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* Leona Lewis Tour - Contains Spoilers!*

03.06.2010 (23.06.2010)

Leona !

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Monday night - the day I had been waiting for had finally arrived. Ever since I had received my Leona Lewis tickets for Christmas , I was very excited , and now the day had come , it was time to take off to Liverpool Echo Arena to see the show.

As soon as we entered the building we saw 'people selling Leona programmes' ; I really wanted one as a memoir despite the £10 price tag (Later, whilst reading it while waiting for the show to begin - I discovered that in fact all the book was , was an interview , along with photos which had already been printed in her 'Echo' album little book and so the photos weren't 'new'. There was a list of all those involved in the tour and that was all there was to this book, which I thought was a rip off (considering the arena was full (10,000 people) , they would get £1000 for every 100 books they sold!!) as it only took me about ten minutes to read it. I also saw a few stands selling 'Leona things' such as T-Shirts for £20 , and posters for £5 and Key rings for £3 , as well as other things such as 'printed signed posters' and mugs although I didn't buy anything apart from the programme.

When we first sat down , we were sat near the back of the arena (Block 7 -Row M) and were 'raised up' so we thought that we would have quite a good view. The stage looked quite small and reminded me of the kind of stages you get in town halls.

The show was due to start at 7:30 , although began at around 7:45 , when supporting act , eighteen year old Australian singer , Gabriella Climi came on. We couldn't see her very well , but we could see that she was given her all to her performance , although because we couldn't see her very well , just a tiny little figure jumping around the stage , and the didn't show her on the screens , only the words 'Gabrielle Climi' and so we did find her set a little bit boring. Her set ran for about half an hour , and she sang about six songs. I don't really know much about her or her songs , and so at the time I wasn't that fussed about her and just wanted to see Leona. Gabrielle finished at about 8:15 and I had expected Leona to come on straight away , but there was a lot of 'moving stuff around on stage' and setting up , which left the audience waiting for about forty minutes which was very disappointing.

When Leona finally arrived on stage , it was a very dramatic moment where she entered the stage through a kind of arch surrounded by mist in what appeared to be like a 'castle setting'
Pictures of Leona Lewis The Labyrinth Tour 2010
Leona Lewis The Labyrinth Tour 2010 100_0850 - Leona Lewis The Labyrinth Tour 2010
Leona Lewis The Labyrinth Tour 2010
. She began the show with the song Brave , which I thought was quite an appropriate song considering that this tour was her first arena tour and so she was indeed very brave , although despite admitting in interviews which I had read before in magazines that she was nervous , she didn't appear at all nervous and seem to have great confidence throughout the show.

One thing which I was very pleased about was the fact that you could tell that she was singing live - unlike people like Rihanna and Cheryl Cole. As a singer myself , I love singing Leona's songs , yet they are not the easiest and so they really take some doing , but Leona sang them effortlessly and made them 'doable' by missing a line out here , and swapping some of the higher notes for lower ones. She really gave her all , and I liked how she had changed her songs a little bit , so that they sounded a bit different to how they sound on her CDs. She sang a great selection of songs (although she did all of her hits apart from 'A Moment Like This' and 'Footprints In The Sand') including a few covers such as Justin Timberlake's 'Cry Me A River' which I absolutely loved as well as 'Could It Be Magic' (which she performed on The X Factor) and the upbeat 'Sweet Dreams' by the Euythmics.I was so pleased that she sang nearly all of her songs live ; there was only one song which she mimed (it was obvious) and that was to her song 'Outta My Head' , but because she had sang the rest of the songs live I didn't mind , and one song out of twenty songs wasn't too bad.

Leona did a fantastic job vocally and has such a powerful and emotional voice that at times it gave me shivers , especially when she sang 'Homeless' , 'Run' and 'First Time Ever I Saw Your Face' (which she got a standing ovation for). The only criticism I have is about the sound , although this wasn't a fault of Leona's as she was absolutely fantastic. I felt that the sound people , didn't have a clue what they were doing ; For one , the sound was too loud and a lot of the time the live band that were playing with Leona was far too loud that you couldn't hear her singing properly , and although they could obviously see (or hear in this case) this , they did nothing to alter the problem and so we were a little bit disappointed with the sound which was very loud , and sometimes when Leona was talking to the audience that microphone made a really horrible loud noise (not the usual whistling you get sometimes) but more like a sound as though you were coughing into the microphone. Having looked on the internet at other reviews , it seems that a lot of other fans thought the same as me about the sound too , and some said that they had even left which is a shame as Leona was doing a fantastic job , and the problem was fault of the sound people.

