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Since the age of seventeen I have suffered from hayfever which has got steadily worse year after year. After years of spending a fortune on antihistamines, I saw the Allergy Reliever and Air Purifier on special offer for £21.98 in Lloyds Pharmacy. I purchased both and have been using them ever ... Read review

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Lloyds Pharmacy Home Ionising Air Purifier Filter

Lloyds Pharmacy Home Ionising Air Purifier Filter

Pollution gets everywhere - even in the home. Tobacco smoke, pet fur and house dust mites ... more

pollute the air we breathe. There is no escape by
opening the windows as the fresh air we breathe
can contain the same irritants as well as traffic
fumes, tree and flower pollen. One of the most
common forms of allergy that affects almost 12
million people in the UK is hayfever of seasonal
rhinitis; these symptoms are caused by the body's
reaction to allergens. When the body comes in to
contact with allergens (e.g. pollen, Dust, Pet
hair) it produces increased amounts of antibodies
which cause certain cells to release histamine.
It's the histamine that triggers the symptoms of
allergic rhinitis and or hay fever.  The
Lloydspharmacy Allergy Ionising Air Purifier, is
designed to improve air quality by reducing
pollutants and allergy triggers that can cause
asthma and allergy attacks. It has an air filter
to help remove impurities and ionisers which help
reduce the irritants in the air.  ? Creates a
healthier living environment Improves air quality
and so helps to reduce asthma and allergies  ?
Helps reduce pollutants such as tobacco smoke and
dust  ? Helps to remove allergy causing particles
and so helps to reduce allergies to pollen, pet
fur and house dust mites  ? Ideal for use at home
in the lounge, kitchen or bedroom  ? Suitable for
most room sizes (up to 200 square feet)  ?
Exclusive to Lloydspharmacy  Pack contents:  ?
Ionising Air Purifier with fitted plug ? User

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An effective air purifier for hayfever sufferers

AdvantagesEffective, quiet, low energy consumption

DisadvantagesNeeds to be used with the Allergy Reliever for the greatest effect

"...special offer for £21.98 in Lloyds Pharmacy. I purchased both and have been using them ever since during the hayfever season. I originally got them in 2009 so am about to enter my third summer of using them. The Air Purifier is designed to improve air quality and reduce the symptoms of hayfever and other allergy sufferers. It can help to reduce pollen, dust, pet fur and tobacco smoke. The purifier uses an air filter to help remove impurities and ..." Read review

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