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The Lenovo X60 6364 The Good and the Bad


Durable, Powerful, Good Tablet, Amazing battery life, Never overheats, quiet, expansion capabilities, small lightweight,

old looking, bad graphics card, no CD/DVD drive, bad speaker position

Detailed rating:


Look & Feel

Comfort & Portability

Robustness & Durability

Value For Money

Memory / capacityGood

Ease of useVery easy

Range of Extra FeaturesGood

Instruction manualGood

Manufacturer SupportGood

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Personally, I have had a great experience with this laptop. I will start with the bad, which is only a few things, and then end with the good, which is LOADS of things.

First of all, the looks, like all IBM ThinkPad's, it looks hideous, or that is what I think. It is black, and has this weird, dull material on the back, which makes it look very old, like a spectrum from 10 years ago. It has this HUGE battery at the back, which makes it look horrible, if you remove the battery looks much better. When you look at it, it does seem as if it is from the 90s, and I personally think that is partly down to the IBM logo, which looks old, and reminds you of the time where computers were merely command lines, and the only thing that came out of the speakers, were beeps.

Also, the graphics card, is crap, that is really all I can say, integrated, Intel GMA. But it can survive with a few games, I myself have installed GTA San Andreas, and at 1024x768 with lowest settings runs with virtually no lag. Halo 1 can run, with the occasional blue screen,
GunZ online at max settings runs fine, but a few custom made, huge maps end up lagging. I am only mentioning these games to give people an idea of what you can do in terms of games with this system.

The speaker is at the bottom, so you can't hear it properly if not on a flat surface, like a table, it would sound muffled. This is a loss, but it is convenient for when you fold the screen down and use it as a tablet. The speakers are actually really good quality if you put your ear to them, much better than speakers I have heard on other laptops.

There is no CD/DVD drive, although there is one in the Dock/Ultra bay. This can also be an advantage, as it lightens the laptop

Now, enough on how bad it is, now, let's look at the up side.

It is VERY strong and durable; I have dropped it on the floor 1 or 2 times, and have let it slip of my bed loads of times, also, I crush it in my backpack virtually all the time, but when I noticed a little crack next to the ESC key, I stopped, and took my bag off before sitting down on the bus. The crack was only very minor, and I fixed it to almost perfect with a bit of super glue. So what I am trying to say is that the exterior is VERY strong.

I don't know if this is common in laptops, but the interior doesn't seem to be affected by bumps or shaking, sometimes, I have left my computer on in my bag while going home, now that is walking to a bus stop, getting on crowded bus, them briskly walking home, and in all that time, I am able to just take my laptop, and continue with whatever I am doing. I only mentioned this, as I have seen computers which freeze by the gentle knock of a foot or a knee. It also has an active protection system, which can stop the hard drive from spinning if shaking is detected, you can change the sensitivity if you are in a car or even just turn it off, when I say stopping the hard drive, it means if you are watching a video, it will stop, or jerk, the computer wont turn off, or screen go blank. So what I am saying is that the inside seems to keep working after all it has goes through, and is very strong.

Processing power, it has 1 gig of ram and dual core. You can have loads of applications running at the same time, I would personally call myself a power user of my computer, but never has it lagged from too many programs, normally, I have open Firefox with about 30+ tabs open, loads of instances of Internet Explorer (MSN opens them up when I look at email) about 5 instances of
Windows Explorer, a few notepads, maybe a HTML editor, Windows media player, and Unreal IRC and Anope, which are used for my IRC server. All of this and I am able to multitask easily. And that is what I have on as a standard, If I use more programs, it gets allot more messy, but never slow. Here what I am saying is that it is a pretty powerful machine, when it comes to which programs you can have open.

Good BIOS, I don't know if most computers have this kind of BIOS but I certainly know some of mine don't. You can have selective start up, diagnostics; you can select the order of priority for boot devices. And more. So the BIOS is great and easy to use.