If I'm honest , I wasn't sure what to expect as I had thought that Leona would just stand there and sing her songs , although I was suprised when she actually moved around a lot. It wasn't proper dancing , but just moving about the stage , and jumping up and down kind of dancing ; she had about five or six dancers , which she did join in with the routine sometimes. She was very lively though and was full of confidence which added to the performance.

The sets were good ; at one point Leona sang 'Could It Be Magic' sitting in a tree high up of the stage ; when she got down though she nearly fell as the lift to get down broke and Leona was left having to 'balance' going downhill. Apparently this had happened in the show before this one aswell , and that time she had fallen , although luckily this time she didn't fall. Leona also had a swing which she swung from one side of the stage to the next while she sang her latest single 'I Got You' , while a dancer pushed her. When I saw her putting 'ropes on' I thought 'Ooh she's going to fly over the audience' as I remember Steps doing when I was at their concert , though all Leona did was just swinging around on the stage on a swing which looked like it was out of control , and so most of the time she looked all tangled up and so wasn't a very good 'trick'.

From where we were sitting , Leona looked quite tiny , although there were 'big' screens which showed Leona. I remember when I went to see Steps that these screnes were massive and right by the stage , but the ones here were very small , 'like a television screen in fact' and you had to look in a total opposite direction to watch what was going on and so it spoilt it a bit. We felt that at £50 a ticket , it was a big rip off consider Leona was just a little dot from where we were sitting.

The show itself had a fairytale and mysterious feel to it , with a big splash of glamour added to it. From the 'small 'big' screens' I could see Leona's outifts which were very stylish and glamourous. She wore about five costumes in a all , and during a couple of costume changes , they played two videos of Leona singing two cover songs , one video which included Leona riding a white horse. It was good idea , although I didn't like the songs and so found it a little bit boring. I think it would have been better if the videos had been of the two songs of hers (Footprints In The Sand and Moment Like This) which she didn't perform in the show , and at least then the fans would have known the songs and enjoyed these 'added touches' a little bit more.

I was a bit 'worried' about taking a camera or not as I really wanted to take some photographs (when I went to see Steps , you weren't allowed to take a camera and if you did they would take it off you) and yet I didn't want to risk taking my camera and then getting it confiscated especially as my holiday was in just a few days. We phoned the venue before hand , and they told us that you could take a camera , although when we got to the arena , there were signs everywhere saying 'no cameras allowed' and so I was a bit disappointed. Although , when we sat down , EVERYONE had their cameras out and taking photos and so I got mine out and started taking photos and luckily it was fine. Because we were so far away though , I had to take all of my photos on full in zoom mode , and so along with the flashly lights and mist , I didn't get many good photos which was a shame , although I did get a couple of good ones!

Leona connected to the audience throughout , and talked a little bit. During one of her songs there were 'bits of paper falling from the roof' and she was like 'It's snowing in Liverpool' and telling everyone to put their phones in the air (as lights) and she was like 'you all look like little stars' and when everyone sang along to 'Run' she said 'you all sound beautiful' , which was nice.

So excited about going to see the concert , a day before I went on the internet and had a look at information such as the songs she would be singing etc , and saw that she would sing the songs and then come back for an encore of Bleeding Love. My sister was annoyed at me for doing this as she said I was 'spoiling the suprise' although it was a good job that I did look because there was about a ten minutes wait after Leona had said 'thanks for coming , bye' and went off stage before coming back to sing the last song , and so a lot of people had got up and rushed out and so missed the final song. A lot of people around us were getting up and I was like 'nooo!! There's one more song to go!' , although there was a long wait though , which made people think that it was the actual end of the show ,and so it was a pleasant suprise when she came back on the stage and sang another song.

I really loved the show - on Leona's behalf it was fantastic , although I just felt that the sound people and the fact that we were so far away from the stage spoilt it a little bit. The show itself was brillaint though , and I would definately recommend going to see it!

* I have based the 'did you enjoy it' and 'performances' to the right on the actual Leona show , and didn't include the 'sound system' and 'view problem' in those ratings *

Thanks for reading!
June 2nd 2010
xdonzx (also posted on dooyoo under xd-o-n-z-x)
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nic63 07.06.2010 00:36

Shes a fantastic singer isn't she, I would love to see her live - lucky you! Great review. Nic x

MEL0611 03.06.2010 14:14

Great read x

JasonJRogers 03.06.2010 13:43

Well reviewed!

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