Lego Speed Champions 75875 Ford F-150 Raptor & Ford Model A Hot Rod

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Lego Speed Champions 75875 Ford F-150 Raptor & Ford Model A Hot Rod

For ages: 8 Years +

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Review of "Lego Speed Champions 75875 Ford F-150 Raptor & Ford Model A Hot Rod"

published 15/08/2016 | kiss_me2070
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Pro good set, nephew enjoys playing with it, reasonable value
Cons obviously bits can break off although this can be fixed
Value for Money

"Lego Speed Champions Raptor and Hot Rod."

Lego Speed Champions 75875

Lego Speed Champions 75875

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The Product
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My sister and her family recently went away on holiday for a week and my two nephews had some spending money which they didn't actually spend when they were away so they spent it when they came back. Both of my nephews are very much into their Lego and despite having lots of Lego already they always ask for Lego for Christmas and Birthdays. This particular item is from the Lego 'Speed Champions' range which I believe is a fairly new range or at least this particular set is new to the range. Both of my nephews love any Lego to do with cars or constructions and my eldest nephew picked this set which appealed to him more than some of the other that were available. This Lego set contains a Ford F-150 Raptor Truck and Trailer, Model A Hot Rod and Team Garage/Victory Podium and a Starting Lights Tower as well. I could see why this set appealed to him more than the others. I think my nephew liked the fact that you got the team garage with the set as well which meant he could repair any cars that happened to get damaged. The set comes with everything you need to make each item and you also get 4 mini figures which include a Hot Rod racing driver, Racing Driver, Mechanic and a Race Official. The set comes in a large box with the number of the product on the front. On the front of the box it shows you the complete items already made up and on the back it shows some features of some of the product. As with the majority of the Lego products this comes in a blue coloured cardboard box, which we flattened and popped into our recycling bin. In the box should be a number of different sealed bags with different Lego parts in and there should also be a couple of instruction booklets as well. For obvious reasons (due to small parts) this particular set is only suitable for children of 8yrs and older.

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I am not 100% sure where they purchased the Lego set from but you can purchase it from the Lego website and also from Amazon. You may also be able to purchase it from some toy shops as well. The set is normally priced at around £39.99, but I believe they purchased the set when it was reduced. The set is currently priced at £31.95 on Amazon.

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Building the Set
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As with all Lego set's the clear plastic bags containing the Lego should be numbered. There were a total of 2 sealed bags in this set which of course goes with each set of instructions. We started with instructions set number 1 which was the instructions for building the Hot Rod. My nephew carefully opened the bag and poured the contents out onto the floor and whilst I sorted the bits of Lego into different sections sorting the different shaped pieces into different piles, he put the racing driver together. My nephew is old enough to make Lego himself now so I have to sort the Lego out which make it a lot easier for him to find. There was a bit shortly after starting to make the model that he was confused with so I helped him out with this bit. My nephew was able to build the majority of this model by himself. He did ask me to put the stickers on as he couldn't get them on straight so I did this for him. After this had been built we started on the second set of instructions and he opened and tipped out the contents of the bag labelled '2'. There was a bit more to build in this book as it had the instructions to make the truck, trailer and everything else such as the garage and starting lights tower. I again sorted the Lego pieces into piles and my nephew was able to start building the truck. There was a part of the truck which my nephew needed help with and this was putting the two elastic bands onto parts of the truck. My nephew also asked me to put the stickers on the truck again so I did this for him. The next thing to build was the trailer which I helped him with a little as I think he just wanted to play with the truck and Hot Rod car and he asked me to build the garage and starting lights tower too. These were easy to build and I managed to build them both within a short amount of time. The instruction booklets are very easy to follow and are very clear so you can easily see which parts of Lego goes where. The instructions are printed on slightly shiny paper in colour so you can determine the different coloured pieces you need to use. There are some very small pieces of Lego which can be slightly fiddly to attach to other parts.

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Playing with the Set
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Once built the whole set looks rather good and my nephew started playing with it straight away. My younger nephew also had a set from the 'Speed Champions' range so they played together nicely. My youngest nephew pretended to crash the cars from his set and my older nephew would use the trailer and truck to come and pick the cars up and take them to his garage to fix. The truck once built measures around 8cm in height, 16cm long and 8cm wide so it's a really good size. The trailer which can be clipped easily onto the bag of the truck and taken of once built measures approximately 6cm high, 18cm long and 3cm wide, so this is also a reasonable size and it can take his younger brothers Lego cars on the trailer without any problems. The truck has a driver’s cabin with large wheels and suspension and my nephew can get the mini figure in and out of the truck easily; although the majority of the time the driver does stay in the truck. My nephew does play with the Hot Rod car which he loves and he races this around a make-shift track that him and my younger nephew make and they pretend to race each other, but they do sometimes crash meaning the truck and trailer has to come out to pick the cars up and take them off to repair. The Hot Rod measures approximately 5cm high, 11cm long and 6cm wide, so again this is a reasonable sized model. My nephew loves the garage which comes with this set and he always makes sure there is a car which needs repairing. The garage comes with an engine crane, welding machine oil can and various other accessories such as small tools which fit into the small drawers or small cupboard in the garage. My nephew has also added some spare tyres piled up from various other Lego sets to make it look even more like a garage. The garage that comes with the set isn't huge but it is big enough and you can turn it round to reveal the victory podium with the checked flag and trophy element. The starting tower measure 11cm high, 3cm and 6cm deep and I was a little disappointed with this as I expected it to maybe light up but it doesn't. Despite this my nephew stills enjoy using it when he plays with it and when they both have a race. The items in the set once made do stay together very well and they aren't too fragile like some other Lego sets; although it will obviously break if dropped or smashes hard against something (such as a another Lego car!). You do get some other accessories with the set such as a couple of helmets and also a chequered flag as well which my nephew makes good use of. Both the truck and Hot Rod are easy to push along the floor; even on carpet and when the trailer is attached to the truck this goes along carpet easily as well.

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Overall Opinion
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This is a great Lego set and one that isn't too complicated to build. My nephew is 9 (10 in April) and he was able to build the models by himself and only needed help with two or three things when building it. Once the set has been built it is a good set and goes great with other sets in this range and other Lego racing cars. For the price I don't think the set is too badly priced and is reasonable if you can get it at a reduced price. I did expect the starting tower with the coloured lights to light up; although my nephew isn't that bothered that it doesn't light up and he is more than happy with it and the rest of the set. My nephew loves playing with the garage and using the truck to go and pick up any cars that may have crashed during a race between him and his little brother. I sometimes have to pretend to crash as well so he can come and pick my car up and take it to the garage to be fixed. Ever since receiving this set he has played with it quite a lot and sometimes he will let his little brother play with the Hot Rod car but he doesn't seem to want to let anyone play with the truck and trailer. My nephew clearly likes this set and enjoys playing with it regularly, even using some other Lego cars and trucks from other sets occasionally. I think this set will get lots of use out of it and when he does eventually get bored or grows out of playing with it, then I am sure his little brother will enjoy playing with it.

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  • maxmadness1 published 21/08/2016
    Awesome! And a great review too :)
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    Excellent review. My daughter would love this.
  • mikemelmak published 17/08/2016
    Great overall coverage!
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