Good with multi boot, and installing multiple operating systems. The hard drive is good with partitioners, in particular, the
GNOME one, or GParted. I have installed Ubuntu 7.10 without any problems; it runs fine and the installation and partitioning of the drive was smooth and fast. So, for anyone that will install another operating system, this computer will be just fine with that.

Touch screen Tablet. This is a tablet laptop with tablet software installed. This means you can write straight onto the screen using the special pen provided. This means it can be used as a never ending piece of paper. You can open up a journal and write things down like you would in a book, then, you would be able to convert it into text, and save it as a normal file. The tablet is also pressure sensitive, so using special software, you are able to use the pen as any other pen, the harder you press, the thicker the line, the softer, the thinner the line. Even after writing all over the screen, it is never damaged. So the tablet system on this laptop is excellent.

Battery life. It says that it is 7.5 hours; I have actually seen it at more than that. Up to 8 and sometimes near 9. But this is only when on VERY low spec and screen brightness down to its lowest, and the computer is not in a hot place, so the fan spin slowly, and you aren't doing allot, if you have it on its highest specifications, you will only get 4 to 4 hours and a half out of it. But that exceeds what I have seen on allot of laptops, which only ever top 3 to 4 hours max. So you can have the computer on for allot of the day, right off the battery. So what I am saying here is that it has a great battery life, much better than other laptops I have seen.

Heat, this computer NEVER overheats. It hardly ever gets hot, only if I am playing a game for an hour, and have got it on my lap, and are half blocking the fan. Then it would start to get hot, but if you leave it for a few minutes, it will cool itself down pretty fast.

Noise, honestly, the FAN makes absolutely no noise; this laptop is pretty much silent. As I said before, it only speed up when playing a CPU consuming game, and having the fan half blocked, will you ever hear it, and when you do, it is still pretty quiet. It is by far, the quietest laptop in my house. So the fan is really good, efficient and silent.

The dock. There is a dock which you can purchase with this laptop, and with similar models of the Lenovo X60 Tablet 6364. It is called the Ultrabay. It expands the uses of your laptop by adding more USB sockets, and more compatibility. It has a 'legacy serial' and a parallel port, along with Ethernet and modem ports and a DVD multi-recorder. I'm not entirely sure about what it adds though, there may be more.

Small and light. At least that is what I think. I think the laptop is small and lightweight as I can fit it into my backpack and carry it around without any trouble. This is at the expense of a CD drive or any spare bays for additional hard drives (or not that I know of)

A good keyboard and mouse, or that is what I think. I think the keyboard is durable, as I have smashed it around with games like step mania, and a key has never broken off or been damaged. I like the mouse, weirdly, I think it is great for gaming, even though it is a small red dot, you can move it left or right forever, and it will always return to the same place, so you don't have to pick up your mouse, and move it back to the middle.

I don't know if you are able to upgrade it, like get a better processor or add more ram or get a larger or faster hard drive, but i'm sure you can. As I recall reading somewhere that the ram is upgradeable. So I would say this is a great laptop, except from the price, this is a pricey laptop, so I would advise to look around for different deals for this laptop, as I have seen there are more than one. There are variants of the Lenovo X60 Tablet, so have a look at some of those, even though they may vary slightly, but not much, in specifications. This review could in some ways help you decide, if you want to buy a different Lenovo X60, a different model than this one, as I believe allot of things are the same, mainly only varying in the hard disk drive size and processor type.

So all in all I would say this is a great laptop.
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manlybeach 01.04.2008 11:51

Very useful review. Thank you

majeedkazi 01.04.2008 11:46

Nice Review

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The Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet is designed to provide the ultimate in portability without sacrificing features, per...


Product Type Notebook
Mechanical Design Convertible design

Processor / chipset

CPU Intel Core 2 Duo L7400 / 1.5 GHz
Number of Cores Dual-Core
Cache L2 - 4 MB

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