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Review of "Littlewoods"

published 12/11/2003 | BUBBLES171
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Pro Commission, rewards, good sales, repayment schemes
Cons Telesales ringing you up when you have credit trying to sell you things you do not want
very helpful

"Littlewoods Catalogue and how it works"

I have had this catalogue for over 7 years now and use as and when I want something or a friend wants something that we have not had the hard cash to buy straight away.

In this Opinion I have spent a lot of time researching some interesting facts on Littlewoods and I will explain fully how this catalogue works and how Littlewoods Catalogue came around.

I hope you find this Opinion of use.

History of Littlewoods
Sir John Moores started the Littlewoods Empire in 1923 and the famous Littlewoods Pools was born. How many of you can remember ticking the crosses and checking the pools every week.

In 1932 Littlewoods Home Shopping was launched and became and instant success. Many people still frowned upon credit but it was here to stay.

1937 - The first Littlewoods store opened in Blackpool

1995 Littlewoods decided to do another catalogue called the Littlewoods Extra which is now known as Littlewoods LX.

1999 Littlewoods go into partnership with the Woolwich to offer people loans from their catalogues.

2002 LW investments buy Littlewoods from the Moores family for 750 million pounds.

What is the Littlewoods Catalogue?
The Littlewoods Catalogue is a very thick book offering its customers the chance to buy things and repay for goods over a certain period.

There are over 1000 pages of goods to choose from in the Littlewoods Catalogue and over 40,000 products to choose from.

The Catalogue is divided up into certain sections such as Womens Clothing, Mens Clothing, Childrens Clothing, Furniture, Gardening, Electrical, Computers, Audio, Gift/Jewellery, Carpets/Bedding, Toys.

Most of the Clothes are Branded so you don't have a cheap pair of trainers for a £5, you can treat yourself to a pair of Reebok or Addidas for example. Over the last few years I have seen this catalogue grow from boring clothes to famous designer clothes and well priced bargain clothes. No longer buying from a catalogue is frowned upon. I have found most things that I have ordered from here to be of good quality.

The old myth that only people who can't afford products, buy them from catalogues. I have many friends who also use them and are in full time work and find the easy payments good.

When you order a product from the catalogues there are codes that describe how you want to pay and the colours you would like. I will go into more about this later.

At the back of the Catalogue is an index which will direct you to the page and the item your looking for. Every section within this catalogue is numbered and coloured so say for instance, the Womens clothes are pages 1-300 the tab at the bottom could be red. This makes it easier for people. If you know your looking for some clothes then you will know they are in the red section.

You now can also buy AA/RAC insurance from the catalogues and spread the cost and also things like loans and house and car insurance. The Littlewoods Catalogues is now big business.

It produces over 50 million catalogues a year and over 36 million are just for the Littlewoods Catalogue Customers, The others are for their other catalogues that they do.

How Do I get a catalogue?
A lot of people get sent free mail through the post and quite often there is one there for Littlewoods. you can however ring 0845 707 8810 and apply for one. Now you don't have to be in regular employment. They are more interested in your ability to pay. There are no really awkward questions asked. Just a few details. If you apply by post, you will be notified by post Welcoming you to Littlewoods and details of your credit Limit. You then ring Littlewoods and confirm a couple of details, just to make sure its you. Then the catalogue is normally despatched within two weeks.

In the old days, they would offer you a clock radio or a bale of towels or to pick from a selection of gifts to entice you to become a customer. These days they give you normally £25 off your first order. My first order paid for my coffee table. So before even buying anything, I had something for nothing.

What are the Repayments, I don't understand them?
This depends on whatever amount your spending on your goods but generally Littlewoods say anything under £50-£60, you normally have 20 weeks to repay for the goods. When you spend more you get you can also get interest free credit, which is handy when your buying large items, these fall normally into categories of 20,38,52 and 100 weeks.

Let me give you an example, I order a pair of shoes. I can either pay 1.50 for 20weeks or 85p over 38 weeks. Obviously the longer you wish to pay for things the lower the repayment. But don't forget whilst you are paying for this, its taken out of your credit limit. Also it works out cheaper if you pay it off over a shorter time period as this is how catalogues make their money as well as charging a bit more than shop prices. I think this is fair enough as it means I can have the goods now and to be honest we have to pay for things delivered from shops or use our credit cards anyway and we get charged interest.

If your buying a tv, a sofa or a computer, they have special rates for these and when you order them they will advise you accordingly.

