Lego Elves 41073 Naida's Epic Adventure Ship

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Lego Elves 41073 Naida's Epic Adventure Ship

Building & Construction Toy - Lego Elves - For ages: 7 Years +

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Pro Lovely attractive set with an interesting build...
Cons ...Not as simple to set up as I had thought from the number of pieces
Value for Money

"Faerie Lego Sailing!"

Lego Elves 41073 Naida's Epic Adventure Ship

Lego Elves 41073 Naida's Epic Adventure Ship

October before last we bought the girls a Lego set from the Elves series each for their birthday; always a tricky affair as they are a very bright set of twins however one has cerebral palsy which obviously impacts on her hand to eye co-ordination and her eyesight which makes present buying a bit of a pig. They both love Lego, however purchases have to be carefully made as you can’t buy one a ‘younger’ set as then hell would break out, but at the same time, it has to be accepted that Lego is something that one sister is far more capable at than the other. So my aim was, working purely off number of pieces, to buy similar sets from the same range however with the slightly more simplistic going to Small Person B.

This didn’t quite work out the way I had anticipated as whilst 41073 is smaller at 312 pieces, it was by no means something she was able to do on her own or even without a huge amount of help. Having bought the set, it then fell upon me to do the whole building with child so that the house wasn’t brought down by screaming tempers and exceptionally annoyed child. Aimed at the 7-12 age range, this was always going to be a tad tricky as both small people were on the very younger side of this spectrum, however the sets are very cute and it was worth a go. It is simply worth noting that these Lego’s are not necessarily suitable for every child of that age range and that is very much down to parental judgement.

At 312 pieces, this is what I’d call a small-medium set from an adult perspective, however from a child perspective there are a lot of small pieces and this could prove to be quite challenging. I think to make it any larger would make it off-putting for the small people as it would take so long for them to build. The build is clever and reminds me a lot of the Technic series at points, which was never a series I got into although my fiancé has more experience. As with all of these kind of sets though, it starts small with a little clam build to get you into the swing of it and there’s a key hidden inside the clan for small ‘uns to play with later. The rest of the build moves onto the ship as a whole.

The bottom layer of the ship is done first and to an experienced hand this involved some relatively simple build techniques, with you simply having to place sections together and build upwards into the required shape. It is very contained though and all of the building is done within a very small area meaning that the layering is perhaps more complex than with the somewhat larger bakery that we bought for Small Person A. Best laid plans of mice and men and all that. There are some stickers that need placing and even the most stable handed child may need adult help to get them right, but a practiced young ‘un shouldn’t have too many difficulties. There are some really neat little aspects to this ship, such as the oars being made out of clam shells and attached onto the side of the ship, looking very cool indeed.

The second bag is then opened and this is to build the ship upwards so you have walls and little rooms rather than just the base of a ship. This is somewhat more fiddly and even I had to think a few times before doing anything…and re-arrange a few pieces when they had been put down incorrectly. The stern of the ship is build up separately and then attached and this proved fiddly indeed with lots of pieces in a very small area, but the end effect is impressive indeed. And then we hit the real snag…the part where it became a little more like mechanical Technic and I am hopelessly out of my depth. My language filters had to be put on quite stern controls…

It looks simple but looks are deceiving. It all comes down to one small round piece that has to be slotted in at exactly the right position and the right way round. God help me. This took at least thirty minutes. For one piece. And a lot of dismantling because if it isn’t in right then the sail doesn’t move…and guess what? The best way to find this out is to attach the pole and then find out you have done it wrong! More little round things go onto the pole, just to confuse me further, the pole gets stuck in the hole with significant grinding of teeth and under the breath swearing. You then find out that something isn’t right and the pieces that are meant to go over the top to secure the mechanism won’t fit because you’ve messed it up. More under the breath swearing and you try again.

Once you’ve had your fill of trying to hide appalling language from the resident small person, then the genius bit starts…providing you haven’t messed anything up. That’s a big providing, take it from me. A ships wheel is put in with a small pole reaching the mechanism that near destroyed your sanity earlier and so with the luck of the God’s the ships wheel should turn and in the process, turn the mast upon which you are soon to attach your sale. You then go back to the process of building rooms upwards with quite attractive Lego pieces and thankfully simple builds! A little kitchen is build in, including pots, pans and some random containers with ingredients, clearly.

