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Review of "Living with Alcoholism"

published 11/07/2013 | dynamicnurse
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For those of you who have read one of my last reviews regarding my brother and his mental health issues, one of the ways in which he at one time used to be able to deal with the situation was through the very severe use of alcohol. It was not just one of those binge drink type affairs, but it was a long battle actually against alcoholism – as we shall soon see.

The general terms that I have found to describe alcoholism online is that it is a general term to describe an individual who has issues with alcohol, who has a compulsive and uncontrolled consumption of alcohol. This is not a term that is used to describe those people on a night out who just keep on drinking until they have had enough, but this is a term that is used to describe those people for whom on the whole having an alcoholic drink will be the first thing they think about doing when they wake up in the morning.

For a while this was a huge problem for my brother, which of course then impacted on the rest of the wider family also. Unbeknown to us at the time that although he was working, he had to have a drink before going to get his head around what had been happening to him (and as he had not yet told anyone of this then drink was the only way out). He also went out to drink on his break periods, and then again after work – but at the time, he classed this as being a drink with his work colleagues to unwind which most do and nothing is ever thought of it.

In time, he was found out when someone from his then work place met a client in the pub that he was in – they saw him; he owned up, and got fired from that role. Which then didn’t help one bit, as it meant that as he had nothing to do with his time in terms of being able to go out to work – he spent all day in the pubs.

For him though, this was the start of a very big wake up call as to what was going to happen to him or for him in the rest of his life. As it was by now apparent that alcohol was a very big problem for him, things could then start to move on in terms of him getting help – which he did, and he is now back working and completely free from alcohol (although he is on medication for this probably for the rest of his life).

The main one thing that he says that he was grateful for in being able to at least try and make a start in turning his life about, was the fact that he was actuslly found out and was caught in the middle of the act. But for many people they do not actually have this, and so therefore have to admit first off to themselves that they do actually in fact have a problem - which is the most difficult step in which people can take.

And once that initial step had been taken, it is then so much easier in which to get th ehelpt hat is needed. My brother found this out, as he was th en able to get help in the form of medication from his GP and then counselling also to help not only with the issues of drinking but also what had caused this to happen in the first place from what had happened to him in his background.

There are of course many other places in which to get help from depending on the individual person, which can range from things such as sttending a local Alcoholics Annonymous group; to specialist therapy, to things such as faith healing or alternative therapies. But not only this, as my family were also offered support and guidance or places to look for help also in case we felt that we needed it (the Internet and books from the local library helped out a lot as did talking gthings though and prayign with Christian friends).

The worst thing for me was seeing my older brother going through something like this, and also for my oldest brother to see his younger brother in such a way as this (the brother with the alcohol issues is the middle one of three boys). It put quite a strain on me, and at the time I was still attending church (as I am now) but at the time I did wonder what the point of it all was when something just like this could be happening. After all, it was not the fault of my brother for someone to take away his innocence when he was at a young age.

I just hope and pray for all those people who are suffering in this way will be able to find some peace and restoration from this, and that they may also be able to seek the help that they need in order to be able to change. Of course it is up to the individual to be able to want to change, and all that those people who are around them can do is to simply accept them as best as they can as they are.

And of course in the same way without wishing to forget them, my thoughts do also go out to those people who are seeing loved ones or close friends going through something such as this as it is going to be just as hard for them. They may not be the ones who are actually going to be damaging themselves with alcohol, but they are going to be affected mentally and physically by having to witness this. I am so glad that we as a family were offered support, but I do not know if this is something that is available nationwide.

This review for me has been yet another one that has been very difficult to write, but I do also so hope however that it has been of some help to at least person in being able to get some support in times such as this.

Thanks for reading!

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Comments on this review

  • KHetherington published 01/11/2013
    Well written and honest, wish your brother best
  • Angela150 published 27/10/2013
    Excellent review...
  • sympatic published 26/10/2013
    Have seen the damage alcohol can do and it is horrendous.
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