OK, I understand this now but how do I place my order?
Go through your catalogue and pick the items that you want to order. There will be a catalogue number at the side of the page describing the item and the repayment terms and colour of the product. Its now handy to have a piece of paper if your ordering a few things and jot everything down, the price, the code and the page. I do this every time now and on many occasions I haven't and then had to ring them back with the details.

Once your armed with all this information, ring the order line on 08457 888 222 to place your order. They will tell you if its in stock, when it will be with you. Not everything is stored within their warehouses, some products come from the manufacturers and take a bit longer to come, but you will not start paying for these items until they know you have got them. Again these will be taken off your credit limit.

Delivery for in stock items can be delivered from anything from 1 day to 3 days. In my experience 2-3 days is the average. Out of stock items, Customer Services will tell you about this and also an approx date,if its coming from the manufacturers. All deliveries are free unless your ordering white goods and want them plumbing in or you want them in an emergency which is fair enough as all high street stores charge for this as well.

I understand all that, but how do I pay for my goods?
You receive a statement every 4 weeks, this tells you what you have left on your credit, what you have ordered and the amount you have to pay. There is a minimum payment on these but you can pay anything over that payment.

You can now pay at the post office and the catalogue now charges you 35p for this. You can pay through the Natwest as this is where there account is at or pay by direct debit if its easier for you. On the statement it also tells you about the date that the payment has to reach them by.

Also once you have paid back over £150 you start to earn commission. Currently this stands at 10% in every pound if you take it out in cash or 12.5% if you spend it at Littlewoods. Now this is where I make my catalogue work for me. I am saving my commission up for a new Fridge and Freezer and hopefully I will have enough to pay for them in January so you can see something for the products you have bought which also takes the edge of the fact that the prices are a little higher.

How can I increase my credit limit?
There is a few options here.

Ring Customer Enquiries on 08705 22 66 77 to see if they will up it.

Order a product that will automatically take you over the limit as sometimes this triggers a increase. This is the advice they give you.

Wait and watch your account as it is reviewed regularly.

What happens if I go over my credit limit?
This is dependant on Littlewoods, sometimes they will allow it which is fine.

Other times they will notify you in writing apologising that they could not allow the order through this time but please order soon.

How else can I make money?
You can recommend a friend, currently it stands at £25 bonus for you and also a £10 bonus for a friend.

You can also have customers who can buy products and you will earn the commission on their items.

What if I do not like the product?
All deliveries are made by person and they will leave it with a friend or neighbour and post a card through your door. If you do not leave delivery instructions they will contact you about this.

You have a 14 day approval where you can return your goods back to them and theres no quibble.

If you want to return something all you do is ring customer service and tell them you want it picking up, they will tell you when the delivery man is back in the area. Make sure its well wrapped up and that all your details are on this parcel. A couple of weeks later the money will appear back on your statement. Also you can return goods back via the post office which can be hard work if you have no car and the item is bulky. On both methods of returning goods, you will be given a receipt, make sure you keep this in a safe place as this is your proof that you have sent them the items back.

Keep an eye out for Christmas items as they normally extend their approval. Most of us have bought our Christmas Pressies now and 14 days ahead isn't Christmas so they do extend.

Benefits of using Littlewoods Catalogue
Delivery is generally free.

I can make a bit of extra cash for myself.

I can get things now while I need them.

Good back up in emergencies.

14 Days Home approval.

Delivered to your door.

They review your credit limit regularly, so long as your payments are up to date.

The downside of Littlewoods
It is another debt.

Watch your credit limit, don't go bonkers, you have to repay it back, make sure you can afford it.

Their Telesales department have an uncanny knack of ringing you when you have credit left trying to flog you things you don't want. Make sure you can say no to this otherwise you will end up with a lot of things you don't want.

Also they will try and sell you their insurance on certain products. Be wary of this as most things are guaranteed anyway and might be covered on your home insurance.

Customer Services
08705 226677
08457 888222 - order line - internet as its got posh now
write to
customer services
Staley Avenue
L72 0LR

Would I recommend to a friend?
Yes certainly I would, if you can use it wisely it will benefit you and your family and friends.

hope you find this useful!

Karen :0)

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  • cranefly published 01/12/2003
    A nice detailed review.
  • rosillew published 01/12/2003
    Excellent op; I have run Emoire for 13 years, but if I ever get fed up with it I know I'll try Littlewoods, Heatherx
  • paulwaz published 15/11/2003
    excellent op
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