And then you are onto the third and final bag and this is where the excitement lights up in the small persons eyes as there is a gigantic sail to put up and this is exceptionally interesting. First you build a basic little bedroom on the upper floor which has a bed that takes over the vast majority of the space. A cute little telescope with a ‘diamond’ inset is on the front upper deck and some external decorations are added to your little ship, some of which are very cool indeed and really look quite awesome. More decorations of little plant life things are added to the deck making it look all natural and faerie like, and then finally, the excitement, the sail!

This is most definitely a Technic style build with poles being attached to each other in certain directions with connecting sections and angles so that the sail can be fitted onto the frame. I didn’t find this overly difficult but it may confuse a small ‘un who isn’t used to this kind of build and adult help may be required. Lego and Technic usually use very different techniques so this may prove otherwise tricky. You then poke the holes through the sale and WALLA you have a ship!!

This is definitely a tricky set to build and therefore my initial plan was utterly disrupted, however it looks stunning when it is built up and if you get the sail right then the moving part really adds to the set significantly. It’s just a shame that the moving parts are so much of a pain in the proverbial to organise!! There are some lovely pieces within the set as well, and I very much liked the pearl and golden clam shells used within the set which I haven’t seen anywhere else. The predominance of golden pieces is different and gives you a load of pieces you might not otherwise have had your mitts on which for your own builds, this could prove useful indeed. There’s some large golden wings as decoration as well which look really cool.

There are two mini dolls included with the set- note my phrasing, they are mini dolls not mini figures and are made like the Friends mini dolls rather than the usual Lego mini figures. You have Naida Riverheart as a blue water elf and Aira Windwhistler as a purple wind elf. Both of them are striking although not as colourful as the fire elf in the other set. I do however very much like the dual colouring of the hair pieces where the colour gets darker the further down the hair with the blue and lighter with the purple is really striking and not something I have seen anywhere else. The clothing on Naida is also pretty with some interlaced gold and purple feathers and latticework.

The aesthetics of the set are certainly striking as well and the colour scheme of blue, purple and then green plants works really well and looks very pretty. The detail on it is striking and I love the sail. There aren’t that many pieces but it’s worth noting that there are some complex building techniques that may baffle younger (or the Lissy’s of the world) so it is worth bearing in mind that this isn’t a quick and easy build. The only possible complaint is that due to the building style, the sale can only be seen from one side and the Technic build is seen from the other side. This is a minor complaint though, particularly as this is a children’s model rather than a specialist collectors model.

This is quite a large series of different Lego sets and they are quite wide and varied so there is the collectible element here as well; on it’s own it is cute, quirky and appealing but the idea of building a city of Elvish Lego with transport appeals to me so I can certainly see it appealing to the average seven to twelve year old. Strangely, this set hasn’t blown up in price like some of the others and instead can be picked up at £16 on Amazon for Prime members or £30 for non-Prime members with an initial retail price of £45. The average seems to be £38 on eBay so it’s worth finding a Prime member to pick it up or keep looking around. All in all, I think this is steep for £45 and I’d have paid a maximum of £25 when I picked it up. It is however a lovely set and so if you can pick it up for between £25 and £30, I would more than point you in that direction.

Do I Recommend?

Providing you can find it at a reasonable price, then yes. This is a lovely set with some intricate detail and some tricky builds which whilst accessible to a seven year old, may require adult help and supervision as required. It took me and the small person several hours to assemble and I can see that being longer if there isn’t an adult pointing to where pieces would go…or losing her patience and just attaching pieces. This is also a somewhat different set as most of the Elves sets are static buildings, whereas this is a ship and that makes it stand out. All in all, if you find it at a reasonable price then grab it!

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  • jo-1976 published 23/02/2017
    Lovely set
  • 2mennycds published 13/02/2017
    fabulous looking set!
  • LiveMusicLoverLyn published 10/02/2017
    Exceptional advice and user experience :)
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Product Information : Lego Elves 41073 Naida's Epic Adventure Ship

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Building & Construction Toy - Lego Elves - For ages: 7 Years +

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