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You might think that all ISPs are the same but they're not. Consider a superior ISP that will give you great service and free gifts for signing up. Stop and think for a minute. Just how happy are you with your current Internet Service Provider? Are you having any trouble logging on? Do you ... Read review

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Community Level 5colinlivin...


Great service, great freebies

Advantagesgood content, no logon problems

Disadvantagesslow mail server

"...covers BT (at £9.99) and LineOne (at £5), and gives me unlimited off peak access. This means you could easily spend 200 hours a month online without worrying about the cost. Other access packages are also available. What’s more if you sign up now you can choose a CD-Rom valued at up to £30, and get a £5 voucher for amazon. (You might want to see my article on amazon.) A separate promotion through ipoints will give you 50 ipoints and a holiday ..." Read review

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Community Level 5jonathanco...



Advantagesa satisfying and loving realtionship

Disadvantages50p per minute helpline costs

"...options, but I plumped for LineOne SurfTime, because of the twinkle in it's eyes. For a first date I had a look at the LineOne website to see whether me and LineOne were suited, and I have to say we hit it off pretty well. LineOne said that if I joined SurfTime they would give me a £5 Amazon voucher and a CD-ROM (The Oxford Interactive Encyclopedia). LineOne said the encyclopedia was worth £29.99, but that seems a shallow boast. LineOne also tried ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mikegold


not so free


Disadvantagesgood chance of getting caught

"...found my settings had been changed to Lineone but no information about the special dialler box. This took a call to Lineone to be told the offer had expired three weeks previously , which i find annoying as the magazine was only issued eighteen days previous to my call ,this is something Lineone could easily posted on their web pages but chose not to. consequentially catching prospective clients . This practice is devious to say the least ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Gardenex


Lineone an ISP that offers good value and service

Advantagesreliable service

Disadvantagessuffers occasional disconnections

"Lineone have provided me so far with a trouble free service and offer a very competitive deal. I am on the unlimited weekend and off peak tariff and apart from the odd disconnection has been trouble free. I 've read a lot of the reports on Ciao about Lineone and they are taking some stick over the quip debacle. But don't let that cloud the issue. Regarding the disconnection thing . Let's be honest how many ISP's provide a totally 100 percent trouble ..." Read review

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Community Level 5cjkace


Are LineOne committing fraud

AdvantagesGood connection speed, pretty reliable

DisadvantagesPoor customer support, impossible to cancel Surftime over the phone, 50p per minute tech support

"...get BT (who part own LineOne & also Quip), to collect the money via your phone bill. £5.99 goes to BT for the Surtime Evening & Weekend package and £4.00 goes to Lineone as a service subscription fee. The first few months of Surftime were great. However, just after Christmas, BTInternet announced their new deal, based on FRIACO, which offered true unmetered calls for a flat fee. Great, I thought, and signed up almost immediately. Once I had ..." Read review

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faster, cheaper
poor support, headless chickens in call centres, poor procedures, (*)
Fast connects, own telephone service, free shares
none (*)
Speed, makes sense of Information Highway at last. Tech support is only a local call charge!
Not everywhere cabled-out. Expensive compared to ADSL 'deals' (*)
Completely free, no subscription fees, no dial-up charges during designated hours
None so far for me, but people have found it difficult to get through at times (*)
easy to use, lots of content, several email addresses, cheap!
can't view pictures in emails you have to download them (*)
1MB Fast Connection, Reliable 24-7, Fast Download times
Poor Technical Support (*)
Patchy service (*)
Reliable connection at a decent speed
Pray that you never need to call tech support. Much better value available elsewhere. (*)
Whe it works it's OK. Fairly cheap deals.
When it doesn't work, you might as well talk to the wall. Slow and unreliable. (*)
Good speed, no engage tones,Used to be great.
Not good value for money anymore.Poor technical support. (*)
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Free, no advertising, anyone can join
Chat is mostily about Lowestoft and surrounding areas (disadvantage if your not from around here) (*)
It is a great idea and it is free
It needs to be a lot, lot quicker in delivering the messages (*)
Affordable, lots of space and bandwidth.
Lots of downtime (*)
It's free (and there is now an inbox facility too!!)!!!!
Must go through a painstakingly boring process before you can send any messages...NOT ANY MORE!!(READ ON!!) (*)
reliable and well known name, 15mb mailbox
too often logging in is impossible, unreliable service (*)
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