by special infected.When this happens the teams play the map again but this time who were the survivors will be the special infected and who were the special infected will be the survivors.The team with more points in the end of the campaign wins.Points are counted by how many survivors passed the map (almost always there's 4 or 0) and how many first aid kits there is.Versus is played in normal difficulty.

Survival mod isint really fun for me you play the four survivors in a building like a lighthouse and you have to survive in there for a time record when zombies keep attacking you until you die.


The graphics are pretty good,detailed.


The sound is incredibly good.If it wasn't for the sound the game wouldn't be that good because all the time when you play the game you can hear the special infected if they aren't too far from you.Every special infected has his own sounds that the survivors could recognize who is near them or trying to approach.The smoker makes coughing noises the boomer makes burping noises the hunter makes screaming noises when he pounces and like a weird noise when he is crouched.The witch cries really loudly.The characters each can say all sorts of fun sentences like "I hate elevators" or they just may scream like "Hunter!" when they see one.


Really simple w,a,s,d to walk ctrl to crouch space to jump first mouse to shoot second mouse to shove.That's all to it simple shooting game controls.


Hardware Requirements

* Supported OS: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / Vista64
* Processor: Pentium 4 3.0GHz
* Memory: 1 GB
* Graphics: 128 MB, Shader model 2.0, ATI 9600 or better


* Supported OS: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / Vista64
* Processor: Intel core 2 duo 2.4GHz
* Memory: 1 GB
* Graphics: 128 MB, Shader model 3.0, NVidia 7600 or better


This game is the best coop game i have ever played in my life.Even though i remember my brother saying he would never play it(he doesn't like changes) now he cant stop playing it.Got 3 friends that like to shoot stuff? Then what are you waiting for?
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HarryKgh 30.10.2009 12:09

Great review, sounds like a great game.

craggybuk 28.10.2009 12:19

Very good review.

torr 27.10.2009 00:58

Looks like this must have been re-written since the initial ratings.

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